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Controlling the Rage and Astrology Forecast September 6-12

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Passing through Labor Day holiday weekend, we can take pause to look at the state of our world, country, and personal lives.

It would be a great understatement to say this year 2020 has brought enormous transformational shifts and challenges. We are truly in a whole new land of consciousness.

What if some of our deceased family and friends came back to visit Earth and the USA now.

The would see a vast majority of people wearing masks everywhere they go. That’s a lot of bank robbers that have moved into our old hoods, they might think?

When they viewed who is President of the USA and how he is leading the country, and what kind of character he possessed; they would think we were pulling off the most phenomenal April Fool’s Joke ever, except we are in September.

And now we are moving into a slow march into Election Day, one that reveals a major crossroads.

We will be undoubtedly be moving with baby steps into the Aquarian Age, because around a month and half after Election Day Jupiter will conjunct Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

And this beginning of a new 20 year cycle for Jupiter/Saturn happens on one of the 4 seasonal shifts of the year: Winter Solstice December 21 2020.

And that Winter Solstice Day happens as we have just moved through Autumn 2020 Eclipse Season.

We are building up to and through one of the most important time periods in recent memory.

Yes we are moving into only the wee beginnings of the Age of Aquarius; nevertheless, this crossroads entrance can be relatively graceful or rather hellish.

If Trump wins, there will be great sorrow, fear, and rage coursing through the veins of so many people. Many will believe the downfall of the USA will get very ugly, and bring much chaos and anarchy.

Many will seek to leave the USA. Many of those who stay, after a time of grief, will look to be part of a revolution to put our country on track with the economic and health world changes that Bernie Sanders promised.

And that counter punch of chaos will then require a more fascist response from government, feeling all powerful with the victory.

If Biden wins, Trump’s fans will likely bring out the heavy artillery against what they see as a Godless socialist/communist gang of anarchist satanist minorities geared up to destroy the God-fearing white majority whose guns will be taken away.

There will almost certainly be a true Civil War splitting the country, either way the election turns. There will still be destruction that will take us to its ashes that will eventually form into a Phoenix rising up to the Heights of that New Age

The Age of Aquarius with equality, fairness, and Diversity Within Unity will have begun and light will be seen at the end of a still dark tunnel.

2021 brings challenges from other countries that will seek to benefit from the power vacuum left of a once Superpower country and Empire.

This week shows us two planets changing directions:

On Wednesday the 9th Mars in Aries stops and then goes Retrograde, where it wil stay until a few days after the Election.

As we have often stated, Mars loves Aries more than any other sign. The god of Springtime and of War, has been making many feel restless with difficulty sleeping since it went into Aries. Anger is just beneath the surface, as is irritability

Mars is letting us all know that new movements and actions are happening now or in the near future. We also are feeling we need to assert our own needs without guilt or regret.

Sacrificing our basic needs causes much resentment, and pushes us further away from closeness and intimacy.

Mars stops to go Retrograde at 28+ degrees of Aries. This gives more likelihood of conflict this week in both personal and global affairs.

The next day, on September 10, we begin the 4th and last quarter cycle of the Moon who is in Gemini.

The Virgo/Gemini connection of this 4th quarter Moon, tends to get us feeling more “wired” in our brains and our nervous system. Be careful of getting too mentally obsessed and filled with anxiety on the 9th, 10th, 11th especially, especially so as Mars in Aries is strong now too.

Be careful of anger and “pushiness” this week. Conflicts are more likely also.

On September 11 the Sun opposes Neptune in Pisces. helping some to go more with the flow and to let in more spiritual viewpoints, which can help extinguish some of the fiery atmosphere this week.

And on Saturday the 12th Jupiter stations in order to move from Retrograde to Direct.

Needs you have to manifest and accomplish will be felt more strongly now than usual. Ungrounded ambitions will be thwarted however.

See you next week,


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