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Doing the Right Thing and Astrology Forecast December 1-7

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week begins in the early days of the lunar cycle that began at the Sagittarius New Moon on November 26.

Sagittarius is a fiery, expansive energy that often shows us an inspiration to do something new and adventurous.   Sagittarius brings a light and warmth, even as we in the Northern Hemisphere of Planet Earth are facing darker and colder days now.

Sagittarius seeks to always be positive and hopeful, to have faith in oneself,  life itself, or whatever gods or goddesses one believes in.

Sagittarius is the centaur with the archer on top shooting for the stars, while being part horse down below.

That symbolizes a Sagittarius challenge:  It likes to take the “high road” with zestful optimism. It can sometimes be so “up” that it can seem manic.  If it stays in this “up”  position for a long time, it may be avoiding being aware of its body, which can thus cause body issues or illness.

Sagittarius wants to believe it lives in a meaningful Universe, or at least believe it can find important answers that will provide a positive life experience

Sagittarius can be rather opinionated and doubting it can be wrong. Its presence, however, usually gets people to feel more positive and/or inspired.  It can have great trust in its intuition, but that confidence sometimes leads to “leaping before it looks” and hence experiencing a difficult situation.

Right now, with all the difficulties we are facing, it is hopefully leaving us with some hope and faith.  Doing positive visualization in your meditation can go a long way during Sagittarius times. The holidays during Sagittarius times can help with feeling more positive, but that is not lasting.

This Monday December 2 takes Jupiter out of Sagittarius, where it has resided for the last year, and drops it into Capricorn, where it will live for the net year.

Jupiter loves to be in Sagittarius as it is expansive and “positive”.  Capricorn is “ruled” by Saturn, where gravity is stronger. And that is not liked by free-spirit Jupiter.

So for the next year, while Jupiter is in Capricorn, we collectively need to reign ourselves in so we can deal with the realities of our lives.

When Jupiter accepts its stay in Capricorn, it can then do well with manifesting its dreams or goals in the real 3-D world.

So do not give up your dreams while Jupiter is in Capricorn. Instead compromise with the real world enough to find your niche’ in the growing community of the Age of Aquarius.

We now have Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn together, which has not happened for several hundred years.

It is time to begin, for real, building the Age of Aquarius.

Mercury is no longer in Retrograde, and a new year is soon to be born. And it will be born while we enjoy important planetary movements and meaningful eclipses.

Uranus goes Direct on January 10, which puts all planets Direct, which does not often happen.

So it is time now to find our place in this new world, even as the old one crumbles.

Know that we will not go back to how it was with Obama or anyone else.  During Trump time, we have entered a world with little connection to the America we have all known. That opens doors not previously noticed.

It is rather ironic, I believe, to be in this crazy world we cannot relate to, which has come to our consciousness since a man was elected promising to make America Great Again.

Soon presidential primaries begin, and the potential future is being presented to us by candidates who are promising to take us into a world less governed by big money and corporations, and more governed by “we the people”.

Do you believe we can do that? Do you want to do that? That equality is very Aquarius.  Run by the people is very Aquarius.

It is our future.  This is not something I am necessarily wishing- It is what is destined to happen.

What will need to happen for this to be reality?  A lot will need to happen in order for our world to not be run by those who are the best competitors.

That old paradigm believes we are these people out only for ourselves, it is the best we can do to use that Capitalistic selfishness to build the world.

But how about those who are not great competitors?  They deserve to be poor in the survival of the fittest world?

We have built a world on that old premise,  but look at the people who run it in the main.

Trump shows the ultimate truth of that world: Rich and famous wins, no matter what their character is like.

We will have a better world with more people at the top who are caring, loving, honest people who care about one another, and know all the dots in the Universe are connected.

That is the new spirituality, no longer the “spirituality” of religions who use rigid moral rules and guilt to keep our selfish selves under control.

Do you need guilt to get you to do the “right thing”? Do you need Commandments?

Or have you evolved to a place where it is natural to care for your self while also caring how others live? That is the world of connections guided by Love and Truth.

Talk with you next week,


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