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Creating a New World Through All the Conflict and Astrology Forecast June 21-27

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are now in the middle of Eclipse Season, and so much is happening.  It is an intense and transformational time period.

It began with George Floyd’s murder, which brought with it the expression of so much pent up resentment and rage at how African American people have endured such abuse of power through the years.

In just a few weeks since that murder, our society has apparently been making deep change in race relations.  And that change brings the races together this time, together to make transformation at the roots of the issue, not just band-aid temporary fixes.

At the same time, we see surfacing the Culture War, a culture war that looks like Northern Values versus Southern values, as it did during the Civil War in 1861-1865 here in America.

Charlottesville Virginia in 2017 provided the stage for the beginning of Culture War during the Trump administration.

2017 Charlottesville happened during an Eclipse Season, a very powerful Eclipse Season that included the confrontation between alt-right activists and far left activists.  A woman was killed during the Charlottesville confrontation by a white supremacist man.

This Eclipse Season now has the Culture War bringing more sweeping change to America, as well as to many places all over the world as well.

Confederate statues of slave traders are being torn down in America and in other places like England also.

June-teenth brought more awareness of past slavery here in the USA, and now it will be very difficult to go back to how it used to be for African Americans,  especially African American men being abused by the police.

The danger here is that the backlash by White Supremacists and Neo Nazi’s could be quite severe, especially so if Trump looks like he will lose the election.

The recent civil rights gains, including the rights for women through the Me-Too movement, have been tremendous.

Add to that the fact that the Supreme Court, with a majority of supposedly conservative judges, has this past week given sweeping civil rights gains for LGBTQ and Trans peoples.

The revolution is strong now, but one must also realize that there are people in this country and world wide that are enraged by these civil rights gains, and by moves toward globalism.

The old world will not die easily.  The light may be shining brightly right now for the Age of Aquarius, but there is still much deep work to be done. The dying beast of the old paradigm is getting more and more fierce in wanting the old ways and privileges to continue.

Summer Solstice was on the 20th at 5:54 PM EDT.  The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer is early on the 21st at 2:41 AM EDT.

As we have previously written,  the last time a Solar Eclipse happened at the Summer Solstice was in the Summer of 2001.

That gave us a Summer Season 2001 with a signature of intense, important transformation.  The Twin Towers tragedy occurred before that summer was over.

And this Summer Eclipse Season 2020 also promises deep transformation, intense world events, and great change.

These changes are not just cosmetic now.  Very deep change is truly happening.

The world events this year (Covid, economy, race relations) have pulled us far away from our old “normal”.  We are in transition between life chapters and between ages.

This week after the powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer, there are other important planetary movements.

That Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer puts a focus on family, needs for support and nurturing, mother issues and women’s issues, nature and natural living, and the plight of common peoples everywhere.

The next 10 days after the Solstice and Solar Eclipse begin to powerfully bring us into new territory.

Between Monday the 22nd and Thursday the 25th, two planets change direction. Neptune goes from Direct to Retrograde on the 23rd at 12:31 AM EDT.

On Thursday the 25th Venus goes Direct at 2:48 AM EDT

Neptune stopping to go into Retrograde puts Neptune’s mystical energies into our minds and souls.  It is best to not be on the ride of strong agenda or aggressive actions this week. It is best to surrender, go with the flow, meditate, be on the water, and to generally connect to your deeper soul and the Universe.

If you do so, you will enter the Twilight Zone of signs, symbols, synchronicities,  and deeper psychic connections.

Some instead prefer drugs and alcohol as ways to enter those dimensions.  Obviously they are not as healthy or effective in entering other dimensions.

Venus going Direct this week will begin to help us to find some direction and stability for relationships in our life that have been questioned and/or shaken up during the Retrograde.

For true relationship clarity you may have to wait another few days to a week.

Hopefully you are now in the process of changing old relationship patterns that have kept you stuck and not receiving the love and care you need.

On Saturday the 27th at 9:45 PM EDT, Mars goes into its favorite sign of Aries. It will stay there for over 6 months, way longer than usual. That is because it will go Retrograde in Aries starting on September 9.

Mars in Aries brings out needs for self assertion and independence, for forceful action, for new beginnings, for taking charge, for competition, and sometimes for conflict or battle.

In the world, Mars in Aries often brings out the police and military, as well as desires for battle and war.  Mars is the god of war and Aries is its home base.

Be alert over the next 6 months for conflicts involving North Korea, Israel, Iran, USA, China, and India/Pakistan.

And on June 29 Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn for its second pass of three passes.  The god of on high (Jupiter) meets the god of the underworld (Pluto). This is a powerful meeting of opposites, bringing powerful world events with it.

The lights from a New World are getting brighter, even as the darkness from an Old World is getting deeper.

Freedom and Liberation are getting to be more readily available,  just as Militaristic Controls for Government Order are getting stronger also.

Desires for a world where all is connected globally is getting much stronger, just as desires for separating nationalism grows stronger as well.

Desires for more socialistic spreading equality of wealth and privilege gets stronger; so do desires for Capitalistic grabs to get as much wealth for yourself as you can.

The battles of opposites, battles of old and new ages, battles between the Right and Left politics will continue to get stronger and stronger, till they bust open.

And eventually it all flows into a New Age of Diversity within Unity,  Truth and Love connections, male/yang and female/yin married as One, dark and light in Unity.

The Yin/Yang symbol with opposites joined in a circle of Unity says it all.

Each keeps the integrity of its true self and differences; but also each finds the links of unity between these opposites. This is our Future! This is the Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


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