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Full Moon Surrender and Astrology Forecast September 8-14.

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week the planets do a dance of Virgo/Capricorn sober seriousness, somewhat offset again by high flying Jupiter and escape artist Neptune.

Mercury, Mars and the Sun all continue their movement through humble and service oriented Virgo this week.   And all three also are in the process of making easy connections with both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  Saturn is gravity, and Pluto is guardian of the underworld.

If they threw a party, it would be held in a funeral parlor.

So this week it is good to look at issues you may have been avoiding, or issues that will help you to get more grounded, real, and insightful.

Interestingly, all three personal planets (Sun, Mars, Mercury) will also make aspects to Neptune and Jupiter.

Those aspects to Neptune may tend to make the new found realities feel less real, almost like an illusion.  You are getting out of your comfort zone, but all will be fine.

The aspects all three Virgo planets are making  to Jupiter in Sagittarius will tend to either upset the apple-cart of what you have been manifesting, or instead recent new events will tend to make you feel uplifted and hopeful.

And all of this planetary action is happening as we all view the Moon getting more full of light every day- until late Friday the 13th when it is officially a Full Moon in Pisces.

You do know that Friday the 13th represents a culture afraid of and tending to need to control the Feminine?

It is not just mere coincidence that Friday is Venus day in many cultures.  For instance in Italy Friday is Venerdi. That is Venus.

And even in English speaking countries, Friday actually come from Frida, another love Goddess.

How did that come to be that each day is named after a “planet”, like Saturn-day or Sun-day or Mo(o)n-day, etc?

And of course Friday the 13th has the number 13.  13 is considered a number of the Feminine, as there are 13 lunar months of the year, though we only really acknowledge the 12 solar months of the year.

So I am making the case that our culture fearing the mysteries of the Feminine leads to making Friday the 13th a day to be feared and considered a day of bad luck.

I am sure that some other stories are used to explain the origins of Friday the 13th being what it is, but I do believe that at least unconsciously it is a result of a fear of the Feminine- like a fear of the witches in Salem.

Cultures tend to like better “male” logical, rule oriented, “moral”, left-brain energies and attitudes.

The Feminine has for the most part been shunned and feared because it cannot be controlled or understood by being put in rigid boxes of thought.

To connect with this face of the Feminine, one must trust Nature, the Universe, life itself.

An overly developed Ego needs to control all around it and cannot tolerate the flowing, psychic mystical (Neptune)nature, or the free spirited joy for life (Jupiter).

So this week let go of over-controls and instead surrender more to the Universe.

The climax of the week will be at 12:33 AM EDT on the 14th.  At that time is the Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces.

The Sun will be in simple, efficient, material, order driven Virgo. The Moon will be exactly opposite in flowing, soulful, unifying, sensitive Pisces.

Both those signs are oriented toward making the ego less powerful.  Virgo is humble and “of service”.  Pisces is surrendered and often selfless and sacrificial.

So the combination gently pushes us to let go of ego, and to be a part of something greater.

To complicate matters, this Full Moon at 21+ degrees of Pisces is conjunct Neptune at 17+ degrees of Pisces.  And that same Full Moon is also square Jupiter at 16+ degrees of Sagittarius. And Pluto at 20+ degrees of Capricorn will be closely sextile the Full Moon.

So this usually very gentle Full Moon will be more energized this time, and should be quite transformational.

Events can occur now that nudge you forward into what you are ready for, but have previously been reluctant to embrace.

We have been sitting in this in-between state of consciousness, having waved goodbye to our old self and old chapter; but the new self and chapter have seemed to be evading us.

Let yourself surrender at this Pisces Full Moon and be trusting that we are proceeding as is needed. Complete clarity is not needed and is not available yet anyway.

The world out there looks like a real mess, headed for trouble.  Nothing seems certain, everything is in transition.   Hurricane Dorian has been rather unpredictable and kinda strange.  And where is Alabama now?

The economy is unpredictable too, and places like the Middle East seem to be ready for ignition.

None of it is under our control, but nevertheless each of us has control over how we think, what attitudes we have, what we believe, how we react, and what we say.

We do have the ability to trust the Universe to spin its wheels in natural rhythms that turn cycles and seasons as they need be.

We know where each planet will be at any given time. We know the Moon keeps regular schedules like a woman’s natural cycles.  We know life and death, beginnings and endings can be relied upon.

We know that all is progressing and evolving, no matter how it appears sometimes.

Now we are moving closer and closer to Autumn Equinox, which will be on September 23. This is such a beautiful time of year, when energies are balanced.

Many humans have come to believe Nature and the Universe are under their control. What a joke. Maybe under control for a “minute”, but not for long. This is like machines that keep dying people alive a little longer, but they will die anyway before too long.

We are at our best when we learn to dance with Nature and the Universe, not dominate it.

And we are at our best when we learn to dance with each other, not try to dominate and control one another.

Till next week,


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