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Fate and Astrology Forecast October 10-16

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Last week was a doozy for many people:

On October 6 Pluto shifted from retrograde to direct on the same day that we experienced a New Moon in Libra that was entangled with a Mars conjunction and Uranus square.

All this was happening while Mercury was still Retrograde, which it still is now as I write this forecast/blog on October 9th.

The intensity level has recently been off the chart. People have been having “discussions”” that sank down into very low human frequencies.

New Moon in Libra signifies new beginnings for relationship patterns and/or relationships. Pluto changing directions that same day means that the usual tea and crumpets polite society of Libra was being invaded by guardian of the underworld primal Pluto.

The positive side of that is that even with all the ugly energies swirling around and through us, we can keep the candle of the relationship lit.

But not for everyone- as some relationships began to recognize that the relationship may be over.

Out in the world the Dems and Repubs were fighting over potentially raising the debt ceiling to stop the momentum toward shutting down the government. And they fought and are still fighting over an infrastructure Bill and reconciliation bill.

And then not too long after that came the New Moon/Pluto near-tragedy of government shut downfor the political parties and most importantly for “”we the people”. But the celling did get raised.

As part of the New Moon in Libra formation, Mars in Libra was closely conjunct the New Moon in Libra, while Uranus was closely squaring that New Moon in Libra. Politically this brought a semblance of agreement between Dems and Repubs: Temporary raising of debt limits.

So what did we get?: A forceful pushing for relationship connection, while potentially experiencing a breakthrough from old patterns, even if only temporary.

Congress found a way to raise the debt ceiling, which means more spending and more spending within the boundaries of the new debt ceiling. This means even more debt, more printing up of “funny money”, but also giving to programs that are relied upon to help people who are not so capable of making “Big Money” or even just making enough money for rent and food.

Remember that the USA is now in the process of experiencing its first ever Pluto Return, which happens approximately every 245 years or so.

This is what we citizens are being challenged and will continue being challenged by.

This Pluto Return means that Pluto is back to where it began: 27+ degrees of Capricorn on July 4 1776.

That natal Pluto at 27+ degrees of Capricorn sits in the USA 2nd house of security, money, land resources, physical well being. Pluto itself represents power, power over someone or something, but it can also mean personal empowerment for the purpose of being able to stand one’s ground and fulfill one’s purpose.

Pluto was discovered in 1930. At that time, down here on Earth the issue of power and how to use it were playing out in human consciousness and action.

We were at that time in the middle between Two World Wars. 15 years later the first atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Pluto is power and what is more powerful (destructively) than a nuclear bomb

On the Earth swirling around the 1930 date of the Pluto discovery, power figures were storming our world already: Stalin, Capone, Hitler, etc.

But at the same time in 1930 Ghandi rallied the Indian people to stand up to the British Empire, throw them out, and be reborn as a sovereign nation.

The contrast between Hitler and Ghandi shows us how our experience with Pluto can go either way: Power, domination, abuse of Power, invasion on the one hand ; or helping people and oneself to be empowered enough to honor and respect their authentic Self.

So the Pluto Return has been almost exact this year, and will be exact early next year.

Can you see how that USA natal Pluto in its second house can be seen as the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower told us we could fall into “1984” consciousness and lose our freedoms. as we give away our “we the people” power to the power abuses of Corporate and Government establishments

And now we are on the edge of a very important time period for us.

We are past the Libra New Moon, and Pluto’s felt power is beginning to lessen.

And soon Jupiter will go Direct along with Mercury going Direct, both on the 18th of October.

Following those meaningful planetary events. plus a Full Moon in Aries and a New Moon in Scorpio, we enter a powerful and meaningful Eclipse Season.

But for now, for this coming week, we experience the change of directions for our gravity pulling and Time Keeper Saturn on Sunday 10/10 at 10:17 PM EDT.

Saturn was seen by the ancients as Fate.

And it still carries that energy and purpose, as Saturn represents that which it is time to do, and there is no escape. Saturn in that form represents Death, which happens for each of us one day.

So in the world we will see some event that we recognize as “meant to be” on the 10th or not long after.

Maybe it will merely be some actions taken or words expressed that we know will lead to event(s) that are then recognize as “meant to be”. Look at your personal life to determine what you need to face or say or do. Be aware of anything you may need to own up to and take responsibility for.

But that Saturn also represents feeling grounded and sober while craziness is going on around you. It is also making goals and plans to succeed at something that will require learning new disciplines and making or fitting into more solid structures..

As we have stated before, October is a turning point month as Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury all go back Direct. On the 17th/18th the last two to go Direct in October will do so: Jupiter and Mercury.

That will lead us straight into a New Eclipse Season.

World and USA economies will get more and more tested as we are in process of transforming the Military Industrial Empire back into just America, with the idealistic values from its foundation in 1776.

The economic system needs to be a fair and equitable one, and the military police establishments need to be there only to protect and serve. Nation Building needs to be released forever. Each country or Culture needs to be free to develop itself according to it own compass.

The Military establishment is ready for actions that will lead to a transformation of its reality. Iran is being sized up for potential attack. China is sizing up Taiwan for attack. The Palestinian issue is heating up again.

See this weekend you can see Saturn going Direct as a time to move on more certainly into a New Chapter and Age.

This requires a shutdown of old patterns that no longer have soul, spirit, heart or open mindedness. They are like Zombies. Time to move on!! No more life-support systems to keep someone or something barely alive.

Next Saturday the 16th at 1 PM Pacific is our next show. Please come back to this Blog mid week to see who we will have as guest.

take care,


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