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Illusion or Awakening and Astrology Forecast July 28- August 3

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The week ahead will bring a combination of many different and contradictory energies.    We will be in the last 10 days before a very energized ignition of new beginnings at the New Moon in Leo on August 6.  

Time before a new moon usually brings us to a winding down, some introspection, and preparing for the new beginnings at the new moon.    And of course this last 10 days before an especially important New moon in Leo will have some of that slowing down quality.

And a Grand Sextile alignment on Monday July 29 will add to the feeling of “down and in” and not “up and out”.  There are 6 planets in sextile to one another that day, all six of those planets in yin signs:  Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces.    These are all water and earth signs, energies that are yinward and inward signs.

So combined with our also moving into the last quarter of the lunar cycle that day, there is a rather slow and “down” movement.  And with only the Sun and Uranus in fire signs, there is not much zest represented either.

Yet counter to those perhaps depressing energies for some, there is a very energized and powerful planetary movement also.  Mars will be triggering the Uranus Pluto square as it opposes Pluto in Capricorn on Saturday/Sunday and squares Uranus in Aries Tuesday through Thursday.

So be very careful not to get too angry or out of control the next several days, as those Mars movements to the transformational planets Uranus and Pluto will tend to shake things up in a powerful way.

Whereas the Grand Sextile and last quarter Moon will tend to flat line you emotionally and spiritually, the Mars movements will activate you and tend to bring more powerful energies.

Overall this coming week will tend to awaken you to Truth, to core reality, and should motivate you to get moving forward with your life.    There may be some disillusion mixed in with the awakening to what is real and true, some disappointment with people, with life, and situations in your life.

That awakening will help you to let go of people or situations or old patterns that will now strike you as impossible to continue.   You will understand at a deeper level than before why it is insane to do things the same way over and over again and keep expecting better results than are possible.

The situations, decisions, and events that happen this week could have long lasting effects on your life.  The next week, starting at the New Moon in Leo on August 6, there will be a more fast pace of action.   Jupiter will be strongly aspecting the Pluto/Uranus revolutionary and evolutionary square at that time, thrusting lives more fast forward.

Whatever was shaken up and out and began to be seeded during Spring Eclipse Season April-June this year, will soon find its way forward in reality and manifestation.

In the Greater World events are erupting that are changing our world.  In Egypt, as Mars is now igniting the Uranus/Pluto square, there is growing violence and chaos that will change not only Egypt in a big way, but also the Middle East and the world.

More and more whistleblowers like Snowden and Assange and Bradley will come forward to expose previously held secrets and expose more truths of corruption and dominance from Corporate and Government institutions.

America and Israel will flex their military muscles more in Syria in order to gain more control of the strategic and resource rich Middle East.   This region of the world will likely ignite the spark of worldwide transformation out of an old age of superpowers and Empires and into a world of Diversity in Unity.

We are also in the beginning stages of spiritual renaissance for the human family on Earth, as we learn there are many different dimensions of reality, beings who dwell on inner planes of spirit, and beings who dwell in many other places in the Universe.

What we have come to rely on as Reality is in large part a collective consensus programmed into our minds and hearts.  As we move through the old age and that dying paradigm of reality, we awaken to new wonders.

So it is OK to grieve the death of our illusions, the passing of our innocence  to what kind of people and institutions have been running our world, and what kind of lies we have believed.

These disillusions will help us to trust our own minds and hearts more and more, not the mainstream institutions anymore.  The Universe has provided us in recent times with the internet, a place we can still find information and do research outside the dominance of the Matrix.

Slowly but surely, but faster all the time, we are trusting our own individual perception of reality; and as we do that more and more as a collective human family, we change our reality and usher in the Age of Aquarius.

How did we ever get fooled into believing that certain people are better and deserve more than others.   Why did we buy into the idea of emperors or kings and queens or dictators or wealthy people or aristocracy running our lives and world?  Historically many of these people are decadent, corrupt, and murderous and have created a world of their rules that perpetuates their wealth and power.

The Earth and our human family of souls will obviously be better off when we the people wake up and take full responsibility.   As we evolve beyond the old paradigm of separation and survival of the fittest mentality, as we evolve beyond a war of the sexes, as we evolve beyond believing in superior/inferior, as we evolve beyond perpetrator/victim consciousness, and as we evolve beyond trying to defeat darkness, we then know the Oneness of All That Is.   We enter Diversity in Unity. We enter the Age of Aquarius.

See you next week,


There has been a delay in putting out a new YOUTUBE video. Will let you know when it is ready.

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

There will be a new Youtube video coming out within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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