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Cancer Solar Eclipse and Conscious Convergence

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Our new week begins this Sunday with a Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer at 3:40 PM EDT.  It will be visible in much of the South Pacific, seen in small islands in French Polynesia, Easter Island, and the southern tips of Argentina and Chile.  This eclipse will be at 19+ degrees of Cancer.   During a Solar Eclipse the Moon blocks the light of the Sun from visibility on the Earth.

A Solar Eclipse is a new moon with much more power.  As new moons generate new beginnings, this new moon and the lunar cycle it begins will open up new vistas of change  for many.   As part of the process of initiating new starts, a Solar Eclipse can cause breakdowns of old ways that have previously limited progress.    Solar Eclipses can then also bring about breakthroughs beyond the old stuck patterns that hold us back from new chapters in our life.

Since the Moon is blocking the light and since the sign Cancer is “ruled” by the Moon, the lunar principle is dominant now.

Whereas the solar principle is to shine success, the lunar principle is more about inner values, soul values.  At its best it is about caring for the child inside, for the vulnerable.   Cancer is a sign of protection of the tender ones.   At its best it cares more about who someone is than what it has accomplished.  It allows others to just be their common selves, and it loves unconditionally.  At its worst, it is invasive and does not have respect for boundaries.   This is because it feels in order to protect and nurture it needs to be able to see all that is going on inside another’s world and psyche.

Cancer is about family and domesticity, so family issues will be in the spotlight now.   There is a chance for emotional dramas as a result, and emotional volatility.   As this is a Solar Eclipse there may be breakdowns from people who have been tryiong to hold it all together.   They will need emotional support. Watch especially for elderly and children.

Take time now to get in touch with what is going on inside of you.  Stop rushing around so much and get in touch with what you are feeling at deeper levels. Pay more attention to the feelings of others too.  Be more sensive to what is going inside of them, not just what they show you on the outside.  We are so conditioned by our society to be outer directed and materialistic.   Our souls, our inner worlds, our children are often neglected as a result.   Ask how much you care now, not how much you have accomplished. During this Cancer New Moon cycle we are brought more into this inner world, and because it is also a Solar Eclipse we  will be sometimes powerfully brought down into our feelings and inner values.

In the greater world Cancer represents nature and natural cycles especially.  It is interesting that the lunar cycle is about 29 days, similar to a woman’s usual monthly cycle.  Nature will speak loud and clear during this lunar cycle ahead. Large natural disasters are likely as a result.  Big ego powers of the world will be threatened also during the lunar cycle ahead that this Solar Eclipse initiates.

Watch for more unpredictable countries who are outside the usual family of nations to assert themselves now, like North Korea, Iran, Libya, and Palestine.  Otherpowerful unpredictable world events are likely now for this lunar cycle and through the summer months.

After this Solar Eclipse, which follows closely behind (2 weeks) the Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross; we have a complicated formation of cardinal planets in a T- Square.   Jupiter and Uranus in Aries will oppose Mars and Saturn in Libra, all being squared by Pluto in Capricorn.  This formation forms in late July and last through much of August.  Even more powerful world events will erupt then.

The economy and military matters are highlighted then.    We are on the verge of serious transformation around those issues.

Overall, of course we are changing Ages, from a Pisces Age to an Aquarian Age.    We are moving beyond a conflict between selfish and selfless.    We are moving into an age of Diversity in Unity.   People will need to be empowered in their authentic individualized selves.  And from that authentic self join in unified community with others all around the globe.   Selfish will not work anymore as we are all unifies.  Selfless will not work either as we need free and empowered people with stong selves to help transform, heal, and rebuild our world and its community.

 Governments, religions, corporations and other institutions that rob individual humans of their liberty, their free mind and spirits, will lose their power.  Networks of free people responsible for themselves, for those who cannot take care of themselves and for our Earth and world will form and flourish.

Expect the old world and its antiquated paradigm to be challenged by world shaking events. Do not be afraid as this is all part of the natural changing of seasons from one age to another.    It may get ugly sometimes as the old world falls, but as we each align with our own deeper soul and the Universe we will each be where we need to be when we need to be there.  Watch for signs and symbols and synchronicities from the Universe and keep in touch with your own inner voice.

There is an important gathering of people engaged in Unity Consciousness on July 17/18. It is called the Conscious Convergence.  It is connected to the Mayan Calendar and the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.  Many cities have local events to honor this important passage. You can also join from you own home in unity with all others.

“See” you in 2 weeks, next Forecast on Saturday July 24

Leo Knighton Tallarico Please visit my website for more writins and more about my services and readings.  And please visit blog talk radio to listen to the radio show Perspectives from the Sky

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