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Eclipse Season Continues and Astrology Forecast January 19-25

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have been moving through a most intense and crazy time period here on Planet Earth.

I have been experiencing, much through my clients, feelings of loneliness,  and  in a couple of instances feeling despair and not wanting to be on this planet anymore.

The last of the two eclipses for this Eclipse Season, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer on January 11, brought up old feelings and traumas. for many people. 

This time was and is, a  prime ground for burying/releasing  the past and beginning to concentrate on what you are moving forward toward now.

Some have been experiencing profound events and/or breakthroughs  in consciousness. Others feeling breakdowns of what is not right for their lives anymore

We are moving into the Age of Aquarius, and in so doing are needing to be in relationship with others.

Many people, it seems, are facing potential endings of relationships, of homes or  work.  They are feeling they must do better, as we are rapidly moving through new dimensions and frequencies. Time seems to be moving faster, and control is less easy to maintain

That means that  these changes, both in personal and public lives, are all meaningfully aligning with the various energies and forms produced during this Eclipse Season.

Out in the world, Chaos is picking up its pace; while Order is ever at the ready to impose its martial will.

The trial of Trump’s presidency is ready to be weighed through the Impeachment process. We can only hope that lawmakers in the Congress will put the country above petty party contests.  Besides the trial of the president, there is a civil  war between cultures  going on inside the USA that has potential of getting much worse.

And of course the transformational energies of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will continue to shake up our lives to help us to release old “fecal matter”, and instead to take in what will bring us to our next level of our personal evolution. 

Iran is now enemy #1 for the USA and Israel.  They have put Iran in a strangle hold  of sanctions, after the USA previous government had signed and sealed the nuclear agreement which was apparently working.

This is not about Democrats and Republicans, per se.  It is about keeping the integrity of the original agreement, so people around the world will trust what the USA says and promises.       

Our human family is  on the edge, and bigger events are on the docket.

The economy and stock market seem to be purring along, but how can people miss the information about how every crash was preceded  by record highs just before the crash.

The economy works for the few not the many.  That must stop in order for a New Age to be embraced.  Candidates like Bernie and Warren are on board with massive change that will level the playing field so all can benefit from new economic programs.   They both want Medicare for all too.

Who will Democrats vote for in the nomination process to run against Trump?

This week, we find ourselves buried deep within the 4th and last quarter of the Lunar cycle that began at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn on December 25/26.

We are winding down from all the intensity of the eclipses and Saturn/Pluto.

What has shifted in your life or in your stories and beliefs?  What is happening out in the world now? Do you approve or not.

Though still in the 4th quarter of the lunar cycle, we arrive at the beginning of the Sun’s travels through Aquarius on Monday January 20.

When in Aquarius the Sun begins to shift our thinking into thought “outside the box”. This enables us to solve problems in new and inventive ways.  When in Aquarius, the Sun also begins to shift attention away from what one has been programmed to believe in order to get us to think for ourselves.

Each of us down deep in our soul, knows we each are very different from one another and each serves a different function in the whole of the community.  Aquarius is also very conscious socially.

Aquarius people often look for groups they can join, but for many it is very challenging to find one.  If in the group it may be very challenging to be true to one’s individuality while also fitting into the group.

The Sun squares the Aquarius “ruling planet”  Uranus on Thursday the 23rd; and then on the 24th at 4:42 PM EST the Moon catches up with the Sun, creating a New Moon in Aquarius.

So that’s a concentration on Uranus/Aquarius issues and energies.

You can now be more in touch with what you really believe, not what you are supposed to believe.  This is also a time when different groups, like conservatives and progressives, battle each other. The differences between the radical part of each party is large.

And usually now there is no bridge between their respective beliefs.  This is why the country is in trouble, as there is no middle ground anymore to make things work between people or parties.

Next week I will make prediction on who wins Democrat nomination and who will be president.

This week let things be released early in the week, getting ready and prepared for New Moon in Aquarius on Friday the 24th.

After that New Moon and during the time until the 8th of February at the Full Moon in Leo, Mars will be in Sagittarius, triggering what Jupiter did in Sagittarius in 2019.

Any unfinished business from 2019 will come back to be resolved during Mars in Sagittarius. Issues with Impeachment and Iran/Syria will be looked at during this time period.

I will put out a Podcast by next Saturday’s Blog.  Predictions on world events and Presidential races will be highlighted. So will our individual needs to transform our consciousness in line with Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


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