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Chaos and Order and Astrology Forecast July 10-16

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We let you know that after Mars went Direct important and powerful world events would follow.   And we communicated last week that we could feel something big was coming to the United States soon.

Last week brought both important and powerful events to our world and country.

Two African American men were killed for no apparent reason by police.   Five police officers were gunned down as a result of uncontrolled rage for the other killings by a lone gunman.

Pandora’s box has opened, and we can expect more events to result from these two tragic terrors.

In the bigger picture there is an old age, an old system, an old paradigm, an old world that is dying and in transition into a new paradigm and Age of Aquarius.

Change and transition bring chaos that can eventually be used creatively to create a new world and age. I heard many people speak of love and mutual respect as the solutions for the divisions between police and the African American community.

Astrologically speaking, Saturn is square Neptune this year.  We have in previous writings said that is symbolic of Chaos (Neptune) versus Order (Saturn).

Saturn is police and military; Neptune is transformational waves of change.   Saturn at its worst is martial law and fascism;   Neptune at its worst is mass confusion and anarchy.

It is easy to see Saturn and Neptune playing out their roles in the horrible events this past week.

The world as we know it will now more rapidly transform.  The old ways and patterns of behavior no longer work, are unhealthy and dangerous.

Politically we have two candidates for president that few people trust or have positive images of.

This past week, as an additional important event, Hilary Clinton was severely criticized though not indicted for her email problems.

So many here in the United States are feeling unsafe, confused, angry and losing hope for better days any time soon.

Though it is totally human to be enraged about the continued abuse of African Americans, or so sad and angry for the deaths of the policemen, it is best now to not get involved in “us versus them” or seeing one side or another as enemies to be hated.

Racial discrimination and abuses go back to the beginnings of America, turned into the horrors of slavery, and then the Civil War and eventually Civil Rights Movement in the ’60s and the recent Presidential election of an African American man.

Though there has been obvious progress in racial relations, the current trouble reminds us of the lack of trust that continues between peoples.

Can you imagine how difficult it must be to eventually trust people who have enslaved you and treated you as less than human?

Can you see how long it takes for some people to end their deep seated belief that black people are inferior to them and must be feared?

Evolution takes much time, but it does go more rapidly when on the cusp of changing ages, as we are now and have been since the 60’s.

The racial problems will likely get worse before they get better, but you can know they will evolve into Aquarian Age consciousness.

We may have to live 4 years or more with a deeply flawed President of the USA, but not too long after that we can expect more enlightenment in our leaders and world.

This coming week we stay in the waxing half of the lunar cycle begun at the New Moon in Cancer on July 4.   We are moving forward with what has opened up since that New Moon in emotional Cancer.

Emotions will still be strong, but there will be more hope in our hearts opening up this week as both Venus and Mercury move out of Cancer and into Leo.

Venus in Leo promises more sunshine in our relationships, more desires to have fun. Mercury in Leo promises more new and creative ideas to play with.

Yet it is important to realize that the downside of Leo can be big ego or at its worst narcissism.

It might become important this week to identify your own or others’ ego issues.

So many people I talk to lately speak about how someone they are close to is a narcissist.

If you are an adult and you have drawn a narcissist into your life for a close relationship, then you are a part of that problem.

That narcissist is likely compensating for your own lack of self esteem and you may be enabling their behavior by not holding them totally accountable for their behavior.

Leo at its best is full of self esteem and in its heart, shining the light that comes from self confidence.  Others can bask in that glow.

But at its worst their most positive attributes go to their head- not their heart, and they then develop an ego problem.

Expect strong world events to continue this week, as we are accelerating through the transition between ages.

Do your best to not get too emotionally involved in the dramas with rage or unbridled fear.  If you can find compassion and love in your heart, you are a part of the solution not problem.

That does not mean you are not very upset at injustice, corruption, etc. Remember that even Christ was very upset and angry at the money changers’ focus on material gain.

Till next week,


Time to start thinking if you want to be involved in the webinars in August. Those of you who have already told me you want to be a part of the webinar series and who have not paid need to let me know if they want to pay through Paypal or personal check. I also soon need your birth information, including time and place of birth.

Transformational Astrology with Leo Knighton Tallarico webinar series will begin on Saturday August 6 at 1 PM  EDT.  The series will continue Saturdays August 13 and 20th at 1 PM to finish up the series.   Each class will last approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Fee is $120 for the complete series. I will reserve two scholarships for those truly in need who have great interest.

We will be discussing the deep layers of consciousness needed during this important time in human evolution.  The class will provide a wider perspective and deeper insight.

I will explain the significance of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the process of transformation. I will include Chiron into the mix also.  I consider Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as ambassadors of the Age of Aquarius.   They provide us with what we energetically need in order to transform our consciousness and lives aligned with the Age of Aquarius.  As such we will explore a person’s natal aspects with those planets. We will also , its explore in depth the transits of these planets, as they signify times of intense transformation and change.

We will also look at the possibility of newly discovered planets in our solar system, including Nibiru and Dr. Sitchen’s ideas of what that planet signifies for the human family.  This theory if true changes how we view our origins and our human condition.

We are at a very important phase in the transition between a Pisces and Aquarius Age.   World changes through important world events  will be discussed as well as a viewpoint of what and when we can expect of the Age of Aquarius.

We will also find the time to look at class members’ natal charts to see the natal dimensions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in personal lives. And we will look at transits and times of change in individual participant’s lives as seen by the transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

If interested please let me know through a reply to my email at  Fee is to be paid prior to the classes.

 Recordings will be available for those who cannot make the live meeting.


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