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As the Sun goes Down and Astrology Forecast September 20-26

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Through all the tumultuous and volatile energies and events that have been circulating through our lives and consciousness, we meet up with an annual event we can always expect at this time of year: Autumn Equinox

The fires of summer (quite literal this year) come up against an annual solar event that promises a slow journey down through darker and darker days. Then comes Winter Solstice when dark has its way over light at its extreme.

But now on Tuesday September 22 at 9:31 AM EDT light and dark are equal, with dark then taking the lead all the way to Winter Solstice.

Autumn Equinox can be felt as the yearly equivalent of what a day brings us: Sunset.

At Sunset the light and warmth of the Sun gives way to the dark of night. It then not only gets darker at sunset, it also gets cooler, as the Sun stops shining its light and warmth.

That is when the night-light of the Moon hopefully gives us a feeling of being safe in the dark.

But we are talking now about the annual show of nature’s beginning movement down deeper into the Yin part of the year, no longer the emphasis on personal expansion and success. Keep in mind that Autumn Equinox brings us Sun in Libra time of year. Libra values relationship and the beauty of connections.

Emphasis goes from me to us as “the Sun goes down”. I drew up a chart for Autumn Equinox in Washington D.C.

It is a Scorpio rising chart with the Moon in Sagittarius in the 2nd house.

Scorpio Rising shows the intensity of Autumn 2020, as this chart on Autumn Equinox gives us a signature for Autumn Season 2020.

Moon in Sagittarius shows a collective inner positiveness coming into our instincts this Autumn Season.

Interestingly, Mars Retrograde in Aries sits close to the relationship angle of the chart while making a challenging square to Pluto and Saturn in the 3rd house, not so far from conjunction with the Nadir (4th house cusp). That is the place of home and personal.

Remember that Aries is the sign of Spring and new beginnings, fresh starts.

But being on the relationship angle of the chart, god of war Mars, in its favorite sign Aries, shows serious conflict being triggered for the Autumn Season this year.

Its square to Saturn and Pluto in the message-delivering 3rd house, tells us deep transformation challenges the new beginnings, and breaks open even greater conflict.

Remember that the Election and Eclipse Season happen in Autumn this year, and this chart reminds us that serious conflict is bursting open this Autumn Season. And important Transformation of our world happens now too.

And on Winter Solstice this year Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius, promising the beginning of a New Age. The darkness of this transition into the Age of Aquarius accompanies the first baby steps into that age.

The process of transformation, especially when Pluto and Saturn are involved, pushes us through the dark of old patterns and old beliefs of a dying paradigm.

But light is obviously now at the end of the transition tunnel, yet dark will show too as the pattern in transition goes back and forth from dark to light. It is a real talent now to not get too discouraged on the days that feel more like dark than light.

The death and grief of leaving the old is real, no matter if that old life was painful or not.

There is promise now that the Election will bring hope to many, as the Jupiter/Saturn aspect in Aquarius plays out.

Realize, nevertheless, that Civil War will play out no matter who wins. Conflict or war with those outside our borders is likely also.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg died and the Culture War begins to intensify even more.

Trump wins, backlash from far left groups. Biden wins, backlash from white supremacists and neo-nazi’s and right wing militias.

The election should give promise and hope, but while still surrounded by dark events.

But Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius shows hope as we begin to move into Age of Aquarius consciousness.

And I still believe Biden/Harris will win, which makes sense considering the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius.

So this week the highlight is the Autumn Equinox on the 22nd.

Next week Pluto and Saturn go back direct, which gives us the feeling of time marching on into the destiny presented to us this Autumn.

Don’t know about you, but I feel all around and under the surface, the light of a New Consciousness.

If you spend too much time on social media and news sources, you can get quite fearful and negative, and believing that there is nothing more important than our political dramas.

I feel from Nature, know from planetary movements, and sense from people I know and meet, that there is a new world and new consciousness that cannot be denied.

Who do you rely on and turn toward in this world? Man-made institutions and its stories, which brings propaganda from both sides?

Or do you trust more Nature and the greater Nature of the Universe? Love and Truth, or fight to the death for my way to win? My way is goodness, and their way is evil?

We humans have largely gone astray. It is time to come back to aligning with our higher self and the Universe. In this Universe is dark and light, yang and yin, male and female. They are meant to be held in the circular of Unity, just like the Yin/Yang symbol.

In human stories, all too often now, opposites are not connected in Wholeness. They are split into good versus evil- my side of course being the good.

We have different and often diametrically opposed viewpoints, but we do not need to be enemies who hate each other as a result.

Are both sides not concerned with the common good of the community any more? If not we have lost our way.

Yes we are all different from one another, as is true in a world of diversity. But we are unified in wholeness. That is the consciousness that I believe in and try to live by.

Might you be interested in the webinar and webinars I will be presenting, starting next Saturday?

Till next week,



During these challenging and difficult times Leo will provide the bigger picture and Astrological perspective as we move from one Age to the next. All that we are going through right now on our planet are the labor pains of the birthing into the Age of Aquarius that will further be initiated this Winter Solstice as Jupiter and Saturn conjunct at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Leo will provide a planetary perspective that will bring you hope, clarity, deeper insight and direction as we move through this birthing process together. This series of webinars will take us through the elections, Mercury Retrograde, Samhain, the 3rd pass of Jupiter conjunct Pluto, the next Eclipse Season, and many other astrological aspects as we head towards Winter Solstice 2020.

Join Leo Four Saturdays:

September 26th, October 31st: 11am (PDT), 12pm (MDT), 1pm (CDT), 2pm (EDT)

November 14th, and December 19th : 10am (PST), 11am (MST), 12pm (CST), 1pm (EST)

$20 per Webinar/$70 for the 4 part Zoom Webinar Series

FMI and to Register Please Contact Deborah El’elia at:

Also Deborah is leading a 92 day program of daily Blessings. This webinar is meant to assist our community during these challenging times with blessings, meditations, spiritual practices, and loving wisdom. Check out link below to register.

As the Sun goes Down and Astrology Forecast September 20-26

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