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Aquarian Water Bearer and Astrology Forecast January 31- February 6.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Mercury Retrograde time periods are always around 3 weeks long, and come 3-4 times a year. The conventional explanation talks about Electronics and Tech breakdowns like devices not working. Conventional world view of M.R. also presents warnings of communication difficulties, unwise decision making, and not starting new important projects during the Retrograde time period.

All these explanations and warnings are mostly valid, but they sometimes come off as superstitions.

At the core of understanding M.R., we need to know the meaning of Mercury. Mercury is the ruling planet of both Gemini and Virgo, and as such it gets involved in a lot into details, and left brain mental abilities.

Mercury rules the mind, logical thinking, and communication. It takes in and gathers facts and shares them also: Information in and Information out.

It is known as the Messenger god, and occupies the crown chakra where it is known to receive information from the “heavens”.

When Mercury goes Retrograde as it begins to do on Saturday January 30 at 10:52 AM EST, that thinking apparatus stops (stations), and begins its rewind time period.

As such, many times during M.R. we begin to give pause to what we have decided and begun to move toward.

Then it begins to get really confusing, as we no longer know what we are doing or where we are going.

This M.R. period lasts until Saturday February 20 at 7:52 PM EST, and it is highly recommended that one does not make big decisions during the Retrograde period of time.

So if during your rewind period, you begin to seriously doubt what you have previously decided, DO NOT act on it if possible. Wait until at least a week after Mercury goes back Direct again to decide or act.

Often during the rewind , people from the past come back in our dreams, strongly in our memories, or even in person again. This recapturing of the past can help us with new perspectives on our current situations.

Sometimes we actually do shift our thinking and life priorities in a major way. And we take a different direction. Just wait till it goes back Direct before reversing course.

Mercury Retrograde may be more confusing than usual now, as so many conspiracies, spinning of the truth, and more frequent “gaslighting” already causes much confusion and difficulty knowing Truth.

But perhaps instead the rewind of Mercury Retrograde will bring us back to our senses from before Q and Trump.

I believe it is good and even necessary now to question authority, the “system”, and the heavy doses of programming our cultures have tried to force on us. But nonsense stories only serve to keep people in the stories of the predominant culture, which at least seem “normal”.

It is best now and always to learn to trust your own mind, intuition and instincts. It is the way to your truth, not the “truth” of any society or cult-like entity.

After Mercury goes Retro on Jan 30, we experience the Sun in Aquarius square to Mars in Taurus on February 1. Anger and impatience easily come to this kind of planetary aspect. Instead concentrate on finding resolution in the conflict between idealistic principles of mind and your more instinctual needs to get what you desire. Is there a middle ground?

On February 2 we have Imbolc, sitting right in the middle of Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. It is known as a time of Initiation. Are you being taken or wanting to go through some entrance into a new chapter of your life? If so, tune into your heart and soul for possible guidance.

Maybe 20 years ago while we were living in Santa Fe, on Imbolc I was half asleep and half awake while feeling and seeing in my minds eye a group of black men with black capes in a circle around me playing drums. Not long after that a radio show on public radio was offered to me. I accepted and it gave me an important platform for sharing ideas and principles I have deeply believed in.

Our conventional world celebrates this ancient celebration of Imbolc as Groundhog Day, when some groundhog is supposed to show us whether Spring is coming early or not.

On Thursday February 4 we enter the 4th and last quarter of the lunar cycle, with the Moon in Scorpio.

Now the light of the Moon gets dimmer and dimmer on the way to our next New Moon, in Aquarius, on February 11.

Around that time the Impeachment Trial begins and the Culture War intensifies.

We have received new waters poured from the Age of Aquarius. Experience the movement into greater Love and Truth. Feel the movement into greater Equality; witness the slow turning toward Diversity Within Unity.

Get on that frequency and concentrate on staying there. Do your best to stay out of immersion into the old world Dramas of enemies and good guys. Witness but do not give your heart and soul away. The intensity can be alluring, the wanting to be with the “good guys” against the “evil ones” tempting.

Next radio show (actually video show} is next Saturday February 6 at 1 PM MST.

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Till next week


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