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Autumn Turn of the Wheel and Astrology Forecast for September 20- October 3

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

I will be taking a break next week from this forecast and blog, as I will going on a short autumn vacation to enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage  and climate here in New England.   The current forecast, therefore, will be for the next 2 weeks.

Well by all measures, the summer will be over this week, as is the Summer of 2009 eclipses.  The passing  3 eclipse summer was a set up for more shifting tides coming this autumn and winter, and then even bigger changes coming spring and summer 2010.

For now we get to appreciate the Autumn Equinox, a time metaphorically equivalent to the sunset time of day.   Dark, night minutes of the day are equal to light, day minutes at the equinox, which is on Tuesday this week the 22nd at 5:19 PM EDT and 2:19 PM PDT.

But immediately after that equinox moment, we then see dark minutes of the day increase more every day until winter solstice, when dark minutes are at their zenith.  Winter Solstice is equivalent metaphorically to midnight.

But at Autumn Equinox, we feel the sunset of the year, a beautiful time that slows us down and begins to prompt us to reset our life priorities.    Inner and outer events help us to look beyond our sometimes frantic strivings,  and instead to look around at the people who mean a lot to us.

We are reminded of the transitory cycles of life, and how the passion and youth of summer passes so fast.  We know, even as we appreciate the beauty of early autumn, that the cold breath and darker days of winter are close behind.    We appreciate our friends and mates more than ever, and want to hold closer to our hearts that which we appreciate most in our lives.

This past summer of eclipses took so many important and iconic people from our lives.   Especially the people who were so well known to us, so famous around the world, so close to us in our younger days, died.

Walter Cronkite was the most respected and listened to newsman of his day.

Ted Kennedy was one of the most respected Senators in American history, and he also reminded us of the Kennedy mystique.    And of course his brother John Kennedy was president of USA and assassinated in 1963.  And his brother Robert was a great hope for change in America, and then he was assassinated in 1968 as the revolutionary ’60s intensified.   Martin Luther King had just been killed two months previous in April 1968.

And Michael Jackson also died in the summer of 2009. Michael was quite arguably one of the most well known entertainers of all time in America and the world.  And of course his life story was full of high drama,, from his beatings as child, to his strange appearance, to his idealistic creations to make the world a better place, to the accusations of pedophilia.

And many others who died were household names also, most notably Patrick Swayze and Farrah Fawcett.   And Les Paul was well known to guitar enthusiasts, and Robert Novak to political junkies, and Ed McMahon to so many people who watched the Johnny Carson show every late night.

Especially Baby Boomers have been affected, but many of the people who died influenced many more than that.

This summer showed us that times of the past are fading memories now, that we are sadly saying goodbye to old times, to old friends.

The coming autumn will let us know even more that the old days are gone.  We are quite likely to soon face up to the truth that our economy is not on the way back to normal.    The economic cheerleaders telling us the worst is over will be proven wrong. Events are coming our way that will soon let us know differently.

The Saturn/Pluto square in mid November and the 2 eclipses on December 31 2009 and January 15 2010 are messengers of darker days for our trusted old paradigm and its institutions.

We will need to keep our focus on the new world we are building.  It is a world where we learn more and more that all is connected, not separate.

And we all, all over the world are connected, not separate.    Especially since the 20th century began, we have been more and more reminded that we are all so connected.

We have built networks of commerce, and networks of transportation, and networks of communication and mind that link us all together as one.

We have also had two world wars that brought us together in destructiveness.  And these wars should be teaching us we can destroy one another and need to find ways to get along.

And relatively recently, the development of weapons of mass destruction show us we are on the edge of mass destruction if we do not learn ways to share this Earth and find peace in our hearts for one another.

And the global recession, soon to be Depression, should be teaching us we need to find an economic system that is not set up for the few who have wealth and privilege while so many others suffer.

As the changes accelerate and soon flood in, we are given the chance, at this changing of Ages, to find ways to make our human condition on Earth more livable and satisfying for all.

We are given the opportunity to see the common humanity in each and every one of us, and to create a better world, one of equality, liberty, fairness and justice for all.

As the darker times for a dying world roll in  for 2010, many of us will instead be focusing on the light of a new world being born.

Astrology Forecast for September 20- October 3

On Sunday the 20th of September the Moon in Libra brings waves of Autumn energies in , as Libra is the sign of the beginning of Autumn.  But official Autumn does not yet begin for a couple days yet.

Also on Sunday Venus leaves showy Leo for demure Virgo.  Heart energies soften and sensitize, and relationships begin to get back to the basic truths.    Venus stays in Virgo until October 14.

Emotions intensify on Monday as the Moon moves into passionate Scorpio.   And on Tuesday is one of the 4 sacred turning points of the year.

The Sun moves into Libra to open the gates to our Autumn Equinox.  It is fall season now, as the leaves of our trees begin to turn color, as hair begins to turn gray in the autumn of our human years.   It is time to take concentration from self and our own needs alone, and turn to thoughts of our mates, our friends, and community.   We leave other more selfish concerns to think of some of our social principles like fairness and justice.

Autumn is arguably the most lovely of all seasons, and peace and grace feel as if they are in the air.

On Wednesday, as the moon goes into Sagittarius ad the Sun squares Pluto, we feel more enthusiasm for life. The Moon stays in Sagittarius through Friday.  On Saturday is the second quarter Moon in Capricorn, with our Moon a half- lit Moon in the sky.   We are half way to a Full Moon and we pause to make sure we are on the right track in our lives.

The Moon stays in Capricorn on Sunday and opposes Mars in Cancer.  This day is susceptible to arguments if we are not careful.

Mercury is now slowing down as it is about to go Direct again after 3 weeks of being retrograde.   It actually goes direct on Tuesday the 29th, and any strangeness you have been feeling should begin to be lifting.  Clarity wants to form, but full clarity is about a week away.

On Thursday and Friday, with the Moon in Pisces, we lay back and begin to surrender to the approaching Full Moon.

The Full Moon in Libra/Aries is on Saturday/Sunday the 3rd/4th of October. It is at 11:10 PM the 3rd on the USA west coast, and 2:10 AM the 4th on the east coast.   This Full Moon usually brings up relationship issues that can be understood in the context of independence versus togetherness.    Making a balance between these two extremes can be done now, but perhaps only after discussion or argument.

See you in two weeks,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my website for more information.  In a a few days  you will be able to read our Spiritual Renaissance publication. If you would like to consider an astrology reading please visit my website.

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