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Jupiter conjunct Pluto and Astrology Forecast April 5-11.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As I write this we are about 6 hours away from the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn at almost 25 degrees.

This conjunction is a marking point for our transformational journey this year.

Saturn/Pluto along with two eclipses was a major marking point this past winter.  The resulting coronavirus and stock market fall have changed our lives in ways we cannot yet fully comprehend.

The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction will also show the way, through events that are representative of the energies those 2 planets express.

The last Jupiter/Pluto conjunction was at the end of 2007, when the housing market and economy began to show weakness.  The crisis that ensued lasted through 2009.

Prior to that 2007 conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto was the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in 1981/1982 when the first case of HIV in the USA was experienced. These conjunctions happen every 12-13 years.

The 1968 conjunction of Jupiter/Pluto was just previous to the one in ’81/’82.  Of course that year both Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated. 

When Jupiter and Pluto met in 1918, the Spanish Flu was killing so many people. There were 50 million Spanish flu deaths that year.

Some really dramatic events have happened in years Jupiter was conjunct Pluto.  And there was an emphasis on biological disease: Spanish flu, HIV, coronavirus.

Saturn/Pluto conjunctions have also brought with it powerful events that shook up and transformed our world.

In 1914 World War I began. The next Saturn/Pluto conjunction was in 1947.

That year the UN approved the new state of Israel, and the IMF and CIA were both created that year.

And most importantly The Roswell Incident occurred as a UFO and extraterrestrials were discovered in New Mexico.

At the last Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 1981/’82,  there was another financial recession.

And in Beirut Lebanon over 307 people, 241 who were USA Marines were bombed and killed.

The Saturn/Pluto exact conjunction will not happen again this year, but Jupiter/Pluto will happen two more times: in June and in December.

Overall it is very rare when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are so close together in Capricorn.

They are bringing us down into our bodies and deeper into our souls. At those places we come back to reality and some truth we may have been ignoring. Manic episodes, as in a bull run in the stock market, are being replaced by a more sober state of our collective mind.

From this grounded and deep place, we start to know we are all in this life together, as anyone can get sick regardless of wealth or nationality or race or religion.

Unfortunately this sober state of mind can for some turn into depression or even despair as the bubble of fantasy is burst open.

The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction is Saturday 4/4/4 at 10:45 PM EDT.  Intensity has been rising and something feels like it wants to break open and be released.

That process of release will be exacerbated by Mars square Uranus and a Full Moon in Libra on Tuesday the 7th of April.

Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus seeks to break out of any boxes of control one finds oneself in. There is a liberating feeling to it that does not tolerate being stuck or controlled.

You need your independence and freedom in order be your authentic self, and to express your truth.

On that same April 7 day there is a Full Moon in Libra at 10:35 PM EDT.  The Full Moon plus Mars square Uranus plus still being within the aura of Jupiter conjunct Pluto, provides much intensity to navigate for a few days, probably till Thursday the 9th of April.

The Full Moon in Aries/Libra and Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus have in common a need now to find balance between independence and freedom on the one hand, and being relational and social on the other hand.

This month is supposed to bring some increased difficulty with the Virus, as well as more downward movement for the stock market and economy.

This is the darkness associated with the decay and downturn of the old world now.  The leaders of the old world will fight tooth and nail to be able to return to the normalcy of that old paradigm.

And most regular people will also try really hard to bring back the old normal. And maybe sometimes it will feel a little like it is back.

But it will not come back. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is merciless.  Saturn’s pull down of gravity and Pluto’s pull downward under the surface can be ruthless in satisfying their agenda.

And their agenda is to erase what is spirit-less and soul-less, that which is only form and structure without inner spirit.

This virus is bringing many to feeling deeply again in their souls, feeling more humble, and being more aware of others’ pain and suffering.

The downturn of the stock market and economy is bringing many to the place of appreciating what they have, of being grateful for the people in their lives and the comforts they have enjoyed.

There is more to come.   Many of us have been controlled by our habits and devices,  and not really appreciating or grateful for our lives and the people in it.

These harder times materially will help people to feel more from their hearts and souls and not be so controlled by their egos and chattering minds.

There is a new reality forming, and we will not know exactly what that means for awhile.  We do know however, that the Age of Aquarius is real, and that much of what is leaving is of an old age that has programmed people to believe life is a competition for survival of the fittest, that all and everyone is separate, and that those who live different lives than us are our rivals or even our enemies.

The greatest thing about the new reality is the knowing that all is connected and that life is meaningful.  The dots of the Universe are connected and opposites are meant to be joined in wholeness even if living with vast difference from one another.

Yin/yang symbols say it all so simply.  Dark and light, male and female, hot and cold, up and down, “heaven” and “hell”, Yin and Yang are all gathered in the circle of wholeness, as is our Earth, Moon and Sun.

Look at them in the sky:  perfect circles.  That is the Universe showing us the truth of wholeness.

Now as we learn to let in the growing return of the Feminine, we learn that circles are what represent ultimate truth.

Straight lines are contained within the circles of life, even in simplest terms.

The male straight line is contained inside the circle of female.

The dark and light halves of Yin/Yang are held in wholeness inside the circle of the Yin/Yang symbol.

Separation is held by the circle of wholeness. How did we collectively lose that sense of Truth?

Now it returns, but there is an old reality that has programmed so many to believe differently.

Even in its power, the true “Feminine” represents not power over or against, but the power to bring all opposites in relationship with one another.

Till next week,


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