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First Breezes of Eclipse Season and Astrology Forecast August 14-20

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Saturn has now gone Direct, and as representative of the Hand of Time, Saturn puts the Universe’s clock back in forward motion. This assists us in leaving any personal escape zones or comfort zones.

“We are back on the clock”, as they say.  Time to take more seriously again our responsibility to be our authentic true soul self- not what we each are “expected” to be by family, society or our own expectations.

We are back on the clock just in time for the next Eclipse Season, which begins right after the Full Moon in Aquarius this coming week.

The first Eclipse this new season will be on September 1 at 5:03 AM EDT. It is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo.  Just 2 days before that Eclipse Mercury will go Retrograde. Mercury will stay Retrograde until September 21, which means it will be Retrograde during both Eclipses this month, the second one a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on September 16.

So this will be a very interesting Eclipse Season with two Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde.

It will be essential to let go of the shore you may be holding onto, as your life’s boat travels down the river of change and transformation.

There is so much world change on the way too.   Expect all the old certainties to not be so certain anymore.   Politically it is already happening.  This Presidential election cycle has been crazy, disillusioning, and unpredictable. That theme should continue.

Both traditional political parties have shown how dysfunctional and/or corrupt they each are.

Other institutions of the system will also show their shadows soon, and we need to be ready to collectively get more involved in new ways, new projects, new ideas.

Wikileaks is a new institution, outside the old system box, which is showing us the true colors of much of the old world and the people who are “authorities” and leaders within it.

I am sure they will continue to have that role, and they will be joined by others, including hackers who open secret doors of corruption from the old world.

More and more we will be opening to more Truth, and also we are being opened to people and places that show us Love.

Truth and Love are the twin pillars of the New Paradigm.  As we uncover the dark secret places of the Old World, as we let go of the power it has had over our minds, hearts and lives; we open to a new and better world, one more aligned with the authentic soul self we have been growing into.

It can be really disheartening at times to see the real face of the old world when the mask is lifted.  And it is so disillusioning to see some people in our personal lives when the rose colored glasses are removed.

This disillusionment is an important phase of the transformational process on the way to Aquarian Age consciousness.

We need to let go of the old world’s programming, and only by seeing the truth can it happen.

And the process can really be painful before we are graced by frequencies and people of the New World.

It can be difficult to trust again once one has been betrayed or lied to or disappointed by those we have counted upon.

But we do hopefully open our hearts to trust again, which helps us to open to the butterfly of new birth.

This coming Eclipse Season will give us breakdowns of that which needs to be let go of, and breakthroughs into new ideas, new consciousness, and new ways to be and live our lives.

This week the beginning winds of Eclipse Season begin to blow in as we experience a Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday August 18 at 5:27 AM. This will begin the waning second half of the lunar cycle that began with a Leo New Moon on August 2.

That waning second half ends at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo on September 1.

The Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius this week is thus an important marking point on the way to the first Eclipse. It will bring with it the beginning of issues that will be important during this Eclipse Season.

This Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius has a theme of heart (Leo) versus head (Aquarius) or how to find a balance between your heart and your head.

When you buy a car, for instance, do you buy the one that glitters and opens your heart(Leo) or do you buy the one that is practical, energy efficient, and inexpensive (Aquarius)? Or can you find one that has a balance between the two extremes?

Leo is open hearted and creative and resonates with what is popular. Aquarius is open minded and inventive and resonates with what is individualized and unique. Leo is more self focused; Aquarius is more socially or group focused.

At an Aquarius Full Moon it is time to be more socially conscious, but be aware of your own or other egos that get in the way.

As we pass through this Full Moon which is bringing in the first breezes of the Eclipse Season, be present and aware of any signs or symbols of the issues that will important during this Eclipse Season. What is coming into your personal life that will be an important issue to look at during this Eclipse Season?

What is opening up in the greater world that will be important during the Eclipse Season?

See you next week,


If you are interested in an astrological reading or consultation, write me at for more information. I use both Skype and phone for long distance sessions.

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