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Blinded by the Light and Astrology Forecast July 13-19

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are moving into the the waning half of the lunar cycle that began at the Cancer New Moon on June 27.   The “climax” of that lunar cycle happened earlier this Saturday June 12.  It was a Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon, meaning Sun in Cancer and Moon opposite  in Capricorn.

This Full Moon brings us to the differences between archetypal mother (Cancer) and father (Capricorn) energies.  Together these signs represent security and safety, but in much different ways.

Cancer helps us to feel safe in our own skin, permissively able to just be whatever we feel like being.  We feel safe at home, and in our personal life.  We are shown how to honor “inner values”, values of caring, empathy, and processing feelings.  We learn to contribute to family.

Capricorn teaches us how to build a sense of security in the outer world, through accomplishment, discipline and planning.  We are made to feel we need to live up to our potential, build a solid career and to contribute to the world.

This Full Moon is meant to balance the Sun in Cancer’s influence from these past three weeks.   We have needed to be more unconditionally loving with ourselves and others, more open with our feelings, more into nurturing ourselves with “just being” instead of doing all the time.

Yes Cancer can be very unconditional, but in that process can sometimes go over the line and be too permissive without healthy boundaries.

So the Moon in Capricorn adds more strictness, healthy rules and boundaries, more self discipline and getting better at taking responsibility for ourself and our own life.

This is a good time to balance inner and outer values and to balance permissiveness with more strict behavior patterns.

This Full Moon is a turning point energetically.  As we are now in the waning half of the lunar cycle, we can begin to slow down, dust ourselves off, and make plans for what we will soon get involved in.

This Capricorn Full Moon begins to let us know we are needing to “get ourselves together” and get ready to make our lives work in all new ways, ways that are resonant with who we are becoming and what this new chapter of our lives can look like.

Soon things will open up more and be more energized.

This week, with the Moon waning however, we still have some time to decide what turns we will soon make.  While we are slowing down somewhat, there will also be counteracting energies.

As such Jupiter will be leaving homey and cave like Cancer for fiery and shining Leo.  This begins this Wednesday July 16.  Jupiter has been in Cancer for a year, will now stay in Leo for a year.

Jupiter opens up and expands whatever it touches, so as it moves into Leo it opens up the creative and spontaneous part of our hearts, helping us to be more creative, open hearted, confident, and shining of our personal light.

If you have ego issues, issues of a personal image being incongruous with your authentic self; then your own light will be blocked from shining to its fullest.   Low self esteem or glorified ego get in the way of natural self expression.

So this year is a good year to work on your ego and self esteem issues, so you can truly be more in your heart.  You can truly learn to love your self more with Jupiter in Leo, not love some image of your self, but love your true and authentic self.

This true and authentic self then has the confidence to express itself unselfconsciously and to shine light and warmth to all around.    And in the process it finds success.

Success is not a a dirty word.   It is about actualizing oneself and one’s potential and finding one’s place in the world from there. It is not about competition with others or about making money and fitting some image of success.  You just have to allow your authentic soul self to align with the Universe and then follow the yellow brick road from there- Of course easier said than done.

There is much ego to release to get there, much programming from society and family to let go of.

So Jupiter in Leo shifts us more intensely into the process of ego and soul self working things out.

Also coming soon, next Sunday July 20,  Saturn will end its Retrograde movement and go back Direct. It has been retrograde since March 2 2014.

Saturn is symbolically both gravity and the hand of time, so you can see how it represents that which you cannot escape. Gravity holds our bodies to this Earth and Time stops for no one, it just keeps on ticking.

As Saturn goes Direct, time marches on and we feel at that time that “reality” rules.

This can sometimes bring a sense of “fate” or “meant to be” or at least like it is time to “get it together” and move on. This feeling can start any time this week leading up to next Sunday.

Then after July 25/26, as Mars goes into Scorpio and the New Moon opens up in Leo conjunct Jupiter; it will be time to take whatever has changed since early this year, whatever we have learned or experienced during the time since then, and go more fully into this New Chapter of our lives.  Ready or Not Here We Come.

You will see this play out in the greater world also.   Events that will feel like they are fated will play out in the Middle East and perhaps other places too, events that will alter our human destiny. These events will thrust us more fully into this New Chapter in  our collective lives on Earth, a new season that is necessary for our evolution into the Age of Aquarius.

June 28 this year was the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of World War I in 1914.  On that date a Serbian man assassinated Austrian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife.  World War I began shortly thereafter from that incident that does not seem to have warranted complete chaos breaking out in the world.  It felt like fate.

In our world now Israel and Hamas are at war that threatens to get much worse. Add that to the power of the newly developed Islamic State in what was Syria and Iraq; the nuclear talk with Iran coming to an end; and the shake up from Arab Spring in 2011, and you can see the potential for complete transformation of the Middle East and our world as a result.

In your own life, please concentrate on the transformation of your own consciousness, not on the “stories” we will be given by the Powers or Media.  It is best to not allow your self to get swept up in the ego dramas of ‘us versus them”, good guys versus bad guys. It is best not to get swept up in bashing President Obama or the Republicans or any other person or party.

We are all in this together, and we all need to work together to create our Age of Aquarius.  And the “better than or worse than” mentality will just keep us stuck in the old paradigm and age.

This world is a co-creation and the new world is also a co-creation.  Transforming our consciousness is the gateway into the Age of Aquarius.   If we keep looking for enemies or looking down or up at anyone else, we are helping to perpetuate the consciousness of the old paradigm and age.

The light of the Age of Aquarius is there for each of us to follow. We just need to allow our souls to lead the way, as our egos will be blinded by the light.

See you next week,


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You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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