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Breaking Down the Barriers and Astrology Forecast June 15-21

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have been going through a difficult time period as Mercury is Retrograde and Mars has been squaring Pluto.  Mars squaring Pluto has triggered the Cardinal Grand Cross from April and brought much intensity into our collective energy field.

Anger, irritability, and general emotional, mental and physical instability have been experienced by many.

In the greater world a most important development erupted this week.   Al Qaeda in Iraq has taken over a major city and a good portion of Iraq.   And that territorial gain adds and is contiguous to their territorial gains in Syria, potentially building a new Islamic state in the Middle East.

Though this is a quite frightening new potential in the Middle East, it is in the bigger picture part of the transition between ages.

We have often written about how the Middle East is of great importance in the transformation of the world, as it was the birthplace of most of the major religions of the world, and the birthplace of many of the early civilizations of the world.

And when you look closely at the Middle East, you can see how far that region has gone away from the early values and hopes of humanity.   Wars for Gods and resources and power betray the essence of what Christ or Mohammed taught and stood for.

We see now that Syria and Iraq and Libya have been breaking down into chaos and civil war.   Most of the Middle East’s national borders were carved out by western powers after World War I.  Iraq and Syria were both created by France and England then. Israel was a conceptual reality then and was brought into manifestation by western powers in 1948, a manifestation that angered the Arab residents who were part of and surrounding that newly created state.

Western powers subsequently controlled much of the Middle East through money and puppet regimes allied with these western powers.

Iran in 1979 had a revolution that was in large part a result of its desire to break its chains from the United States.

Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were both funded by the CIA.  Osama Bin Laden was given this help in order to defeat the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.  Saddam Hussein’s funding was to assist Iraq in fighting Iran.  We later invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq and killed both Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden

Western powers have for a very long time interfered in the lives of people in the Middle East, and the current chaos and violence has a clear reference to that meddling.

Those old contrived borders are coming down, and a new Middle East is developing, The Arab Spring a few years ago is part of that transformation.

And in much of the rest of the world borders and allegiances are now being questioned. In the Ukraine there is a fight between those with allegiance to the western bloc and those with allegiance to Russia.

In the Far East, China is in disagreement with Japan, the Philippines,  and Viet Nam for islands and territory.

And in Europe and America there is much turmoil around immigration, around letting new people into the countries.  In Europe there is a great wave of nationalism and conservatism, as original residents of those countries resent newcomers, often with Islamic roots, who are changing the culture and competing for jobs.

The world is transforming in a big way and this force will strengthen more and more as we move into an Aquarian Age, an age of greater fairness and equality, of true Diversity in Unity.

And whatever way the nations evolve or borders change, no matter how the battle between chaos and order unfolds, we are moving inexorably into this Age of Aquarius.

We will likely eventually move more and more to local communities, communities that will be connected like an internet to other local communities around the globe.   Each entity will also contribute to the whole human community and the health of Mother Earth.  Yet such contribution will not need  be given because of guilt or being forced, but because of a sense of responsibility and love.

That responsibility and love, derived from feeling and knowing the connections, knowing we are one family on our sacred Earth, knowing all happens meaningfully, will in itself create our new world.

And first each of us must truly learn to love our self.  As we do that we build the foundation for all other love.  As we connect all our varied facets of self, without judgment; as we reclaim all our shadow parts in love; we learn what Diversity in Unity really means from the inside.

We were each created to unfold into our true potential, and in that potential contribute with all others to be a part of a worldwide human community.

We need to release our need to make some people or nations bad or evil, release our need to identify with being either a perpetrator or victim, predator or prey.

That is old consciousness, consciousness that separates us from our individual Wholeness, and separates us from our connections to All.

Break down the barriers of judgment that separate you from Wholeness.  Discriminate what or who is good or bad for your “health” and evolution right now, but stay out of the ultimate judgment of worth or blame.

Dark and Light, Yin and Yang, Male and Female, all encompassed in Wholeness. I am unique and different from you, with different preferences and priorities, different race or ethnic or sexual preference, but we are each a part of the Wholeness, each serving a different function in the community of human.   As we let go of the Ego notion that one person in essence is better or worse than anyone else, we enter more fully into the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius.

So this coming week, Mercury stays Retrograde and Mars continues to trigger the Cardinal Grand Cross.

I do believe, however, that some of the intensity will subside as the Full Moon passes and Mars leaves its square to Pluto.

And next Saturday June 21 at 6:51 AM EDT we reach the first moment of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth. It is Summer Solstice and the zenith of light and yang energy.

We begin right after that moment of “high noon”, a gradual journey toward more dark minutes of the day, more yin energies.   Equal light and dark is at the Autumn Equinox and the most yin/dark time is at Winter Solstice.

With Mercury still Retrograde until July 1, there will likely still be draws to the past.  Do not act on such draws, instead see it as part of a process to reconnect you to memories, people, or values from your past.     Mercury Retrograde helps us to readjust our paradigm, change our focus, alter our perceptions.  But remember that after Mercury goes back Direct, you will readjusting again, bringing with you what you have learned during the Retrograde period.  Then soon a new clarity will show itself after Mercury goes back Direct.

The more you can detach and witness your life now, without judgment or falling into deep emotional pits, the better off you will be to making it through this time period.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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