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Empowering the Disempowered, and Astrology Forecast for May 31-June 7

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have just passed through a spike of energy into the Aquarian Age with a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius last week.    Chiron is also close to being in conjunction with both Neptune and Jupiter.  Uranus is making a semisextile aspect to all of them.   Neptune and Jupiter will conjunct once more in Aquarius in December of 2009.  This is a very rare occurrence.

All of these transformational planets are working together to open up the possibilities of connection to the Aquarian Age paradigm.

It is easier and easier to see that we are moving into a more diverse world and country.  President Obama chose a Latina woman Sonia Sotomayor to be Supreme Court judge.    The outcry from some conservative white men is because it is difficult  to let go of their privilege in the old paradigm.

There was a legal case that Sonia Sotomayor voted on as a jurist.  It  concerned testing for firefighters in New Haven.  A white man scored the highest on a test to be an officer, but was denied the job.  The city of New Haven decided that it was not pleased that minorities were not scoring high enough to qualify for the job, so through out the test scores.  Ms. Sotomayor voted in favor of the actions by New Haven.

She also once stated that she as a Latina woman would be superior to a white man making court decisions.

It is true that her statements and actions can be interpreted as reverse racist and sexist.  It is also quite understandable why the white man would cry foul when turned down for the job.

But get used to it America.     Minority people like Sotomayor have been prejudiced against in the USA since its inception.  Women were not able to vote in America until the 20th century, after African Americans.    African Americans and Hispanic Americans have been passed over for jobs and promotions for centuries. Gay and  lesbians are arguably treated worse than anyone else.

Balance and fairness are sometimes only created after a time of re-balancing occurs.  During the time of re-balancing there is unfairness and inequity, but it is part of the process to setting things straight.

And they are being set straight for an Aquarian Age of diversity in unity, fairness and equality.  This world we live in here in America and over the world has been run by Western Civilization for a long time now, and more specifically men, and more specifically white men.

I will not make a case for how the world had been damaged by white men, because I believe the issues are deeper and more complicated than that; but I can make a case for how in a coming Aquarian Age of equality and diversity, we need to empower women, people of color, and people of homosexual persuasion because they need empowerment so they can have a real voice and role in our new world.  We need to hear their experience as it will humble us all and bring us to more caring human values.

This week’s troubles with North Korea and Iran can be interpreted in a somewhat similar manner.    They both are looking for more power and voice in the world.   The countries USA, China, France, Russia, and England are the permanent members of the security council of the United Nations. In effect they run the United Nations and hence the world.  What do they all have in common: the bomb!  These were the first five nations to own the nuclear bomb and this arguably gave them their power in the world.

So why wouldn’t other nations want to share the power?  We need to end our hypocricy and find a way to let go of our own weapons of mass destruction or else let others have their weapons.  And please don’t forget that we in the USA are the only country ever to use the atom bomb on another country.   We killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Nagasaki and Horoshima to end world war 2.

This movement to diversity and equality will force the world to accept the power of those who have been disempowered.  And we face grave danger on the road to the Aquarian Age as countries like North Korea and Iran challenge the system that keeps them out.

President Obama needs to rise above the system and paradigm we have created to see the needs of other nations and peoples like the Palestinians. If we do not treat them with diginity and respect as equals we will create for ourselves much pain. It is written that there will be equality for all, and if we resist we will face much suffering.

Astrology Forecast for week May 31- June 7

Tonight (Saturday May 30) at 9:22 PM Mercury goes back direct after 3+ weeks of difficulty for many people.    Approximately 3 times a year Mercury goes retrograde and readjusts our thinking and communication.  It is a time to shift our perceptions of our life out of default setting and look at things in new ways.   Getting reflective and more right brain helps a lot.

Now as it goes direct it takes about a week to get back to normal speed.  So things begin to get more clear tomorrow, but real clarity may take a week or so for some.

On Sunday Mars moves into slo-mo grounded Taurus after being in forceful fast forward Aries for 6 weeks or so. It will now stay in Taurus until July 12.    While in Aries you may have felt pushed to act and move forward, but now in Taurus, Mars wants us to make solid what we began in Aries. It prompts us to get more involved in earthy activities like gardening, nature, working on the house, building up resources and straightening out our finances.

We are still in the waxing part of the lunation cycle, as the moon’s light increases toward a full moon on June 7.   It is time to be active and energized, and since this is  Gemini lunar cycle, our minds are active and our socializing is light and active also.

Emotional feelings open up to express what bothers us on Thursday and Friday as the Moon goes into Scorpio, but on Saturday and Sunday we feel much positive energy with the Moon in Sagittarius on its way to a very energized Full Moon in Sagittarius 0n Sunday June 7 at 2:12 PM EDT.  This Full Moon motivates us to talk, to philosophize, to share information, to learn, too find answers, to be inspired.

Soon we enter a most intense and powerful summer.

Please feel free to contact me at or 207-653-7717.  If you would like a reading or counseling you may also contact my web site.

See you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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