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Autumn Equinox and Astrology Forecast September 22-28.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Father Time Saturn went Direct this past week, alerting us all that time marches on and cannot be stopped.  Some things we need to do before time runs out, and some things are fated to happen at certain times we cannot escape.

This week brings us into the last quarter of the lunar cycle, a time of finishing up of the old cycle and preparing for the new lunar cycle.  That new lunar cycle begins at the Libra New Moon on Saturday September 28.

Most importantly, during this last quarter of the Moon’s cycle, we experience our yearly travel into the Autumn Equinox here in the northern hemisphere of Planet Earth.

“Down Under” they experience the beginning of Spring at the Spring Equinox on that same day.

That day is Monday September 23 at 3:50 AM EDT.   It is the moment of equality between light and dark minutes of the day.

It is the Yin-Yang symbol of nature.   Yin and Yang are equal, as are Male and Female, and Light and Dark at that time of Equinox.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere that equality immediately shifts into darkness beginning to increase.  In the Southern Hemisphere the light of Springtime increases in volume.

So here at Autumn Equinox, with darkness increasing, it is metaphorically the “sunset” time of year.

If quiet and tuned in, you can feel the “sun going down”.  As such there is more feeling vulnerable, and more orientation to rely relationships and friends.

It is the beginning of Libra, with its scales of balance, of justice.  Needs for being fair and “just” gain in importance.

Libra brings in more beauty too, which can be seen in the beautiful colors of the leaves of Autumn.

So art and beauty and symmetry also gain in value at Libra time of year.

But most importantly, Libra brings with it more feelings of love and affection.

Libra knows “connection”, sees connections everywhere and in all ways.  Its opposite sign Aries wants more than anything to be true to Self.  Libra values more the connection.

And sometimes for the sake of connection and others’ needs, it forgets its own needs and wants. It can lose its sense of self.

Libra is a social sign, and knows well the social graces, politeness, and compromise. It also knows how to mediate between others who are at odds with one another.

It is known as a sign of peace and love.

And you know the world has been getting more volatile over the last few years, with more mass murders.  And also now the war drums have been beating to go the war with Iran. We are on the verge of war, and it all feels so similar to the lead up to the war in Iraq.

Since the nuclear deal made with Iran by Obama and western allies was torn up by Trump, it has been obvious to me that the “powers that be” are focused on Iran now.

There is more hope for dialogue with the Libra influence now, but in mid to late October there will be an increase in the intensity of aggression.

It has been encouraging to see young people speaking out about Climate Change all over the world now.  It is their future on the line.

It is time now, however, for all of us to get our priorities straight.

We can no longer concentrate only on our own lives and own families and our material concerns.

The shakeups in the world will get more and more intense, helping us all to shift and change.   The old paradigm and world are not viable anymore, and the leaders of this old world know it too. But they feel the Earth and Universe are under their control. And they try to make us all believe that crazy notion.

Many countries now are getting more nationalistic, more concerned for themselves and their own individual needs and desires.  But so many people now understand the need for us to come together, not apart.

Big and important transformation is upon us now, as it is time.

Many of us have known this time would come, and now it is here.

There can be no more “sitting on the fence”, trying to fit in to this disconnected dysfunctional  world while also helping to make a new and better one.

The new paradigm for the Age of Aquarius needs “all hands on board” now.  So we each need to detach from the dramas that bring us too much fear and rage-full hatred.

Get off the news shows if they get you too fearful and hateful. If you can, be more detached and aware of the bigger picture.

We can fight for a better world while also being in the flow of the Universe and big picture.

You can meditate more and most especially be around those who you can relate to, and away from people (even family) if their energies and opinions of you tend to bring you down into difficult places in your soul.

No matter how bad it looks out there, it is all part of the wheels turning toward an Age of Aquarius.

I understand that labor pains of birthing can be intensely difficult, as they are now and will continue to be.

And you can expect challenges to transform and evolve to increase as we move toward the next Eclipse Season in the winter coming up.

The first eclipse is on Christmas Day, a Solar Eclipse in early Capricorn.  The 2nd eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer is on January 10, 2020.

That Full Moon will include in its formation the exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Their exact conjunction is on January 12.

Those two planetary forces of power seek to destroy anything blocking the way of the powerful flood of Love and Truth that seeks to be a part of our collective consciousness on our way to the Age of Aquarius.

This winter will be an important turning point in our sacred soul journey

Then later, in December of 2020, a month or so after Election Day in the USA, Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius, a certain symbol of the New Age.

For now, this week, be in tune with the balance of the Equinox.  And let the last quarter of the lunar cycle play out.

Then next Saturday the 28th, energies pick up again at the New Moon in Libra.

This time of year we are flipping the switch out of the concentration on self, and into the concentration on relationships and the knowledge that all is connected.

Till next week,


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