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Clearing Mental Skies as Mercury Goes Direct and Astrology Forecast June 29- July 5.

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Our mental skies begin to clear up this week as Mercury goes back Direct this Tuesday July 1 at 8:50 AM EDT.   So for the few days leading up to this switch, Mercury will be slowing down more and more into Stationary position.

Then from that stationary position it goes back into Direct movement.  It will then take several more days before Mercury gets back to its usual speed again.  During this slow down period our mind begins to transition, and we may at times not know what to think or say.

Though clarity wants to begin to form during the transition time, especially the day it actually changes direction (July 1 this time), we may feel more confused than ever.

Mercury was changing directions on the night of the election between Bush and Gore in November 2000. I am sure you remember what that night was like:   Media announcers were going back and forth all night between naming Bush and Gore the winner.

It is not usually that dramatically confusing when Mercury changes directions, but you get the point.  Greater Mind is shifting, and sometimes it is difficult to know what is going on, to get a clear answer or direction.

So if possible, for any really important decision, it is best to wait a few days after Mercury goes back Direct to make sure which way the winds of Mind are blowing.

There is usually a feeling of relief when Mercury goes back Direct again, and this time is no different. When you add the Grand Cross this past spring, with the Eclipses and then Mercury Retrograde and the recent triggering of the Grand Cross again, it has been an especially intense and for many challenging time period.

And that is mirrored in the greater world, especially in Iraq and the Middle East, where the turmoil is on the verge of bringing complete chaos.  So many countries and religions are vying for power and control there, and on a deeper level the old and new world are in conflict with one another.

There is a world of equality developing, meaning a recognition that no person, race, religion, ethnicity or way of life is superior to any other.  In the eyes of the Universe and especially in the paradigm of an Age of Aquarius no entity has more value intrinsically than any other entity.

Our human egos need a hierarchical set of values, with some being better and deserving of more than others. In some cultures wealth is the measure, in others it is coloring or breeding. In others there is aristocracy, in others there is an actual caste system like in India.  In some families education makes you better or having a more prestigious job, or being better looking or being a Democrat or Republican or being an artist or intellectual, etc, etc.  In much of the world power, privilege, and wealth determines worth. In high school and beyond it is being popular or famous.

And all of us have our prejudices, and all of us have at one time or another felt inferior or superior to some one else.

This is what is transforming in our deeper consciousness.  We are moving into true Diversity in Unity, and this is only possible when one releases judgments and begins to accept that we are each different than one another but not better or worse.  The actor is no better than the janitor, the president is no better than the accountant.  Each, as in all nature, is actualizing their particular function and authentic purpose.  There is a balance in the Universe and each instrument in the Universe’s orchestra has a particular sound to contribute to the music of the spheres.

And the Aquarian Age is the opportunity for our human family to develop just such a culture, one aligned with the nonjudgmental “attitude” of our universe.  “All are created equal, with certain inalienable rights”.

So in each of our individual minds, hearts and consciousness, we are transforming to embody just such a paradigm.   And it is important to recognize this inner shift. And if you feel in your self esteem that you are lesser than anyone else, then your belief system has been programmed to believe some are better and some are worse than others in value.

If you cannot paint a picture or solve math problems or throw a football or look like a model in your family or your culture’s expectations, that does not make you lesser.   Your function and purpose in this life requires other talents. And when you own and respect those abilities, you will be on your way to a healthier self esteem and happier life.

So this week, as you come down more and more into the Cancer way of “just being”, you can nurture your self more and heal more from the recent intensity and confusion.

Mercury is going back Direct this week, and your mind and communications will get better and more clear.  You can begin to see the true picture and make your choices and decisions accordingly.

I know for many of you at this Cancer time of year family matters have picked up in importance.  This will continue for awhile, but at least you will see what is really going on more clearly, and you can act with more confidence.

In the greater world the turmoil will continue because we are in the throes of immense transformation for the next year or more.   The New World is wanting to form and the Old World is resistant to leaving, so to speak.  This will be worked out though time.

But in your own consciousness and life, which world are you in?  Are you truly committed to the New World?  Are you still sitting on the fence wanting it both ways?    Are you leading your life according to the values you believe in?   Are you making your decisions based on what is “normal” or what is authentically aligned for you?  Are you taking the path of least resistance even when it keeps you stuck?  Are you doing everything the same way over and over again, and nothing ever changes for the better, and yet you keep trying thinking it will change? It won’t till you get out of that box.

The next big turning point time after this week’s Mercury shift to Direct, will be in late July when Mars finally goes into Scorpio after around 8 months of being in “back and forth” Libra.  At the same time Jupiter will leave Cancer, where it stayed for a year and then enters Leo.  An at the same time there is a Leo New Moon. This will be on July 26.

After that the greater world will become even more intense with more important world events that will shift our world and move our human train of evolution forward another notch. You know you are alive at just the right time.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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