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After the Eclipse Storms, and Astrology Forecast for August 9-15

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have weathered the intensity of the storms of 3 eclipses in a row this summer of 2009.

In the greater world the winds of the storm began blowing in mid June at the Iranian election and the protests.  Then Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died on the same day in late June.  The winds were getting stronger.  Life was already feeling more strange before the first eclipse happened on July 7.

After that our personal lives have been taken off balance from our “normal” lives through challenges with work, relationships, family, pets, health and homes.  For some everything has felt just plain weird.  We are being prepared for even bigger changes to come soon.

But right now it is time to gather our wits, review our lives, and see how they have been changing during these last couple of months..

We are passing out of an old phase of our lives and getting ready to enter a new season.  The deaths of old celebrity iconic friends who were still relatively young, like Jackson and Fawcett, brought us back in our memories to old times gone by, before moving forward.

Some of the shakeups in our lives brought us to sad goodbyes to homes we have  lived in, to old friends and romantic partners, to pets, to jobs.  Many have only begun their goodbyes, and have not fully let go of those people or jobs or homes.  Others are just now letting into their awareness how unhappy or disconnected they are from these people or things from their past.  They need to now decide how they will go forward with their lives.

Many are still hoping they can hold onto the past and the way life has been, to go back to “normal”, to be the way we used to be.   Can we get our economy back on track?  Can we get our home values back up like they used to be?  Can we get our common human values back?

The eclipse period is still in effect until mid September or so, and the overall effects of this eclipse will last for months or years to come.

In the greater world, now that the actual eclipse dates have passed, we will slowly begin to see events open up that are a result of what has happened during the eclipses.

Where does Iran go now that it has experienced the presidential election that was challenged by many of its people as well as the the world body?

What happens now to North Korea since it shot off nuclear and missile tests and then welcomed President Clinton for a pardon of two USA citizens?

What will happen in the Middle East now, especially in Israel/Palestine,  as this place holds the key for peace in much of the world and with terrorism?

Has the honeymoon now ended for Obama as his poll numbers change? Will the  American people challenge him more as he presents his health care package and we begin to see how the economy will really evolve?  Is his life in danger as the radical right- wing grows more angry?

And what will happen now with the economy?  Have we turned a corner to now watch the economy slowly improve?  Or will late summer and autumn show us we are still in deep trouble?

Our world and human community are moving from one Age to another.  The Mayans believe that 2012 is the turning point into a new age.  I believe the Aquarian Age begins around 2020.  So we can see that much change is on our collective doorstep as we are truly entering a new age and paradigm on Earth.

The changes happening in your life may feel random or about bad and good luck.  The changes may feel as though it is because of your fault or of someone else’s fault.

But as the seasons of our life change, we must change with them.  Leaves fall and hairs get gray and children graduate college.   And great Ages change also.  And as they do we all change together, different from one another, but all aligned in our souls to the big changes coming our way.  And those changes will transform our lives on Earth in ways beyond our current imagination.

Astrology Forecast for August 9-15

We have just passed through the last of 3 eclipses in a row, the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon of August 5/6.   The eclipse period, however lasts until mid September, and the impact of this time period will be even longer lasting.   Events related to the shakeup of the eclipses will last through the autumn at least.

Mid way through Sunday August 9,  the Moon moves out of peaceful and flowing Pisces, where it has been since Friday morning, and into go-getter Aries.   You will feel more active, with Moon in Aries, through Tuesday.  Mid afternoon through early evening on Sunday, as that Moon in Aries squares explosive Pluto, there will be an increase in emotional intensity.

On Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th you may feel frustrated by events that seem to hold you back from what you want.  This is connected to the square between Mars and Saturn late on Monday.

On Wednesday the Moon moves into slow and easy Taurus.  On Thursday the Moon in Taurus squares the Sun in Leo to begin the last quarter turn of the waning Moon.  There could be a shift now connected to the eclipse energies and its challenges.  This is the last lunar marking point before a New Moon next week on the 20th of August.

That New Moon will be the first “normal” new moon or full moon since late June.   The ones since late June have all been eclipses.

Spirits lift on Friday the 14th this week as the Moon goes into Gemini and the Sun opposes Jupiter.   And the forecast week ends on Saturday the 15th with the Moon still in Gemini.  Good day to have varied interests,  lots of social interaction or to take a class.

“See” you next week for a new forecast.  Please visit my website for more nformation or to get information about having a reading with me that will give you a broader and deeper perspective of your life and current challenges.  Or write me at  Comments made below are always encouraged.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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