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Getting Ready and Astrology Forecast April 4-10

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The 4th and last quarter of the lunar cycle begins Easter Sunday April 4 at 6:02 AM EDT. Moon is in Capricorn square the Sun in Aries

The last quarter of any lunar cycle is the wind down part of the cycle, releasing, letting go, and being prepared for the charge of motivation at the new moon a week later.

4th quarter Moons in Capricorn can feel kind of blah in contrast to the Sun in Aries. Aries is always ready to get going. Often it feels like everyone and everything is too slow or lethargic.

And if you are feeling you have waited long enough, get a grip as it is not time yet.

Next week Sunday April 11 brings a strong Aries New Moon. Moon and Sun are exactly joined in Aries at that time. But this week with Moon in Saturn leading the week, we need to get all our ducks in a row before we can be ready to go.

Actually, I do not like that term “all your ducks in a row”. It likely means getting them ready to be killed.

But the point is still understood. Capricorn/Saturn need everything in order, planned, aligned, before taking off in flight.

And this week will be a releasing of anything that still is covered with snow-like cob webs from Winter consciousness.

It is a strong movement forward after the April 11 New Moon in Aries. It’s a “ready or not here I come” type moment at 10:31 PM EDT that day.

What ways have you been holding back? What are you waiting for? In many ways it feels like we have been collectively waiting for something, for something to happen.

For awhile now, things feel like “on the verge” of opening up or moving forward.

Clear direction forward has felt foggy. Have the vaccinations given us motivation to move forward now. Or are there new strains of the virus pushing us backwards again?

Is the economy truly getting healthier as the Stock Market seems to suggest with the Bull in perpetual rising motion.

Has the new presidential administration brought the light of hope with it, and is that hope aligned with reality?

Have the voices of hate between left and right American cultures taken a lasting break for a more peaceful co-existence?

April opens doorways into our immediate future. May and June bring eclipses of change and transformation.

What has been feeling held back or stale will be opening up to renewed energies.

Transformational change has been taking a break to rest up before it is stoked into action again.

Spring/Summer 2021 bring back the challenges. There is still no return to the used to be “normal”. It is gone.

We will be thrust ahead by the winds of change this springtime.

The mainstream culture is still clinging to a dog-eat-dog fight for survival against the “enemies”. If they lose one enemy they soon find another.

That same mainstream culture is still clinging to a worldview of “haves and have nots”. It has been accepted that the few will have most of the money and resources, while others suffer making ends meet.

We were told when we were kids that those who work hard and follow the rules will be rewarded.

I know many people who “work their butts off” who struggle to make ends meet.

For some is it is about minorities and gender bias, but there also the issues of corruption, bullying oneself to the top, and stepping on those in the way. And yes there is entitlement and “who you know” assistance.

This is old paradigm. It is crumbling behind the scenes. Kind hearts and empathetic souls are rising. Spirit driven souls are reviving. Love is opening doors to better days. Truth is setting us free.

Now comes a time when disorder is needed to open up those doorways into the Age of Aquarius.

Christ consciousness is needed to be brought with us into that New Age. We are all connected. Those who are spat on for being different need our encouragement and love now.

Age of Aquarius demands that “we the people” rise and take responsibility for our world and the people in it.

This week is a last quarter of the lunar cycle begun on March 13 at the Pisces New Moon.

Let the old be released now, the old ways and beliefs that keep us stuck. If you cannot believe in a a new and better world, you are part of the problem. “They” have won you over with their programming. They have convinced you that you are worthless if you not get with the program.

Who is “They”? It is the paradigm that keeps those who are entitled, entitled. They are not the enemy to be hated.

We have enabled that behavior and world by buying into their judgments and worldview. The real work that will change everything is to be done inside our own hearts and minds.

And let this New Moon in Aries open us to the transformation that cannot be stopped anymore.

till next week,


Next radio show is Saturday April 17 at 1 PM Pacific, 4 PM Eastern.

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