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Evolution and Astrology Forecast August 16- 22

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Sure does feel like some really big earth shaking events are right around the corner, doesn’t it?  September, with two important eclipses, is the most likely time of such events, but both August, October, and November are susceptible to great change too.

The New Moon in Leo last Friday August 14 mostly took us out of the funk of a turning point time period.  Now movement is in forward direction for better and worse.    Bridges have been burned behind us and destiny’s path awaits us now.

Perhaps the only question mark on our renewed path now is around relationships.  With Venus still Retrograde until September 6, some are still at a crossroads around heart issues and relationship direction.

Many have been experiencing ghosts of past relationships these last couple of weeks.   People have come back into our lives from earlier times, including past lives.

If during this current Venus Retrograde time period someone apparently new to you has taken your heart and life by storm, they could be from an important past life connection.

Do they seem really familiar to you?  Have you hit it off together surprisingly in a graceful and easy manner? They are back in your life for a reason.

But do not jump to any conclusion too quickly as to what their significance is in your life now.  Do not do anything rash or impulsive.  Best to wait until after Venus goes Direct on September 6 before making any big relationship decisions or taking any important steps in a relationship.

In fact it is best to wait until after the eclipses and into October when Venus goes back to where it started when it went Retrograde.

And this is true for all important relationship issues now.  Do not leap before you look. It is easy now for your perceptions in relationship to be off the mark.   Don’t let your heart or emotions run your relationship life now.  Use a detachment of mind or an inner spiritual observer to assist you in finding an accurate perspective.

At the same time it is quite possible that any relationships that enter your life now will be important to your soul’s path at this challenging and profound moment in human evolution.

We are at a crossroads in evolution.  Do we continue our old ways that now threaten to destroy the Earth, its environment, its creatures, and our human family?   Or do we leap forward with faith into where our souls are leading us, beyond the now toxic and dysfunctional ways?

“An eye for an eye” vengefulness is still prominent in many darker hearts.   We know that attitude must be released in a big way, as the weapons of mass destruction we have built growingly threaten our existence- as more and more countries and cultures have access to them.

Greedy gobbling up of more and more resources and money for oneself also threatens our world.   Greed is a most selfish instinct that leaves so many people starving and/or desperate.   And desperation cause all sorts of human disasters.  And starvation or a sense lack motivates so many crimes.

At the same time as things seem grim and hopeless sometimes in world affairs, many people right now are being awakened and are finding spiritual and soul connections that are taking them forward in evolution.

So there are two distinctly different paths being taken now.  And sitting on the fence between them will not work anymore. You can no longer hedge your bets.  It is time to choose. The Soul’s Higher Self leads your way or your ego self leads your way.

Your Higher Self now is your connection to the evolution necessary to enter the Age of Aquarius.  Your ego self is your connection to the Dinosaur.

This does not mean having no ego! It is all about balance and priority.  What leads your life is the question and what are you moving toward:  Higher Self’s sense of alignment and connections or ego’s separative control of everything?

In the greater world we see this playing out in a drastic way.  The Islamic State is representative of the shadow side of the human condition.

It is the part of each of us and each culture or country that sees the world through the eyes of dog-eat-dog fight for the survival of the fittest.  My self or family or country or religion is better than any else, and we need to ruthlessly fight for its survival against all others.

There is no sense in this paradigm of all as One, everything connected in a sacred and meaningful way.

Evolution is about survival of the fit, but survival is now dependent on a paradigm and consciousness of unity and connection of all.  And being fit requires a consciousness of wholeness and of all humans being a part of the same family on our sacred Planet Earth, which is part of the unity of our Universe.

And we are each an individualized unique cell in the soul of that Universe, and responsible for our authenticity and function in that wholeness.

Killing for our god or our country or our family- so we can survive while others get destroyed will not further evolution anymore. In fact that belief system will kill us all.

Current conditions require us to adapt in new ways right now.  And a consciousness of Diversity in Unity is a prerequisite for evolution into a new age and dimension. And the coming eclipses will challenge us all to transform.

Since the New Moon in Leo, we have entered the last lunar cycle before the eclipses that begin on September 13 at the Solar Eclipse in Virgo.

We are now feeling the beginning winds of the storms of eclipse season.

As these storms blow in, we will need new leaders and voices to assist our journey.   Our world economy needs to be more equitable.  Our foreign affairs need to have more of a sense of unity instead of conflict.

Voices of hatred or superiority or revenge must not be heeded anymore.  Voices that awaken us to the truth,  and to more fair and loving ways are the ones we need now.  And each of us is also responsible for finding those voices in our inner consciousness too.

This coming week, as we move up to the first quarter moon in Scorpio on August 22, we are getting started toward what we have decided is important.

Most planets this week are in either Leo or Virgo.   So there is a split between hearty and proud fun loving Leo, and humble analytical, subdued Virgo.   If you are overly confident or arrogant you will likely be taken down some notches this week

But if you are overly self deprecating or shamed, you will be given some strokes of support for your self esteem this week.

Back to school Virgo activity will increase now, as will Virgo instincts to fix what needs to be fixed and begin projects of maintenance and bringing more simplicity and order to your life.

The Sun leaves Leo and will join Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo next Sunday the 23rd of August.  Virgo helps to purify the ego if used right. If used wrongly it is just the other side of the coin of arrogance: humiliation.

There will be more and more clues now as to what is about to come down in our world soon. So stay as mentally neutral and emotionally non reactive as possible so you can see the truth as it unfolds.

Till next week,


I have created a new YouTube presentation for the Spring Portal.

A new Autumn YouTube will be presented in September.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

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