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Earth Changes and an Aquarian Age and Astrology Forecast for April 25-May 8

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The current lunar cycle, which we are in the middle of, began at the New Moon in Aries on April 14.   It was quite a powerful New Moon.   That day there was an earthquake in China/Tibet that killed over a thousand people.    And a volcano erupted in Iceland that halted much air traffic in Europe for about a week.  New energies have been bursting into our lives, getting us prepared for a spring and summer of shifting tides in our lives.   

If you have encountered difficulties surrounding the New Moon and Mercury going Retrograde last week, they are meant to shift you energetically so you will be better aligned with the changes coming to our Earth and human condition.  You are being taken out of “same-old, same-old” so you can let go of old worn out patterns and replace them with new and better ones.

Earthquakes and the volcanos are capturing our attention recently because there have been more big ones, and they have been more dramatic than usual in their effect on us.  The earthquake in Haiti this year killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced over a million people.     The volcano disrupted transportation and economic business.  It also reminded us of the potential that global warming has to severely affect natural disasters and our human lives, as Iceland is a place of glaciers that are melting.

Global warming/Climate change is a sign of the great shift happening on the Earth.  It is a part of the changing of ages into an Aquarian Age.   We are smack dab in the middle of the transition, and spring/summer 2010 accelerate the process forward.   And 2012 is another marking point for drastic change that brings us more fully into the New World.

We can expect greater Earth changes, powerful cultural shifts, deep transformation of our consciousness and psyches.  Our traditions and usual habits are being challenged and are shifting into new ways of being and living on the Earth and in the human community.

Just as the internet and technological advances have hugely changed our ways of living over the last 15 years, the coming changes will even more radically transform our lives, in so many ways, over the next 10 years.   As the weeks go by, this blog will more closely examine what kind of changes will come.

Mercury Retrograde

We are now getting used to Mercury Retrograde, which began on April 17/18 and lasts until May 11.   It is not meant to make your life crazy or miserable.  It is meant to get your attention, to shift your focus, to readjust your perceptions.  If you have been thinking firmly one way, the Universe may bring events into your life that prompt you to think a totally different way. 

Perhaps you were convinced you needed to move somewhere new.  During Mercury Retrograde you may begin to question that conviction.   Things shift in our mind during Mercury Retrograde.

It is also common during Mercury Retrograde to reflect on times and people from the past Sometimes we even get calls or emails or visits from people in the past.  Our minds have gone retrograde into our old memories.

It is true that people report computer or phone or electronic difficulties being more common during Mercury Retrograde. But keep in mind that everything happens for a reason.    The Universe is not out to make your life more difficult.  Do not be superstitious about Mercury Retrograde.  If your computer has problems, perhaps you need a new one, or perhaps you need to learn more about the workings of your computer, or perhaps the computer troubles are merely a way to get you to shift your mental process so you will think differently about something else.

Saturn opposite Uranus

The first pass of Saturn opposite Uranus occurred on November 4 2008, election day.  That day Senator John McCain was opposed to Barack Obama for President of the USA.  

Saturn is very representative of John McCain and what he stood for, and Uranus is representative of Barack Obama and what he symbolized at the time.

Saturn is status quo, conservative, controlled, and traditional.

Uranus is liberating, “outside the box”, change.

Change won.  Big  change is what we “know” is inevitable now, and for the coming years.  Saturn holds back the tide, which can be a good thing, as change can happen too fast or be too out of control and overwhelming.  Uranus can be revolutionary and radical change. It can feel overwhelming.  Saturn helps us to stay secure and hold onto that which gives us stability.

Saturn makes its 4th pass of opposing Uranus this week, on Monday the 26th of April.  It will make its last pass in late July

So the whole time frame of November 2008 through the summer of 2010 is the time of balancing the changes, with holding onto that which gives us a feeling of stabilty and security. If you move too fast with your change you can feel overwhelmed. If you don’t move forward fast enough your life can feel boring and stuck.

So let go of the old times that are passing, and open up to the new phase of your life.  But respect and honor that which is passing and don’t let it go too fast.  Grieve and make friends with your past. It is part of who you are. 

In the greater world, as we finish up the Saturn opposite Uranus transit this summer, witness the change moving through our world, balanced by the attempts to keep our world the same.

If you are upset that change is not as great or as fast as you expected when you voted for Obama, remember that the Saturnian hold on change is part of the process.

Conservative opposition can not hold back the tides of change that are inevitable now.  It can only slow it down.

Full Moon

There is a Full Moon on Wednesday April 28 at 8:19 AM EDT. It is in Taurus/Scorpio.  As a Full Moon it is the culmination or climax of a lunar cycle.   This cycle began with the New Moon in Aries on April 14. As we stated earlier it was a most powerful New Moon. 

Whatever began for you at around that New Moon comes to a climax or resolution now.    As it is a Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon, there is a balance now to be sought between what is taken in or consumed and what is released or expunged.    There may be a tug of war between holding onto to something or letting it go.  Watch for power struggles and for intense emotions that threaten the calmness.

We will not be reporting next week, there will be no forecast next Saturday.  We will resume again on Saturday May 8, a few days before Mercury goes back direct.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my web site for more writings and to check out the Services including astrology readings and counseling. I also offer relocation readings which include use of astrocartography, which shows what different experiences can be expected at various locations around the globe.

This forecast is for the next two weeks.  Our next entry will be on Saturday May 8.

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