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2010: Big Changes and Astrology Forecast for December 13-19

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

2010 will be a year of great change.   Rightfully so, the year begins with a swirl of huge waves of transformation on New Year’s Eve.  That day there will be a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon T-Square.  This gives us a “signature” for the coming year ahead, a most powerful sign of big changes.

Soon thereafter, on January 15, there is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn at 25 degrees.   Powerful new beginnings are initiated.  Events that occur surrounding this New Moon may feel fated.

Winter 2009/2010 will bring in events that will clear the way for even greater events in the spring and summer of 2010.  As we said, the Lunar Eclipse of New Year’s Eve creates a powerful symbol for the New Year

The last time there was a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn at 25 degrees, was on January 15 1991, EXACTLY 19 years prior.  On that day Desert Storm was begun by attacking Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces in Kuwait, in order to drive them out.

 There may not be an event as dramatic as that this year, but you can expect there to be issues of the USA using its power in the world around this time period.  This is because the USA Pluto from its natal chart of July 4 1776 is close to 25 degrees of Capricorn.

There are more strong astrological aspects in the winter,  including Mars being retrograde for most of the winter  season and  Jupiter moving into Pisces for much of 2010 (more about these in later blogs).

2009 brought us big change.  The economy went firmly into recession then, one of the biggest economic downturns ever.   Barack Obama, the first mixed race person to do so, became president of the USA.    Americans and citizens of the world went into a new phase of our lives. 2009 was just the beginning of this new phase, of these big changes.    For many there was an earthquake of consciousness shifting with the election of Obama.   For others, with home values going down, retirement programs threatened, and jobs being lost; their faith in a solid, prosperous, and unchangeable USA and world economy suffered immeasurably.

Our “normal” way of seeing our world started to change in 2009.   Many never thought they would doubt the very foundations of our economy.   Many never imagined in their wildest dreams a man of black African origins named Barack Hussein Obama could ever be President of the USA.  These changes are only the beginning of our perceptions and lives changing in big ways.  2010 will bring even bigger changes.

The Universe has only begun to show us events that will help us to change our collective consciousness, so we can be aligned with the Aquarian Age we are inexorably moving into.

Since we are only 3 years away from the Mayan new world date of December 21, 2010, and only 11 years away from my estimation of the beginning of the Aquarian Age in December of 2020; it is easy to see that changes need to accelerate in order to get us where we need to go in our consciousness and lives.

President Obama is becoming a big disappointment for many progressives who are restless for real and deep transformational change in this country and world.  Keep in mind that true change comes from the wheels of the Universe and our collective human will, certainly not from one person alone. 

 Obama’s presence is tiny in comparison to the power of the Military/Industrial complex of the empire of wealthy people of the world who run the world.  He can only make so much change and cannot realistically do more.

But the power of the Empire is small in relationship to the Universe.  As the Universe brings in more strong waves of transformational change to our human Earth world, the Empire changes, the world changes, America changes, Obama changes, and each of us change.

There will be more and more surprises in 2010.  Many new happenings will not be pleasant, as the sluimping economy has not fetl good to most people.  But we each can make the ride more graceful by letting go of fear and resistance, and learning to dance with the changes. 

This does not mean we merely accept what the world will soon present us; instead we accept what the Universe presents us from a bigger perspective.

For instance, let’s imagine that a new war is ignited in Iran, as will probably happen in 2010 or 2011 at the latest.  Is this a new age that we are accepting, a world of more wars?   No, of course not.    Bu tin the bigger picture,  it would be part of the breakdown of an old world and its old ways, and a reshuffling of the balance of power in the world.

What do each of us do?  We let go of our connection to that old world.   As we are told that this new war is necessary to protect the USA, we question this and go to our deeper values which are connected to the New Age of Aquarius.   We know peace will be the answer before too long, as we will need this attitude in order to survive.

We question by remembering Viet Nam and how we were told it was to protect American interests.  We remember Iraq and how we were told we were protecting USA interests because Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, which was a lie.

