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In Between Eclipses and Astrology Forecast for July 12-18

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have passed through the first of 3 eclipses in a row, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn.    We are on our way to the second one, a quite powerful Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer.  It will be on Tuesday the 21st of July at 10:35 PM EDT.  It will be at 7:35 PM on the west coast of the USA.  It will be visible in full in northern India, Nepal, northern Bangladesh, Bhutan, the northern tip of Myanmar, central China and the Pacific Ocean, including Ryukyu Islands, Marshall Islands and Kiribati. A partial eclipse will be seen in the larger part of Asia, including most of southeast Asia, and even parts of Oceania.

Though all areas of the Earth are susceptible to having major events occur during eclipse times, those within the eclipses’ path are especially prone.  Of course also a nation’s birth chart can have natal planets transited by the position of the eclipse, making it also more susceptible to powerful events.  We will talk about the nations whose charts are affected by the coming Solar Eclipse, in next week’s blog/forecast.

Remember the overall  intensity and power of these 3 eclipses lasts from mid June to mid September.  The after effects can last for years to come.

I know many of you have been feeling quite out of balance during the eclipse period, and some have fallen into crisis.  Others report just feeling weird.  It is normal during an eclipse period, and this eclipse period is more powerful than most, to be taken out of a feeling of well being.  Many feel a lot of anxiety.  It is best to do your best to ride the wave, not jump to conclusions, but instead to look at options and possibilities.  After the eclipse period ends, clarity and direction begin to appear

In the greater world, powerful events have occurred in Iran, North Korea, China, and Honduras.  Many celebrity deaths have erupted into our lives, most glaringly iconic figure Michael Jackson.

Iran has experienced an election that has been disputed and a subsequent protest from many of its citizens, which has caused a tremendous and oft times violent clampdown by the government.  North Korea has fired off many test missiles into the Pacific Ocean, in defiance of world rules and opinion.  It is also strongly suspected of cyber attacks on the USA and South Korea.  China has experienced much social upheaval in western China killing over 150 people.  A large earthquake has also occurred in China during the eclipse period.  Honduras has experienced a military coup of its elected government.   The USA and world economy are showing signs of falling into a deeper recession.

All of these events need to be closely observed during this eclipse period.  Is North Korea on the verge of doing something really weird and dangerous?  Or are they merely bargaining for benefits from the powers of the world?

Is Iran now on the verge of being bombed by Israel? Or will it comply with the demands of the world and stop its movement toward a nuclear bomb of its own?

Is the economy of the USA and world getting worse and headed for a lengthy recession or even depression?  Or is it bottoming out on its way to recovery?

Look for the eclipse period to continue to bring up these issues to the surface of our collective awareness.  Look also for other powerful surprise events to explode into our world during the eclipse period.

In your personal life, if new challenges are now occurring in your life, look first at what may be changing.   Do you need to start thinking about finding new work or ways to bring in more resources.   Do you need help in your relationship?  Do you need to move?  Or are you ready to let go of old beliefs or old patterns that no longer serve your life properly?

Remember that during eclipse periods, as your life and/or emotions are shook up, it is time to release what is ready to go.  And it is time to move into “new territory”, a new phase of your life.

Do your best not to see your life as succeeding or failing but as transforming in line with your own personal evolution. Sometimes we lose what we have gained, but more often than not it is because it is time to move on and enter a new period of our lives.  It is a new season of our life.  If you feel you need help to see the bigger picture, please consider a Spiritual Therapy Astrology session with me.  Visit my website and then click the Services button for more info.  Or just contact me at

Others will not have anything dramatic change in their lives, but will feel uneasy, nevertheless.  For them there can be more subtle changes happening, like in attitude or viewpoint.

Astrology Forecast for July 12- July 18

On Sunday July 12 the Moon is in soft and flowing Pisces, so go with the flow today.  Being around water will feel especially good today.  On Monday there is more movement and action as the Moon goes into Aries for almost 3 days. On Wednesday with the Moon still in Aries, there is a 4th quarter Moon cycle beginning-  Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aries.  We are one week away now from the powerful Total Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on the 21st/22nd, depending on where you live.  In the USA it is on the 21st.   Today we are exactly mid way between the Lunar Eclipse of last week and the Solar Eclipse coming next week.

Remember that the Solar Eclipse is a New Moon and brings new beginnings.  So this week is a waning moon, moving us “downward” before the Total Eclipse next week.  So “clean up” what needs to be cleaned up, and get ready for the new beginnings next week.

There should be a slowdown this week, but since we are in an eclipse period, between eclipses, you may still feel out of normal balance and events may continue to erupt.  It is all not totally predictable how everything unfolds during eclipse periods.

Late Wednesday the Moon goes into slow moving and earthy Taurus for a couple of days.  Enjoy nature as much as you are able, and stay grounded and practical.

Late Friday the Moon moves into mentally and verbally active Gemini, so enjoy going out for social activities Friday night and Saturday.

We will discuss in more detail next week the Total Solar Eclipse.  New blog will be posted next Saturday the 18th for the week ahead.

For more of my writings and to learn more about the summer of 2009 astrological aspects visit my website.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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