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Eclipse Season Continues and Astrology Forecast June 13-19

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in the wake of the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini. It is the second and last eclipse of this Spring 2021 Eclipse Season.

Eclipse Season is not over , however. We may start to feel we have moved on from it after the Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn on June 24

With this Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini there is a strong feeling of new beginnings, of new thinking within the New Paradigm. There seems to be less patience in me and others for same old same old corruption, greed, needs for dominance, arrogance, and narcissism.

I see in young people especially a lack of patience for these old ways. Too many people as they get older give in and say to themselves, “that’s just the way life is” or “You can’t fight city hall”, or some such cynicism.

With that kind of attitude, one ends up “playing the game” so they can better support their family and avoid getting into the troubles that rebels seem to attract.

There is something getting stronger this time. You can see it in the MeToo movement, in civil rights fighters, in people fed up with abusive Israeli actions, in those who refuse to give up their values and will pay the price of that.

The most important planetary aspect this week is Uranus square Saturn. Saturn can become same old same old accepter of “the ways of world” as it needs order and security at all cost; and Uranus can become uncompromising activist, rebel, revolutionary.

This is their second meeting this year and have one more meeting in December this year.

As I look back at the ’60s/’70s revolutionary movement there was greater tendency to violence and less stick-to-it-ness commitment to ending the old toxic attitudes and behaviors.

Now however we are more a part of the Age of Aquarius, not so much seeing it a a hope for the future.

We are getting closer now to Summer Solstice (June 20)and Mercury going Direct (June 22)

What this Eclipse Season means will not be understood right away. We will know more after Mercury Direct on June 22 shows us what has been happening, as we settle into Summer 2021.

USA natal Mars was activated at the Gemini New Moon. What clues do we see coming for military or police actions? The most concerning event was Secretary of State Blinken saying that Iran is only weeks away from the capability of building a nuclear weapon. USA, at the G-7 conference of Western powers, has been trying to convince the other members to be more harsh with China. And President Biden has been meeting with President Putin of Russia.

Biden so far seems more militaristic than Trump was at this stage of his presidency. That is a concern as Biden OK’d the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Progressives like Bernie Sanders and AOC may lose some patience with the Administration before too long.

On Wednesday the 17th the Sun Gemini will be inconjunct Pluto. That should intensify the energy field mid to late week.

Next week there is Jupiter Retrograde on Summer Solstice as the Sun goes into Cancer for a month.

Till next week


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