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It Is Time! And Astrology Forecast November 8-14

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Well finally a decision is made for President of USA!! Biden/Harris are victors. Biden is oldest person ever elected as USA president. Kamala Harris is first woman and first woman of color to be elected Vice President of USA.

My prediction of Biden winning had many people in doubt of that these last few days. Even I started to doubt my formula, which was correct in 2008 and 2016, for Obama and Trump.

This coming week, at the end of the week, there is a huge sea change energetically, with a strong force of energy driving life forward. The recent changes in our reality will be powerfully swept forward.

Prior to that, on Sunday the 8th we experience the waning cycle of the Moon going into its 4th and last quarter phase- in Leo.

So in the darkness of a 4th quarter moon, the Sun in darkly primal Scorpio is challenged by a shining Moon in hopeful Leo.

The dark primal holds the rage of the Trump supporters, while the Moon in Leo shines the joy of those who have felt so horrible over the last four years.

Most of this coming week we accept and begin to settle into our new found reality, and we prepare our psyche and lives for a large wave of change.

November/December 2020 are so filled with dramatic change, with a powerful transformation of collective consciousness pouring in.

On Winter Solstice we turn toward the Age of Aquarius as Saturn makes conjunction with Jupiter at 0+ degrees Aquarius that day.

That Winter Solstice day is always the darkest day of the year, but in that darkness there is hope as light then begins to increase every day.

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, with dark switching toward light that Solstice Day, is now more understood as we know Biden/Harris is replacing Trump.

But know that everything is not coming up roses and lollipops now.

This week, as we wind down in a 4th quarter waning Moon, we start feeling the power of deep change on Thursday November 12.

On that day Jupiter makes its 3rd and last conjunction this year with Pluto. Forces from on high (Jupiter) seek to combine energies with forces from down low (Pluto).

Guardian of the Underworld Pluto will bring up primal energies of passionate rage, as Jupiter shoots for the stars of joyful upliftment.

As we are feeling that powerful planetary configuration of Jupiter/Pluto, we begin to feel the strength of a Mars in Aries slowing down in order to stop and go back Direct.

Mars goes Direct in Aries on Friday the 13th. It is time to move forward. God of War Mars is at its strongest when in Aries.

So you know the anger of Trump supporters is gathering in strength as they know the world is turning in a very different direction than they envisioned or wanted.

Culture War is real right now, and Trump and his supporters are not going gently into the night

Friday the 13th is seen by some superstitiously and fearfully.

Symbolically it represents the power and mystery of the Feminine.

The number 13 is known as a number of the great Feminine, with 13 sacred Full Moons a year, as well as 13 womanly cycles every year.

And Friday is Venus Day in so many cultures, for instance Venerdi is Friday in Italy. And Frieda (Friday) is the German Goddess of Love.

So Friday the 13th represents fear of the mystery and power of the Feminine. I have most always experienced a fine day on Friday the 13th.

So Jupiter conjunct Pluto is on Thursday, Mars going Direct in Aries on Friday, and then on Saturday there is a Powerful New Moon in Scorpio!

There is so much power in these planetary configurations, the power of beginnings. But it is also potentially the power of conflict.

The New Moon in Scorpio is at 9:07 PM on the 14th, bringing with it the power of change and transformation now.

We are blowing open now any blockages in the way of forward movement, and blowing open any gates of suppression and repression that hold back our emotions and our healings.

This New Moon in Scorpio also opens the gates of a new Eclipse Season, one that will show us a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini on November 30, and then a New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13.

And do you know what you want and desire as Mars has gone back Direct again? Mars Retrograde is a time to go inside and look for what we really want in our lives and what direction we want to move toward.

So during early week, with a 4th quarter Moon and Mars still Retrograde, go inside and know more about what you desire and where you are going; as late week all systems are Go, whether we are ready or not.

And it will not be so easy, as the MAGA shadow world will not die easily.

Trump’s people know there will never be anyone like him again. Many are convincing themselves that they were victimized by the deep state of satanic pedophiles. And they have weapons.

Remember during the celebrations now that there is a still a deep transformation of the world and the USA Empire.

Trump was brought in by the Universe to shake up our country and world, and that presence along with the Covid and a shaky economy have pushed us all into new places.

This Biden win does not bring back “normal”. We are changed forever and we are moving into uncharted waters of Transformation.

But this win for Biden/Harris does bring back a much needed sanity and decency to the USA and world as get ready for the storms waiting on our collective Horizons.

Next Saturday the 14th I will be giving a Webinar dedicated to understanding all that is going on now, with an astrological lens. That webinar is $20. Write me at to register.

Also on November 28 I will start hosting a new radio show on the Oneness Network- Perspectives from the Sky Radio. More about that next week.

Till next week


I will host a new regular radio streaming show. Will be joining the Oneness Network on November 28 for my first show.

It will be about our journey into the Age of Aquarius, with astrological insights, a closer look at Extraterrestrial realities, and guests from metaphysical, psychological, spiritual, political and socially conscious networks. Email me at for more info.

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