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Getting Rooted and Ready to Begin and Astrology Forecast May 9-15

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Switch gets flipped to ON this Tuesday May 11 at 3 PM EDT at the New Moon in Taurus. Time to own and manifest our chosen and/or destined life now. Our sense of purpose to get stronger.

This past week brought us down into and through a dark moon phase, leading to this New Moon in Taurus. That means releasing, letting go of the “used to be”; then acknowledging and accepting what is real in our lives now and getting ready to move more forward in our lives

It seems like many of us do not fully know and/or are not clear about direction in our lives. Covid, the Economy, a new Presidential administration, have all contributed to the unknowing of what directions the world is taking.

Increasing stresses from Russia/Ukraine, Iran/Israel, Palestinian/Israel, and China/Taiwan show signs of potentially much greater conflict on the horizon.

While all those issues can bring out fears and doubts about the state of the world; it is also true that under the surface, in our deeper minds and souls, in our Higher Selves, there is movement forward even if the course is not known.

This is all part of the great wave of the Feminine moving into our Consciousness and lives.

The greater “Masculine” is known, logical, predictable, focused, and “with agenda” that seeks to win.

These are not bad or good traits in themselves, but its dominance over the Feminine has shaped our collective Consciousness and lives to a great degree for hundreds of years.

It is how the Old Paradigm has carried on all these years.

Now, in general, there is growingly more mystery and unknowing of what is happening and where we are headed. There is more need for each of us to surrender mental controls and Trust the Process.

The Age of Aquarius has begun and the next couple of thousand years will bring on the energies and events associated with this New Age.

So now we are babies experiencing this paradigm and way of being, often in Wonder at the magic, connective signs, and synchronicities.

And we will be in transition between Ages for awhile. And transitions always bring some chaos, enough needed to take us out of the ruts, outside the boxes, beyond the fears that keep us on the couch with the protective covers over our heads.

The New Moon in Aries on April 11 sought to wake us up and bring us out. And now that Aries Lunar Cycle comes to an end on May 11 with the New Moon in Taurus.

This New Moon in Taurus on the 11th coincides that day with active Mars making square with Chiron in Aries and sextile with Uranus in Taurus. These aspects add some force and speed to fixed-earth, and often snail-paced Taurus.

What has been initiated back at the New Moon in Aries, now puts its roots into the fixed earth security of a New Moon in Taurus.

This New Moon in Taurus also symbolizes the beginning of Spring Eclipse Season 2021. The first eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius on May 25; the second eclipse a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini on June 10.

So after this New Moon in Taurus on May 11, intensities increase, feelings of change more evident. And importantly we make manifest, make more real, and more deeply own where we find ourselves in life now.

What has been previously imagined, then created and begun, is now ready to be made real, perhaps for the long haul.

In the greater collective 3-D world our human selves inhabit, old dramas continue to play out: there is culture war in the USA that has only just begun; the bubble of economy/stock market and housing fiasco is getting ready to be burst; Middle East ready to explode as is Ukraine. China is a question mark regarding Taiwan. Question is sooner or later?

USA Mars is triggered at the Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10. The USA Natal Mars is conjunct that Solar Eclipse. Conflict is on the horizon.

It is fine to see, acknowledge, observe and find and accept Truth now

But it is not good to get mentally and/or emotionally involved with the very lethal dramas that are coming. Do not let your fears take you down into the rabbit hole of collective fear, hatred, panic, demonizing of “enemy”, while waving sheep controlling patriotic flags .

Do not let yourself be hypnotized by politicians of either party into drinking the Kool-Aid of “necessary” wars.

War is very likely coming. It is part of the Old World’s way of bringing people together for a “cause” or “purpose”.

That is the Old Paradigm of dog-eat-dog fighting for our team against yours. And then we supposed to know who is superior and gets all the advantages and “goodies”. The winner defines the paradigm all will be following, as well as writing the history books everyone reads as the gospel truth.

We take our energy out of those old dramas and stories. We come together with our Soul families There are many people all over the world now who have been leaving the old stories of a dying paradigm and age.

We are all one Family here on planet Earth, connected to one another, even with all our differences: Diversity Within Unity. Love and Truth express the wishes of God and Goddess. And anything is possible inside those powerful pillars of the new Paradigm and Age. Myth and Magic become every-day ways of being and relating. Believe and you will be rewarded.

There is a growing energy from other worlds, whether extra-terrestrial or on the other side of the dimensional veils. It is coming in a big way soon.

If you let in to believe a fantasy, it can be proven or unproven by your allegiance to Truth. Cynical shaming of people who have open hearts and open minds gives no connection to Truth.

But also those who reject and even hate those who are skeptical and even cynical about spirit and love, are not really connected to Love and true Magic themselves.

Truth without Love is cynical, painful and alone. Love without Truth lives in an ultimately unsatisfying and escapist Fantasy land.

Together they hold our new world and new age and all of us together in their arms. Keep your allegiance to them both in order to keep your Consciousness on your Soul Path into the Age of Aquarius.

till next week


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