It is so importan,t during the big changes coming our way, to let go of old attitudes and beliefs connected to a toxic culture from an old age.   We each have been conditioned to think and feel in certain ways that our families and society have taught us to think and feel.   Those ways will not serve us as we go though the transformation into a New Age.

The Old Age religions taught us guilt, fear, rigid moral laws, and judgmental ways at looking at ourselves and others.  Many families have conditioned us to not trust ourselves and our own hearts and minds.   Our society teaches us to value our country above other,s and to look down on the cultures of other people.   We are taught that war is OK against our enemies, who we demonize instead of understanding our common humanity.

These are all part of the old paradigm that needs to be let go of.    Questioning can cause great stress as we let go of a certain feeling of security that comes with our attachments to the teachings of our family, religion, and nation.

But the only real security can be found deep in our heart and soul, where all our true connections reside.   By connecting to that deep inner voice, we know we will be alright no matter what.   We know we will find the information we need when we need it.  We know we will meet the right people just when we need them on our spiritual path.   We know we will be in the right place at the right time if we just trust this deep inner voice.

When we are so aligned and connected we know all is aligned and connected.  We see signs and symbols lighting our way.    We witness synchronicities letting us know the Universe is alive in us and our world.   We are guided to better mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.  

We are shown truth and shown where love resides.   We know we will be taken care of, as we learn to love ourselves more.

So much from the old world has taught us to trust the authorities from that world more than our own wisdom.     Trusting without question those old authorities keeps you imprisoned within the walls of the old world.  Trusting your own wisdom allows you to find the Universe within, God within. 

The Powers that Be will are mounting  evidence that Iran is an evil nation and needs to be punished.   This will likely in turn erupt into Middle East chaos in Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria, and reverberate in Afghanistan and Pakistan.    The whole world will change in huge ways as a result.  Most prophecies, including biblical ones expect the New Age shift to be ignited in the Middle East and Jerusalem.

The old paradigm of dominance and abuse of power will end as we witness the horror of these old ways.  We are moving into a world of equality and connection, thus the old ways of making some more privileged and dominant than others will end.   Each of us is learning that we are all connected, that all is connected, and only this consciousness will save us and bring us into a New Age.

The world economy is also based on such dominance and privilege.  We are all conditioned to believe it is “normal” for some to be rich and privileged while others are poor.  This will change, and the big changes coming our way in the economy will eventually help us to do so.

Astrology Forecast for December 13-19

This week we transition from the end of one lunar cyle to the New Moon beginning the next lunar cycle.   Sunday through Tuesday are the waning days of the passing cycle that began with a Scorpio New Moon on November 16.  Whatever was begun then is slowing down and preparing for new beginnings on Wednesday this week.

A Scorpio Moon on Sunday encourages intense emotions and deep thought.  On Monday the Moon goes into Sagittarius, where it will remain into the New Moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday.

Also on Monday the Sun squares Uranus, and events will unfold for many that will feel like a real “wake-up” call.

On Wednesday is the actual New Moon, at 7:02 AM Eastern time and 4:02 AM Pacific time in the USA.    It is time to make positive afirmations and visualizations for your life.  A Sagittarian New Moon can bring raised energies for whatever is striking your attention.  It is also a good time to contemplate or begin a new adventure, to find inspiration, or to gain a bigger perspective on your life.  Just be careful not to take on more than you can handle or to leap into something before looking at what might happen after you take the leap.  This New Moon is square Uranus and a gateway into the Lunar Eclipse in 2 weeks, so energies maybe  getting more erratic and out of control.

If you start to find you do not know what you want or where you want to go, or how to assert what you need to assert; keep in mind that Mars is slowing down and will go retrograde next Sunday the 20th.  If you find your plans are changing or your direction is less clear, it is time during Mars retrograde to reevaluate your life and its goals. 

In the greater world, angry words of competing egos and nations may get stronger.

We will have more on Mars retrograde, the coming eclipses, Mercury retrograde, and winter solstice next week.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

please visit my web site for more writings and information on my readings and services.

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