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Aquarian Age Rumblings and Astrology Forecast for August 23-29

The New Moon in Leo last Thursday brought some fun feelings with it for many, after much intensity, and for some suffering, during the eclipses.   This Leo New Moon has been a welcome relief for many as hopeful hearts open and express more joy again.

But though the eclipses have passed, the last one on August 5/6, the summer of eclipses is still in effect.    It is time to recover and heal from its effects now as the Sun moves into Virgo on Saturday the 22nd.  In September through November we will experience the fallout or results of the deep changes that have erupted into our lives during the eclipse period.

Many of the challenges this summer hit at the most important facets of human life.   Because Cancer energies were so involved, with 2 Cancer New Moons, one being a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer, there was much to do with family and home issues.  Others, especially early in the eclipse period, experienced job related challenges. Also many relationships were transformed as people looked more deeply at the true condition of those relationships.

But overall we have been experiencing, during this eclipse period, vital changes that assist us on our passage through a new phase of our lives.    We are rapidly moving through new waters on our way to the big wave of change into an Aquarian Age.   The Mayan Calendar tells us a New World begins at the winter solstice of 2012.   My astrological knowledge tells me the Aquarian Age begins around 2020.

The closer we get to these dates the bigger the waves of change.   When there are important astrological events, as were the 3 eclipses of the Summer of the 2009, the changes gain in speed and intensity, and we are each challenged to ride these waves, to grow, progress, evolve, mature and change.  Even bigger astrological aspects have greatly spiked our evolution into an Aquarian Age.

In 1965/66 there was an important Uranus/Pluto conjunction which ushered in the revolutionary waves of the ’60s and ’70s.  This conjunction happens every 120 years or so.  The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius was a popular song, and desires to change the world into an Aquarian one grew stronger.

The wealthy, privileged people who have been running our world were confronted, and their unfair practices were challenged.   Racial justice, gender equality, and sexual liberation were important issues then. The very Aquarian principle “of the people, by the people, for the people” was being fought for, as can be witnessed in the mass protests against the Viet Nam war.

Though it has seemed over the last 25-30 years that the revolution has ended, the election of Obama has re-stoked these Aquarian flames again.

In 1992/1993, when the Uranus/Neptune conjunction occurred, which occurs every 170 years or so, the internet had its real beginnings.    These networks of information, beyond central executive controls,  bring “we the people” together all over the world.

The next great spike toward the Aquarian Age will occur as Uranus and Pluto, the planets that brought us the ’60s revolutions, square one another from 2012-2015.  Including a 3 degree orb of influence between them, the overall wave of change from this aspect is 2010-2017.  These will be the years of most revolutionary and evolutionary change on our way to an Aquarian Age.

Look at how well these years fit into the Mayan and astrological predictions of an Aquarian Age.    The changes will be immense.  In  weeks to come we will look more closely at what we can expect in our lives and in the greater world.

Astrology Forecast for August 23-29

The Sun moves into Virgo late on Saturday the 22nd of August.   After the eclipses and the roars of the Leo lion, the virginal Virgo seeks purity and simplicity.    Whatever has been broken down, disrupted, intensified, transformed and changed during the relatively more chaotic times of the early summer, now simmer down and need softer strokes.

Virgo time of year is time to bring back the healthy habits and ritual of life, to fix what has been broken, to heal what has been made toxic.  It is time to bring more efficiency into your life, to work harder.    Kids go back to school, vacations are over for most people, and all those things we have been putting off and procrastinating about, it is now time to deal with.

We are also in the waxing period of the lunar cycle now, meaning the Moon is between New Moon and Full Moon, growing in strength.  So energies are more active, expansive, and goal oriented, in general.

The Moon is in Libra Sunday and half of Monday, so there can be a feeling of harmony and grace permeating the day.  Mid day on Monday energies intensify emotionally. This continues on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mars moves out of mercurial Gemini and into Mama/Papa Bear Cancer on Tuesday, for seven weeks.  Issues of protecting the innocent and vulnerable arise for a while.  Desires to be close and cuddly get stronger.

On Wednesday energies get even more intense as Mars opposes Pluto.   Emotions could be strong today.  Be careful not to be drawn into big fights or arguments that you will regret later.

On Thursday the Moon is in enthusiastic Sagittarius and the Moon enters its second quarter on the way to the Full Moon next week.  There could be a turning point reached today for some that may be important.  Especially so for Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius.

Late Friday into Saturday things could feel out of control as the Moon squares Uranus and makes aspects to Mars and Pluto.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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