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Getting it Together and Astrology Forecast January 13-19

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have moved into a new lunar cycle, as there was a New Moon in Capricorn Friday January 11.  New Moon means new beginnings.   And since this new moon is in Capricorn, most will concentrate their efforts on “getting it together”.

That is because Capricorn, which is “ruled” by Saturn, wants to build, accomplish, and “get down to business”.  In order to do so, it needs to organize, and to plan; and in order to properly carry out the plan, it needs to be disciplined, to be focused, and to step by step implement the plan.   Part of its process also is an attitude of doing what you have to do, and meeting obligations.

So during Capricorn time of year, as it is now by both solar and lunar cycles, most people get more serious and grounded.  And that can help one to “get their life together”, to structure or restructure parts of their lives, to work harder.   This is not the time for most to expand and rapidly progress.   It is not a time for new adventure or impulsive actions.

It is more a time for thinking of the long haul, for making serious resolutions, for making strong commitment to things and people who are important to you.

It may be a good time, however, to think of something you would like to accomplish, something you have been putting off or procrastinating about.

If you have been thinking about writing a book, or starting a big project, or taking that trip you have desired, or getting in shape, now is a good time to make the plan and figure out how you will make the plan work.

It is also a good time, as we move through this Capricorn cycle, to put a stop to things that are unhealthy for you, to say no and create boundaries. It may also be a good time for endings, for letting die relationships or patterns or jobs that no longer serve your higher self and your desire to live an authentic life aligned with your deeper soul and the Universe.

Remember also that Saturn is sextile Pluto, and this combination will help you to see through any inflated illusions, and instead assist you in seeing “reality” and deeper truths.  And in so doing you can soberly make your plans with open eyes to what will work in the real world.

Keep in mind that “putting your house in order” now will serve you well during the rapid movement, change, and huge transformation beginning this coming spring 2013.

There will be three eclipses in a row, not the usual two, starting in April. Revolutionary Uranus square Pluto erupts into our consciousness in May, and that month also shows us two more eclipses.

In fact as early as mid March, just before Mars in Aries makes conjunction with Uranus Aries, there could be powerful change already swirling through our lives.

In the summer transformation will be simmering, and then in Autumn with two more powerful eclipses and another Uranus square Pluto, our lives will be bursting with change, much more than happened in 2012.

And the great climax of change, for those of us in the USA, will happen in spring of 2014 when there is another Eclipse season, and most importantly a Grand Cross alignment with Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars. This Grand Cross will have the USA natal Sun in its cross-hairs, exact to the degree, 13+ degrees of Cancer.

From this spring 2013 until spring 2014, there will be a huge burst of new energy pushing against  the dams of the old world paradigm, looking to burst into our hearts, minds and lives.

Powerful world events will be flooding in, and the stubbornness of old world resistance will be severely challenged.

Our country is in grave trouble now, needing to let go of its Superpower ego image, let go of its dominance of world affairs through its Empire.  If Barack Obama is now owning his deep connection and possible reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln, then he will be ready to bring our country into a world aligned with the principles our country was founded on: liberation, equality, self determination, diversity in Unity- FOR ALL PEOPLES AND COUNTRIES.

At the least Barack Obama is somehow connected to Lincoln and will again at his inauguration, swear in as president for a second term using the Lincoln Bible.  He is the first person since Lincoln to use that Bible.  And Lincoln, Kennedy and Obama are all connected through the freeing and providing Civil Rights to the African slaves. And Obama is the fruit of those previous efforts.

And Lincoln began his presidency in 1861, Kennedy 100 years later in 1961, the same year Obama was born.

And now our country is fracturing again, as it did in the Civil War.

And now the issue of gun control versus gun owner rights will take center stage in this fracturing of our country.   Other issues that divide “red states” from “blue states” will also come to the fore this year and next.

President Obama, as he takes responsibility for his role in our human condition at this major crossroads during the transition between the Pisces and Aquarian Age, will be in harms way and in danger of suffering the same fate as Lincoln and Kennedy.

The growing Civil War in our own country, the coming chaos in the Middle East, and the restructuring of the world power structure and world economy; all of these issues will come storming in while Obama is president.

Obama, with a South Node of the Moon in Aquarius (the South Node considered symbolic of past lives), connects with Sun in Aquarius Lincoln, to find the strength to make it through this great challenge into an Aquarian Age.

Freedom, equality, and Diversity in Unity are common traits of the sign Aquarius and are connected to the Civil War of Lincoln’s time and the changing of Ages now in Obama’s time.

Pisces is about saviors and its age was begun around the time of the birth of Christ.  Aquarius moves beyond gurus and royalty and saviors and toward power to the people and the individual, in unified community.

Will we need one more Pisces Age savior martyr to usher in our Aquarian Age?  Or will we sufficiently evolve fast enough as a collective so that is not necessary?

These next 18 months or so will provide us with the answers. Autumn 2013 looks especially important, as the Eclipses fall so very close to Obama’s Saturn and Sun, with Saturn in Scorpio making square his Sun in Leo then also. This will be a most challenging time for him, and from then to spring 2014 there will be much chaotic change in America.

So for now, for January into February, put your own house in order, preserve and build your security structures, make plans for your future, and get your self and your  life grounded in “reality”.

Yes we are moving into a new Aquarian Age, but this transition will take hard work, a strong sense of responsibility and a connection with the physical plane of reality.  We can make this Aquarian Age real, not just a figment of our imaginations.

See you next week,


I will be doing a Youtube video forecast for 2013 later this week and will give you the link next Saturday the 19th of January.

Leo Check out this new Youtube video I created during the last Eclipse Season:

There is a radio shows on blog talk radio from November 10. You can hear that forecast at any time after the live broadcast.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

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