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In the Arms of the Universe and Astrology Forecast July 9-15

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As I write this forecast/blog, we are still several hours before the Full Moon in Capricorn, which is at 12:07 AM on the 9th of July EDT. This has been a rather sobering and sometimes intense full moon experience for many.

A Capricorn Full Moon is often sobering, but there has been an added edginess to this one, and that is because Pluto is conjunct the Moon and opposite the Sun of this Full Moon.

Pluto of course is the guardian of the underworld, and as such it holds what is lying deep inside our bodies and souls.

In a civilized world, humans have learned to bury their more basic instincts, and hide, even from themselves any emotions that can be seen as negative, like rage, jealousy, shame, envy, greed, lustful feelings, panic, or desperation.

And of course many of those more primal instincts can be very destructive to self, others, or society.

Freud gave those instincts the term “Id”, which he said could be controlled by one’s “superego”, which is our moral compass or conscience.

Pluto, guardian of the underworld, guards our more primal “Id” instincts, and our repressed memories from earlier wounds and traumas.

So when Pluto is around by transit, it can bring up that which we have held down deep inside of us.

If someone says something that pushes our buttons, our usually controlled emotions or instincts may erupt.

Perhaps we will express in passive-agressive ways, or through sarcasm, but often anger/rage, in whatever form, is the result of Pluto triggering our suppressed or repressed instincts or emotions.

Whenever I see Pluto being activated in a chart or activating a chart I know there may be something normally held back, or made secret, that will be expressed.  When I see a combination of Mars and Pluto together, I know something explosive is likely to be expressed.

And I usually watch Mars, Pluto, or Pluto/Mars combinations when looking at a nation’s chart or the leader of a nation’s chart.

In August, at the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo, Trump’s Mars will be in conjunction with that Eclipse.  The eclipse is at 28+ degrees of Leo, and Trump’s Mars is at 26+ degrees of Leo, a relatively close conjunction.

Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, also has his Mars at 26+ degrees of Leo, so he and Trump will always have their Mars triggered at the same time, and this eclipse is one of those times.

To add to this series of connections, Israel from its natal chart of May 14, 1948 has its Mars at 28+ degrees of Leo, exactly conjunct the Total Solar Eclipse. And the USA Mars will be in almost exact alignment with Saturn that day.

And another strange connection between Trump and Netanyahu, especially so at the Solar Eclipse this August, is that both were born on days of eclipses:  Netanyahu at a Solar Eclipse in Libra, and Trump at a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.  Trust me, it is rather rare for someone to be born on the day of an eclipse of any kind.

So we can expect some kind of important turning point to occur for both Israel and the USA near the date of the Solar Eclipse in August.   And whatever it is, it will have to do with something militaristic.

Now that could also mean military is calmed down or held back, but more likely it is activated then in some important way.

And these turning point events do not have to be right on the Eclipse, but within a month or so either way.

Let’s look at this coming week:  This week we begin to come down from the Capricorn Full Moon by Tuesday or Wednesday.  After that, until the next New Moon, in Leo on July 23, we contract, ease up, and gather and center ourselves.

That New Moon in Leo on the 23rd will bring in the first breezes or perhaps winds of Eclipse Season.

Please remember;  all that will happen is necessary to the transformation into an Age of Aquarius.

Our human family, even the most stubborn of us, need to know the old ways must be released forever if we are to survive and evolve.

Dog eat dog, every man for himself, take all you can get, win at all costs belief systems need to be buried.

Believing we live in a meaningless, disconnected Universe that only offers random events, and “scientific” proofs needs to be released.

Believing some are superior and  others inferior in value in our human family has seen its time pass.

Using and abusing the Earth for what we can get from her, and without care for her is killing life on this planet.

Continuing to make our material needs more important than our souls kills our connections to one another, to God/Goddess, to the Universe, and to Nature.

We are on the threshold of an Age of Aquarius, and we are so much closer than it seems on the surface.

So know where we are headed, and get your consciousness and actions aligned with this New Age of Aquarius.

Concentrate on Love and Truth.  Open up to the Light of new consciousness wanting to pour through our veins.  Release the blocks. Clear your chakras. Open your mind and heart, think for your self, feel your truth, make intention to express your authenticity and purpose, be awake to the signs and symbols and synchronicities.

Know all is connected and meaningful, no matter how it looks on the outside, send away your fears and do not feed your hatreds.

We are safe in the arms of the Universe, let go and feel it.

Till next week,


We will do a video in July for the important August Total Solar Eclipse and Eclipse Season.  We will have a new website up to view in July also.

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