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Bringing it Together and Astrology Forecast June 27- July 3

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

After the full moon, the waning darkening phase of the moon begins.

Full Moons are often felt as a kind of climax, a climax resulting from what was begun at the new moon.

The Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 10 was pretty intense energetically, and for some was overwhelming with trying to take in and process an avalanche of thought and possibility.

Now the “downward” trip of a waning moon can help us to better understand what happened during the Eclipse Season that just passed at the Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn.

The Sun was in Cancer for the full moon, exactly opposite the Moon in Capricorn. The Cancer archetype has Mother in it, Mother or nurturing parent whatever gender it may be.

Capricorn is more like archetypal Father, or whichever parent is more teacher or taskmaster.

Cancer at its best trusts the flow, including its own feeling soul flow, and sometimes that means a flooding of feelings to care for those who are vulnerable.

Capricorn at its best cares about results and accomplishment, and sometimes that means creating rules, boundaries, and limits.

Cancer cares for the soul and helps develop inner values. Capricorn cares more for accomplishment on the material plane.

Together they potentially can provide safety and security and feelings of well being. Opposed to each other they create the kind of conflict that happens between conservative and liberal.

And in America that conflict has gotten out of control. There is little real effort to bring them together for the sake of the community at large.

And this Culture War has been tearing the country apart.

And perhaps this is a big part of the transition between paradigms and ages- breaking down the old ways of separation, to take in the connections in the Age of Aquarius.

As we come down into the space before the next new moon, a New Moon in Cancer on July 9; we can review what has been happening over the last couple of months in our collective experience as well as our personal life experiences.

During these next couple of weeks before that New Moon in Cancer, we seek to better understand and find meaning to what has been happening.

There will be some challenges during this time of review, as Venus and Mars in Leo will make strong contact with the ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus.

Mars has been in Leo since June 11, the day after the Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Venus goes into Leo on Saturday June 26.

Mars in Leo is magnetic, creative and open hearted at its best. It can be an egomaniac at its worst. Donald Trump was born with Mars in Leo.

Venus in Leo is very attractive and attracts attention wherever she goes. It can also be a bit of a Diva or Prima Donna at its worst.

This week Mars triggers the ongoing Saturn square Uranus aspect. Order and chaos are working out their dance this year.

This week on Thursday July 1, Mars in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius. So the star of the show (Mars in Leo) meets up with the great equalizer (Saturn in Aquarius). Saturn used to be considered the ruler of Aquarius before Uranus was discovered, so it can actually sink its gravity laden boots firmly into communities that need some normality within the sometimes crazy of Aquarius.

The 4th quarter Moon in Aries (square Sun in Cancer) begins a more severe darkening of Momma Luna. And with Mars opposite Saturn that same day, there may be desires and attempts to force things to go forward now.

But they will be met by restrictions, limits and needs for more safety and security.

But on Saturday July 3, Mars in Leo will square Uranus. That will fill up the long Independence Day weekend with some out of control energies and events..

Those energies and events will give both rear-view mirror memories of recent events, as well as a preview of coming events.

Chaos versus Order is re-scrambling the old order of the old ways, as new Light fights to be seen by as many as possible. Concentrate on that Light as you release the fears that may have resurfaced.

Till next week


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