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Calm Before the Storm and Astrology Forecast for June 14-20

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are at a calm before the storm of the “summer of eclipses”. There will be an unusual 3 eclipses this summer:  A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn on July 7, a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on July 21 in Cancer, and another Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 5 in Leo/Aquarius.

We can expect an extraordinary summer, filled with  powerful world events.  Many of the issues we are now examining as a world citizenry will expand their influence in our lives this summer.

One issue that has been concerning so many is the economy.  The second eclipse on July 21 will be conjunct the USA natal Pluto in its second house of money and resources.     There should be a big turning point in the economy surrounding that date.  Some really transformational event or information will surface.  We will then know if the economy has truly turned the corner toward leaving a recession, or whether we are facing a deeper recession and even depression ahead.

The challenges that Iran and North Korea have been bringing to the USA will open up to new levels.  North Korea will test more weapons or have another nuclear test.  Israel will begin plans to attack Iran later in the year.

In Pakistan explosive events unfold, likely late in July or in August.  As the second eclipse will be a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 21, women’s issues will come to the surface (Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon).  Potential Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayer will be scrutinized, causing much controversy this summer.

Of course there will also be surprise events surrounding the eclipses we do not now anticipate.

Events that happen close to eclipses often have long lasting effects in our world.  Early this year Obama was inaugurated just before two eclipses.

Obama was inaugurated on January 20 and there was a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 26, followed by a second eclipse, a Lunar eclipse in Leo, Obama’s Sun sign on February 9.   These eclipses accompanied President Obama’s entry into the world as its most powerful leader.

The previous set of eclipses were in August of 2008, when Obama was officially nominated by the Democratic Party to be their candidate for President of the USA.

Eclipse times are times of Passage into new realms.  There are often breakdowns of the old and breakthroughs into the new.  In the previous sets of eclipses it is obvious to see how an old administration (Bush) that represented old ways of being broke down and were “eclipsed” by Obama and his promise of great new change.

In personal lives the summer of eclipses will shake up our status quo equilibrium and force us to make changes.   Events will occur that show us the way to new ways of thinking and living.   We will be shown it is time to let go of certain things in our lives.  Perhaps we will move on from a job or a relationship or a home.  Perhaps we can let go of old attitudes or patterns of behavior that no longer suit our lives.

At first for many these changes will seem to be caused by bad luck or someone’s fault that such loss has happened.  But many will see after a while that what has gone is ready to go and that new phases in one’s life are ready to be lived.

This is like the changing of seasons.  It is natural that winter turns to spring and then spring turns to summer.  So it is with our lives in this summer of eclipses that a season of our life ends and and a new season begins.    Many changes will not be as dramatic as changing homes or relationships or jobs; but shifts will happen for most, even if it is a collective shift, like a change in our overall economy.

We will examine these eclipses even more as we get closer to the events.  Remember I post a new blog/forecast every Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Astrology Forecast for June 14-20

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere truly does turn to summer on the solstice on Sunday the 21st (Father’s Day in USA) at 1:46 AM EDT.  On the west coast the solstice begins late on the 20th.  We reach a zenith in light minutes of the day at the moment of the solstice, and we begin to see an increase of dark minutes of the day.  Symbolically, Yang  active, growing, outward and assertive energies are strongest as can be seen in the abundance of nature now.  It is also the first day of Sun in Cancer, the Moon’s favorite sign.  After that beginning of summer, the energies and issues of the eclipses will be birthing in our lives and consciousness.

But before that solstice we have a mild week again, as we enter the waning quarter of the Moon on Monday the 15th. This is the slow down phase of the Moon, as we prepare for new beginnings next week the 22nd with a New Moon in Cancer.

The most exciting planetary movement  of the week occurs on the 15th also.   Jupiter slows down, stations and goes from direct to retrograde then.  When a planet changes directions either to retrograde or direct, its energies and meaning permeate  our lives.  Jupiter raises spirit and consciousness, and brings greater perspective and meaning into our lives.  Since it is in Aquarius expect awareness to be especially raised around socially conscious  issues and issues around group formations and group networks.  Jupiter will stay retrograde until October 13, giving pause to progressive movement.  It will be more a time to plan and reflect on what you will expand after the October direct movement.

Tuesday and Wednesday, the 16th and 17th, will have the moon go through Aries, so you will have energy to get things done then.  The Sun makes aspect to Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune on Wednesday, providing your best day for feeling the magic of life.

Most of Thursday and Friday and half of Saturday will bring Moon in solid Taurus, being a good time to tend the garden and the needs of your body.  Watch for anger issues to surface on Friday AM as the Moon conjuncts Mars.

Then get ready for the shift into the Solstice.  Saturday is the last day of spring.  A most important season is now upon us.

New post next Sunday and every Sunday

Leo Knighton Tallarico,

I can be contacted for more of my writings at Spiritual Therapy Astrology.  If you would like a reading or other services please click on Services bar to find the readings options.

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