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Journeying through the Summer Eclipses of 2009, Astrology Forecast for July 26-August 1.

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we come toward the final eclipse in this summer of eclipses,  a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius on August 5,  we stay in the intensity, in the shifting tides of change.  We are letting go of the old,  ready to be released.  We are letting in the new, ready to be embraced.

I have witnessed many people these last few weeks go through dramatic events in their lives.    More than a few have experienced big family and relationship changes.   Some have had big surprises, like finding out their mate no longer wants to be with them, or having a relationship that was thought dead and gone, unexpectedly come back to life.

Some have lost their jobs during this eclipse period, and subsequently been forced to dig deeper inside themselves to find a sense of purpose, to think of new work that fuels their passion.

One client of mine opened a new store during this time period, apparently leaving forever her time of working for someone else.

Another client went on a trip to find a new city to live in and came back home appreciating her home more than ever.

So many people have been experiencing family crises and challenges during this eclipse period.  Some have had family members die, others have had to find ways to now take care of aging parents who are becoming more and more vulnerable.  Some are having children get ready to go away to college and leave home for the first time.   Families are also adding new members, new children being born, adopting children, or bringing friends to their home to live.

Many people have also been going through deep emotional anguish during this eclipse period of time.  Many have been nostalgic about the past, regretting bad times or decisions, remembering past loves, family get- togethers, homes one used to live in.

The eclipse intensity this summer is from mid-June to mid September.  Big shifts, breakdowns of the old, and breakthroughs into the new, are helping us all to transform our lives and consciousness so we will be more aligned with the new phase of existence we are moving into together.

For our human family these 3 eclipses in a row, something that hasn’t happened since the year 2000, represent a major passage forward in our evolution.

We are moving closer to the New World foretold by the Mayans, beginning in December of 2012.  We are on the cusp between a Pisces and Aquarian Age, which begins around 2020, when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

Our personal lives and consciousness are changing to assist our evolution into this new Age.

Expect more changes and surprises during this summer of eclipses.  We will stay off balance and out of “normal”, for the summer, with a peak of intensity surrounding the next eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on August 5. We will slowly slip into a new “normal” after the dust has cleared from the eclipse period.

Watch world events play out that will give you a sense of the kind of greater world we are moving into, and what America is becoming.  Will the economic recession continue?    Will Iran and North Korea become bigger problems, and will Israel invade Iran before the year is over?  Will Obama become more of a target for right wing extremists, especially since he recently spoke out against the police handling of scholar and African American Henry Gates?   Will his life be more in danger now as he attempts to break away from the confines of the American military industrial empire, and be more a part of our collective evolution into an Aquarian Age?  What will now happen in Pakistan and China, in Israel and Palestine?

The balance of power in America and in the world is shifting.   The economic structure in America and in the world is transforming.

Many of the aforementioned issues will heat up before the summer is over. Please keep in mind that what is shaking up during the eclipse period are the seeds that will sprout into bigger events in the fall and perhaps as late as the early winter.  The economy and Iran particularly need to watched in the eclipse period, as signs then will show us the fall events later.   It is quite possible the economy will falter even further in the autumn and that Israel will attack Iran, creating increasing chaos in the middle east and around the world.

Personal growth and change will continue also, and it is best to “ride the wave” and not resist.   Let go of that which needs to die, and let in that which is new and will bring progress to your life.  “The way it was” no longer exists, and if you hold onto it too tightly, you will only bring your self more pain.  The new feels uncomfortable at first, but we will grow into it like new shoes.

Next week we will look more closely at the next and last of the 3 eclipses of the summer of 2009.

Astrology Forecast for July 26-August 1

On Sunday the Moon is in peaceful and harmonious Libra and makes graceful aspects to both Mars and the Sun.  Though anything is possible and many things can keep us out of balance during this eclipse period of time, nevertheless this should be a most fun and pleasant day.  Monday the 27th is also looking pleasant as Venus and the Moon make favorable aspects.

On Tuesday, however, the mood shifts to more emotions and primal feelings, and there is a better chance then to have relationship challenges as Venus makes aspects to Uranus and the Sun squares the Moon at the 2nd quarter Moon.  Wednesday and much of Thursday the Moon stays in Scorpio, and some intensity and confrontation will continue. It is generally better now, however, to express your feelings and not keep them inside your self.

Late Thursday and through Friday and Saturday, the Moon will be in spirited Sagittarius.  The beginning waves of  influence from the Lunar Eclipse will be coming in then also.  World events affiliated with the Lunar Eclipse may be developing now also.

Venus moves into Cancer late on Friday and opposes Pluto on Saturday.  Relationship issues can be intensifying greatly now, on a personal level and also between nations.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

please feel free to comment below.  And you can visit my website for more articles and to find out more about readings with me.  You can also contact me at

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