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Entering a New Era and Astrology Forecast April 3-9

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This is an important week ahead.  The eclipses have passed, a big old era of our lives has passed.   The door that leads back to that old era is slammed shut, so there is nowhere to go but forward after the New Moon in Aries on April 7.

This Aries New Moon, on April 7 at 7:24 AM EDT, means more than the usual one, as it signifies bigger new beginnings than usual.

The goodbyes are most deeply felt now before the new moon.

Our whole world is passing from one era to another.     Look at the political world and competition for President.

The old rules from the old era are not there like they used to be.   The candidacies of Sanders and Trump are breaking all the old rules down.

Sanders is an avowed socialist who has little allegiance to the monetary “system”.   Trump has been breaking all the rules and winning whilst doing so.

In fact if Clinton wins it will mean the first female ever elected, which would mean a new beginning too.

In the greater world the Islamic State has broken all the rules of a civilized society and eaten up land and changed the boundaries that were claimed by nation states, like Iraq and Syria.

North Korea has been getting inordinately more vociferous in its’ screams to be noticed for its nuclear power.  The danger level for war is greater than ever in Korea.

Old Rules have been breaking down, New Rules are slowly developing.

Within the chaos of breakdowns, potential creativity is opened up.  Progress and transformation become more attainable.

But with this chaos there are strong desires to keep a lid on the jar of change, to hold back the rushing energies of transformation.

More fascistic politics get stronger, militaries and police forces get stronger.

In Europe the chaos of immigration and terrorism has been creating more right wing voices to act to heavily control everything.

This is a most dangerous combination between chaos and control, but it is a natural place to be in this transition between ages.

And now we are entering, with this Aries New Moon, a new era within the transition between ages.

This new era will be focused on the breakdown of the old world and its system in America and around the world.

In your own life, after this Aries New Moon which is conjunct liberating Uranus, it is time to move forward and not look back. This New Moon is also square Pluto, so the still viable transformational Uranus/Pluto square is being triggered at this New Moon.

Expect the intensity level to increase appreciably and the desire for action to get stronger.

You are being liberated from old stuck places in your mind, heart, body and life.

You are being directed to your true Self and your personal needs, to your true authentic Self.

It is time to move forward in a big way now, freed from old patterns of servitude to causes other than your own.

You are here on this planet to fulfill a destiny and you cannot do that if you continue to constantly get distracted by others’ dramas.

Use this Aries New Moon to break away and get going in this new era of your life.

If you have already entered this new season of your life, then use this New Moon to propel your Self forward without looking back.

There is no time now that can be alotted to wringing your hands with complaints.

It is time to do something about it, to empower your Self like you have never done before.

Aries is quite arguably the most empowered of all the signs (Scorpio would disagree), so you can use this energy to feed your inner forces of strength.

Uranus in the signature of this New Moon in Aries will awaken you out of any slumber you have been in.  Pluto will help you to be ruthless in your desires to move on.

The winter slumber in our minds and hearts will end after this New Moon in Aries.  It is time to wake up and to look more clearly at our Self and our life and to make the necessary changes.

Awakening also means seeing and speaking the truth and not hiding it anymore.

In the greater world Uranus is revolution, a breaking from conventional standards of behavior.  So watch for peoples and countries to break out and make great breakthoughs surrounding and after this Aries New Moon.

Countries that feel shackled by the world system will get stronger with their actions and voices. So North Korea and Palestine may get more angry now.

In your personal life it would be beneficial now to honor this move into  a new era of your life.

Look over the past few years and see how it has been for you and your growth.

If you feel regret because of what was done or not done during that time, please realize that until one truly wakes up, change will not happen.

Don’t judge your self for what happened in the last era of your life. Instead look it over and learn from your mistakes. You can take responsibility without finding blame.   Ponder the possibility that everything happened for a reason, even if you cannot figure it out.

And now as you have awakened in a new way, take responsibility for making the necessary changes.

If you blame someone else for your stuck place, you are missing the deeper point.   That person you blame for being stuck was chosen by you to be in your life.   They are a part of you, the part that is comfortable in the familiar and is afraid of change.

If you truly are ready for change, then find a way to do it!

It will be a very interesing Spring and Summer 2016– Lots of big change and powerful Earth shaking world events.

Stay tuned right here,


I am planning on doing a webinar class on Transformational Astrology late this Spring.  Let me know if you might be interested and tell me what part of the world you live in by writing to

I will soon have all the dates, content and details of the webinar.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

My life partner Deborah has a blog now that will bring to you a greater sense of life’s sacredness and our human connection to our Earth, Feminine mysteries and that which brings us all together in unity.

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