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Colder Winds of Autumn, and Astrology Forecast for October 3-10

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are now fully into Autumn, and here in New England the trees are becoming so beautiful with leaves of many colors.   It is Libra time of year, when on the surface all is aesthetically pleasing and harmonious.  But below the surface, waiting patiently for darker Scorpio times, trouble brews.

The Western “Powers that Be” have used Libran diplomacy to soften the situation with Iran.   Israel’s hunger for war has only temporarily subsided.   And the economy, pronounced by those same Powers that Be to be in recovery mode, is showing signs of wanting to burst downward some more.    Scorpio time of year will show us more truth about this economy and about the trouble simmering in the Middle East.

The Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23, over two weeks away.   After that, as the pretty leaves fall faster from the trees,  the stark bare branches show more naked truths.   In mid November Saturn makes its first of three square passes with Pluto.    Together these two planets represent destruction of old forms ready to die, to make room for new beginnings and a new human season.    Saturn and Pluto were making close aspect to one another when World War I and World War II began and when the 9-11 tragedy in America happened.

We are moving forward into new and better times, but many blockages and toxins lie in the way.    Saturn and Pluto clear the way, so we can then meet our future  while connected and aligned with our authentic selves and the grace of the Universe.    Magic comes with the connections. Our separations from Self, others and the Universe keep us alone and in fear.  The coming cleansing process cuts us from old beliefs, attitudes, and addictions that impede our evolution into these new times.

If you hold on fiercely to people, places, and work that are ready to be let go; then you keep your self chained to the past.   It is important soon to let go of that which gives false security, so new waves of healthy change can move in.   The holding on will bring more pain and deep sense of loss.   The coming ride, in late 2009 and through 2010, will be intense and will accelerate our growth and change.

After Saturn and Pluto square each other on November 15 2009, they still make 2 more squares to one another in 2010.   Many other very important, explosive, and transformational aspects will be bursting onto our human stage in 2010.  We will be writing much about this in succeeding blogs, but please look at for more info on Saturn/Pluto, Autumn 2009 and 2010.

The Aquarian Age is on our doorstep, in my estimation beginning late in 2020 as Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.  The Mayan New World begins in December of 2012, only 3 short years away.

If  indeed a New Age, a New World, a New Paradigm is being born; then can you imagine how much old ways must be put to an end for this to truly occur?

But what is to happen can be seen only if you are looking closely.    Western and American powers are losing their dominance of the world and will continue to do so.   One of the most important traits of Aquarius and hence of an Aquarian Age is equality.

South America is rapidly gaining power; China and India are getting stronger all the time; Muslim countries seek more power; and Africa is on the verge of becoming more unified.  Soon the United Nations will need to be transformed, as it does not represent equally all the nations of the world.   The Security Council, which contains five countries who own the nuclear bomb and have vast wealth, has veto power over the wishes of the many countries all over the world.

The worldwide economic system is unfair to the many peoples all over the world.     It is a system that perpetuates great wealth and privilege of the few, poverty and voicelessness for the many.    Slowly this is changing and the current economic downturn is much more than a cyclical turn.  It is the beginning of a great transformation of the world economy.   Some different combination of capitalism and socialism is coming our way.    Worldwide transformation is coming our way.  And 2010 is a great gateway in that direction.

Skies will darken and cold winds will grow stronger this autumn in the northern hemisphere.  We will begin to see the truth of what lies directly ahead of us.  As we get closer to the first Saturn/Pluto square on November 15 things greatly intensify.   President Obama has a very difficult connection to this Saturn/Pluto square, from his natal chart.   His natal Venus is closely aspected by this Saturn/Pluto square.  This portends very heavy and grave times ahead for him.  The USA Venus, so close to his, is also affected.

The Lunar Eclipse on New Year’s Eve 2009/2010 gives us the tone for the New Year ahead.  The Solar Eclipse of January 15 2010 propels us forward forcefully into the new year’s transformational changes.

Astrology Forecast for October4-10

Mercury is now clearly direct and almost back to speed.  If you have been putting off decisions in order to first have more clarity, you may be ready now.

There is a Full Moon on Sunday October 4 at 2:10 AM EDT.   The Full Moon consists of the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries. In personal lives togetherness (Libra) versus independence and freedom (Aries) may play out.  Or being civil (Libra) versus being frank and direct (Aries) may play out.  In greater world affairs diplomacy civility versus voices of conflict plays out.  The Full Moon effect continues into Monday as the Moon moves into Taurus, but activity slows.

Mid Wednesday the moon moves into mercurial Gemini and mental activity increases.  There may be need to “talk it out” with others.  Late Wednesday into Thursday can bring some worrying as Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Virgo.

A Sun/Jupiter aspect Friday/Saturday lifts spirits going into the weekend.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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