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Don’t Look Down, and Astrology Forecast July 26- August 1

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Eclipse Season is passing. The last two Eclipse Seasons have brought with them deep transformational shifts into our world and consciousness.

It is easy to see clearly that an old chapter of our lives is being shaken up in the process of release.

The Virus, the Economy, and Civil Rights issues have been leading the way into this new world and age.

The next Eclipse Season will likely be even more intense and filled with deep transformational change. That will come in November/December 2020, coinciding with the American Presidential election in November.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto; Mars in Aries moving back Direct; and the important Jupiter conjunct Saturn in very early Aquarius right on Winter Solstice; together they bring in great headwinds at our backs to assist us in moving forward with our lives into the Age of Aquarius.

Right now we are in the waxing half of the Lunar Cycle begun at the Cancer New Moon on July 20. Our inner soul and feeling worlds; our needs for care and nurturing; our figuring out family issues and needs; and our attitudes toward Women and “Mother” are in the spotlight now for the next few weeks.

Inner Integration of our inner family (as can be seen in the planets and their signs and placement in our natal charts) now will give us the foundations we need to make it through the challenges we are to face.

What healing can be done with members of our birth family now? What expectations of our family members can be let go of now? We will never get the love from that family member who has judged and hurt us.

Let it go, and experience the relief , yet also the hope for more healthy relationships coming your way.

Hardly ever does anyone find a class on how to do relationships or raise children.

Our examples of relationships and parenting come from what we have seen in our birth family growing up.

So we each have a tendency to act out what we saw in our families. We can hardly believe it when we see ourselves acting like our moms and dads.

We are in such an important phase of our personal and collective lives now. And these next few weeks give us opportunity to do some healing around relationship and family issues.

The world “out there” has changed so drastically this year 2020. We cannot even rely on sports to keep everything feeling “normal”. Major League Baseball and Basketball have limited schedules with no or few fans at the parks.

We go outside our homes and see people everywhere wearing masks- like outlaws in the Westerns we used to watch on TV.

We avoid hugging and kissing others including family members. We walk as far away as we can from people in stores or on a walking path.

Many of our kids are still not going to a physical school, without real interaction from other children.

Some have experienced family members horribly sick or dying, and they cannot be present with them as they suffer and die.

Many have gotten sick with Covid and/or lost their jobs. Very limited income is there for so many now.

Many find it near impossible to find clear direction for their lives.

There are near wars between far left and far right political opponents. Now there are actual wars between local government and federal government as we witnessed this last week in Portland Oregon.

So much tries to be separating instead of coming together. So many people are feeling lost and losing hope that we can come out, for them of a nightmare.

I personally have been writing for years about this time we are now in.

We are in the midst of a changing of Ages.from Age of Pisces to Age of Aquarius.

Collectively we are in a darkened tunnel between Ages; personally we are in a place of letting go of the old patterns from the last chapter of our lives. And while no longer very connected to the old chapter we may not see or feel much about our new phase of life.

Most of us are being “forced” to live in the “Now”. And though it can feel very insecure at times living in the now with limited future direction, spiritually it is very good to be living in the Now. There is much less stress and tension from that place.

Because this all has been feeling so surreal and weird for many, they turn to conspiracy theories to “light” their way.

Fake news, biased news, conspiratorial news, all are coming together to make lives more confused than ever.

For me, we are moving into the Age of Aquarius and letting go of an old paradigm that is lacking Love and Truth, lacking Meaning and Purpose.

In that old age and paradigm we are all separate and battling for survival in a random and meaningless world.

And this virus is sure aiding some of the notions of that paradigm of separation, as it is keeping people distant from one another.

Keep your focus on that knowledge of the turning of Ages into the Age of Aquarius.

Experience how life gets better when you focus on love in your heart and truth in your mind.

The challenges of life now can try to lead us off our path. Stay focused on Love in your heart and Truth in your mind. And as you do from within your Higher Self, make sure not to look down into potential black holes of panic, despair, and hopelessness.

That is the old age rearing its head, as it is bolstered by fear and its outgrowths of despair and panic, etc.

This week as we move toward a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 next week, we encounter the sacred time of Lammas on Saturday August 1.

Lammas is approximately half way between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. We in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth start feeling the coming balance of Autumn’s setting Sun so to speak, while we still feel the bright overhead Sun of Summer. Lammas brings home the harvest at this time of year, so enjoy what has grown for us to eat and enjoy.

Mars Direct may be keeping you up at night, difficult to sleep. It also may be having you feel restless, and more easily annoyed or aggravated.

Use it positively by taking action, exercising more, trying to look ahead for what you may want to do..

Out in the world this Mars is tending to bring more violence and trouble like in Portland, as the Federal Government has gotten involved. For those of us who are listening to a different drummer, so to speak; this feels so unnecessary and destructive. What is the problem at its core and how can we make the changes that are needed now in our changing world.

Instead so many are still demonizing enemies to fight and kill. Just pause for a moment and realize how stupid that is.

Next week let’s dive into Comet Neowise and its possible meaning. It can be seen now after dark in the northwest sky, under the Big Dipper

Till next week


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