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Here We Go and Astrology Forecast May 16-22

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Well we are smack dab inside Eclipse Season Spring 2021.

The timing of the current conflict between Israelis and Palestinians was very connected to the New Moon in Taurus that starts up this new Eclipse Season.

This current conflict seems even more brutal than past wars between them. The Palestinians from Gaza are more able to reach populated areas of Israel now, and big city Tel Aviv has been bombarded more than usual.

What has not changed is the abuse of power by the Israelis over the Palestinians. Many more fatalities on the Palestinian side, which includes many children.

Israel has almost total control over the Palestinians on a day to day basis. Hopefully the world community can come together this time to rectify the situation.

This is an important part of the world in that most of the first civilizations and first organized religions came from there.

Sumeria, Babylonia, Egypt, Persia, and Syrian Civilizations come from that area of the world.

And Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim religions are all from that area.

As we move into the Aquarian Age we come full circle back to these old religions and governments, so we can be better able to see and feel the old toxic ways that keep humanity stuck.

An “eye for an eye” mentality obviously is self destructive and poisonous. Dominating instead of making relationship keeps us out of our hearts and so distant from one another.

The old paradigm programs people to believe in the Superior/Inferior model of human interaction as well as Predator/Prey ways of relating to one another.

Hitler showed us what can develop from such a paradigm of living. He believed the Arian race to be pure and better than others and carried out an extermination of Jewish people as a result.

In the Age of Aquarius we believe in equality and Diversity Within Unity. Those other ways of believing are filled with hate and unfair judgements of others.

So we are watching the death throes of a consciousness that separates peoples based on subjective judgments of Superior/Inferior and Predator/Prey as well.

We are all being challenged to face ourselves and to hold ourselves accountable when it comes to beliefs and attitudes toward those who are different than us.

Diversity Within Unity is an Aquarian way of being and living, which engenders respect, tolerance, and acceptance of other ways. We do not need anymore to dominate so our way of thinking and being is how life is lived by all.

We learn to develop communities that combine different ways of being into a mixture that brings us all together.

We are in the waxing, accelerating half of the Lunar Cycle on the way to a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius on May 26.

Since the Saturn/Pluto conjunction combined with two strong eclipses in January 2020, our world has been powerfully altered and transformed, with no road back to “normal”.

Covid, a changing economy, powerful human rights issues, and now war are showing us we need to accept that our world is transforming rapidly; and we each need to find our way from within it, no longer putting our energies into resisting what is becoming our new reality.

African Americans, LGBTQ peoples, women, and others will no longer take scraps off the tables of respect, acceptance, fairness, justice and care/concern.

Their time is now and deservedly so. The old paradigm of privilege to some over others is over. The old paradigm of “might makes right” is done. The old paradigm of money and material success being the highest priorities has come to an end.

There is much more shaking up of the old reality, fast on the way now.

The Military Industrial Complex Empire will be feeling more and more chinks in their armor as this Spring 2021 Eclipse Season plays out.

On Thursday May 20 this week, the Sun moves into 30 days of Sun in Gemini. The slow and comfort seeking Sun in Taurus begins to speed us up, especially in our minds. Desires to come out and play, and especially to talk and communicate start to get stronger. Learning and teaching become more desirable; wanting to find more answers and direction gets stronger in our minds now.

On Sunday May 23, fast on the way to the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on the 26th, Saturn stops in its tracks and goes from Direct to Retrograde.

That movement brings Saturn energy front and center in our consciousness. There is a need to hold accountable, to do what needs to be accomplished, to be more disciplined. There is more awareness that everything has its limits.

Till next week,


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