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Creative Forces Alive and Astrology Forecast August 16-22

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This is wake-up call week!

As I write this week’s forecast , Uranus energies are blowing fiercely into our collective minds and hearts.

Uranus is so strong in our energy field because it is changing direction to go Retrograde now. You may truly open now to Higher Truth outside the programming. Often we see two options and neither seems right. There may be another door to open outside the box that only held black or white possibilities.

Uranus is the planet of “breaking free”, liberation, “outside the box” thinking, rebellion and revolution, inventive thinking, “we the people” attitudes, chaos, and rapid change and transformation.

Uranus breaks down walls that have been blocking the way forward.

With also having Pluto/Mars square this past week, the deeper levels of transformation are working themselves out.

This last week has shown me much magic that people are experiencing.

I know two separate people, who certainly do not know each other, with the same metaphysical experience last week.

They both saw a boxed prism of light shining on their ceiling. They both say there was no way that kind of light could have gotten in their home. No light that could be traced to the prism. I have never heard anyone make such claims, and certainly not two in the same week.

Magic is alive and well now- easier than usual to experience the Universe’s signs, symbols and synchronicities.

Yes the ugliness in the world and in our country is pretty strong now too.

But remember that on Winter Solstice 2020, just after two more eclipses and a presidential election, Jupiter makes conjunction with Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius, starting a 20 year process of putting the energies of Aquarius into our hearts, souls and minds.

Yes I do believe a door is opened on the Solstice, a door that opens and helps us take baby steps into the Age of Aquarius. Consider this a major turning point that tells us to choose a direction, get our priorities in order, and be aware if your inner glass is half full or half empty of water.

Going from half empty to half full can radically change a person’s life.

Whatever way this Jupiter conjunct Saturn formation will tend to guide each of us, it will be influencing many people who just experienced the USA Presidential Election in November.

I can say with confidence, in large part because Kamala Harris has been chosen as Vice President, that Joe Biden will become the next president of the USA.

Her chart is so good in fitting the formula I use to make these forecasts. Her natal chart is so connected to the USA’s chart, especially the parts on fire over the next few years.

And much more intensity will burst into our lives close to, at, and after the New Moon in Leo this week on Tuesday August 18 at 7:42 PM PDT

This New Moon in Leo is almost exactly conjunct Trump’s natal Mars in Leo. His more aggressive ego satisfying self will be triggered at this New Moon in Leo.

Back in 2017 a Total Solar Eclipse is very close to the degree of the Leo New Moon this week. Remember the Culture War in Charlottesville Virginia? Remember North Korea and USA strutting for war? Watch for matches to be lit in Middle East and or North Korea/China before the year is over

The sign Leo at its core essence energizes everyone and everything around it. The Sun is the “planet” that rules Leo.

Look at how all the planets revolve around the Sun and hence partake in its warmth and light.

The part of the body that is ruled by Leo is the heart. The heart is the body’s engine and as such pumps the blood and delivers it to organs all through the body, by an intricate web of veins and arteries.

If the Heart or Sun were conscious of itself, it would develop an ego that tells it how important it is to our planets and people; and for each body also.

That is why your parents told you to not let compliments go to your head- instead appreciate them in your heart.

So that is the “weakness” of Leo- it can shine less light and warmth, as energies are instead focused on the mind and ego.

Leo is true to itself if it is allowing the heart to guide it. But that Heart works best when the mind is used as the Heart’s advisor not ruler or boss.

So allow your heart to be more open this week. Be creative. Have fun. Feel your heart wanting you to smile more than usual.

Yet out in the world, ego driven state leaders may start fights. And people up for re-election may use the old “wag the dog” event causing people to want war. Patriotism tends to have the people rally round the President or Dictator or Government.

I kept having visions this past week of a man climbing over onto the balcony seats that held Abraham Lincoln and his wife for a play with John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln was assassinated in such balcony seats. The Universe is trying to tell me something. I have my idea of what that means. What do you believe?

Keep your mind and heart trusting the bigger picture, and all is moving toward that New Age. There is so much fear and anger many are dealing with now.

From this Leo New Moon until the Winter Solstice with Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, we can expect many events, decisions, and actions that shake everything up much more than usual.

Stay with your values, keep your heart connected to Love and your mind connected to Truth.

The importance of the next several months is tremendous.

Be present and awake. This time period will be one of the the most important time periods in our lives.

Talk next week,


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