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Going Yin-ward, Mercury Retrograde, and Astrology Forecast September 26- October 2

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

It is Mercury Retrograde time again. It goes Retrograde at 10:10 PM Pacific Time on Sunday the 26th and 1:10 AM Eastern Time on Monday the 27th.

The planetary alignments are bringing us energies and signs that the “darkness” is wanting to be more settled into now.

Last Monday the 20th was a Full Moon in Pisces. Full Moons are half way through a lunar cycle, and after the Full Moon we are in the waning darkening half of the cycle.

On Wednesday the 22nd was the Autumn Equinox. That is half way through the Solar Cycle of the year, and symbolically it is like the Sunset Time of year. The Equinox gives us the one day of the year where dark and light are equal, but dark minutes grow stronger right afterwards until Winter Solstice.

For Spring Equinox, Dark and light are equal but then light grows more every day after that until Summer Solstice. It is like the Sun rising time of year.

So the message from both lunar and solar cycles is that it is time to go inward and yin-ward, more reflection and introspection.

And to emphatically agree with that assessment, Mercury going Retrograde also expects more inner movement.

Mercury will be Retrograde from the 27th until October 18th when it goes back Direct.

This is not a good time to begin new projects or make big decisions. Instead it is time to get in touch with your inner values, with your priorities, with what you believe in, with what really gives you purpose and passion.

Like most Mercury Retrograde periods, memories come back, people from our past come back in our minds and our dreams and sometimes actually “in the flesh”.

So let go now of pushing any agendas. Realize that personal desires are giving way to caring more about relationships and relationship needs.

Autumn Equinox brings us the Sun in Libra for 30 days, so yes less attention on personal striving and more attention on what connects us to one another, on connections in general. For Libra the “dots” of life are connected, so unity becomes more important.

Keeping the opposites engaged with one another is more important, as is finding harmony and fairness/justice.

Selfishness does not thrive with Libra influences.

October is right around the corner, so to speak, and in fact by mid October we will be involved in a major turning point for us all.

Next week on October 6, some of the inward movement will be shifting as we have a New Moon in Libra, combined with Pluto going Direct.

We will talk more about next week, but in general the very light and airy Libra will be joined by the powerful, intense transformational energy of Pluto.

Saturn goes back Direct on October 10, and signifies time (Saturn is god of time and gravity) is kind of starting back up again. Time to end the “vacations” and get moving toward your destiny.

Then Jupiter goes Direct on October 17 and Mercury Direct on the 18th.

Then we will have more fully moved through this major Turning Point in our lives as we get ready to experience another Eclipse Season: Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Taurus November 19 and a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius on December 4.

Our economy and stock market will likely be in the beginning stages of major transformation, while Iran, Israel, China, and North Korea will be greatly heating up and maybe already in great conflict.

The old world and old Paradigm are more rapidly deteriorating. Stay in your lane with your Higher Self, which is attuned with the Age of Aquarius. Stay away from the greater and greater fear from the mainstream world.

Your ego’s reality with its foundation in fear needs to take a back seat to your Higher Self and its knowing that all is connected, that Love and Truth rule.

Trust in the process.

Next week Saturday October 2 is our next show.

Till next week


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