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Kaleidoscope Consciousness and Astrology Forecast May 19-25

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

A kaleidoscope of shifting consciousness is upon us.  Be present for the shift as much as you can, as there are plenty of nuggets of information and changes in awareness coming our way.

Within this shift there is a losing trust in government and the established world,  ’60s revolutionary drumbeats, as we enter a powerful week of planetary action.

Uranus square Pluto is exact on Monday May 20. Of course we know this aspect of 2012-2015 is the first major meeting of Uranus and Pluto since they were conjunct in 1965-66, which set off the huge wave of revolution and evolution in the ’60s and ’70s.

If you are zoned out on your computer or video games, in any way in your own personal bubble of protection, sleepwalking through your life, you will miss the magic and mystery swirling through our lives.

This coming week brings the Universe’s can openers popping open our minds, so we will open up any closed down belief systems or attitudes.

Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, no more life in that duality belief system.  Both Big Corporate and Big Government are corrupt and vie with each other for dominance over our minds, hearts, and souls.

There is always an interaction, on this rung of consciousness in Earth reality, between freedom and gravity.   Gravity keeps us here in Earth reality to do what we came here to do.  Freedom allows us to find our own way, guided by our souls and the Universe.

But governments, corporations, dictators, kings and queens from the past have convinced us they control the force of gravity.  And as such they have set up a dominance over our minds, hearts, and souls.  They seek to keep us in their hold by programming us with rules, regulations, and guilt that defines beliefs and attitudes.  Our loyalties are to states or families or churches that seek to tell us who we are, who we should be, and what we need to believe.

But now walls are coming down, and will come down faster and faster.   Fear not, the world is not ending, but the world as you know it is.

These walls are mainly in your consciousness, that is where the transformation seeks to bring in new light.

President Obama, when he spoke before being first elected as President, sounded like Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln all rolled up into one.  For me personally, he was Abraham Lincoln reincarnated.  But who is he now?

If Lincoln, he has been dropped into the modern era in America, no longer a country fighting to be whole and connected to its founding values of “liberty and justice for all”.

Now America is an Empire, dominated by( as President Eisenhower called it), the “Military Industrial Complex”, something he said would usurp our liberty and American values, and take the power away from the people.

Obama no longer is that shining light of inspiration, whoever his soul truly represents.    He is part of our disillusion now, motivating us to look beyond the saviors of the Pisces Age, and to find our redemption in ourselves, in “we the people”.

You can expect events to occur in the world now that will help us to let go of any beliefs and attitudes that keep us holding on to our familiar security blankets.

More and more it is easy to see that the people who are running our world are not who we thought they were.  Did you know this past week President Putin of Russia told our American leaders that the bee population was becoming destroyed because of genetically modified seeds and the pesticides we are using?

You do know our government and President Obama allowed a bill to be passed, one that had a rider attached that allows for more power of Monsanto and  other corporations that produce GMOs?

There is more disillusion for our institutions as we learn about unfair practices of the IRS, the Justice Department intrusions of the AP, and a cover-up in Benghazi, Libya.

There is war heating up for Syria and Iran and maybe even North Korea, which would take our eyes off the ball of these scandals.

Our world is transforming out of an old Pisces Age of over 2000 years and into an Age of Aquarius, establishing itself, in my estimation, after December 2020, when Jupiter will conjunct Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

Much turmoil, as there was in the 60s, much disillusion of our world establishment, will keep increasing and opening our minds and hearts to new ways.

We are in the process of being Awakened!   Do not be surprised if soon new events will totally blow our minds open and show us new realities.

The old world programming into us a certain Paradigm for Reality is breaking apart.    New world events will show us new possibilities for how our world began or what makes it run.    Nature or Nurture? is a limited belief system that does not allow for the fact that our souls are already “mature” when we are born, formed by past lives and other factors we do not completely understand.   Astrology, for instance, shows us we are a soul with varying energies and patterns when we take our first breath.

Evolution or Creationism is another limited concept that presents an obsolete battle between science and religion.   Neither is correct, there is another way to view our origins and development.

And how about the fact that we are trained to be so self-centered in our views of life in the Universe.   There is life in many places in this Universe, and soon we will know without doubt that this is true.   UFO’s and life from other realms of the Universe, from other dimensions in our consciousness, will be making some grand appearances before too long.  This by itself would change our programmed Paradigm by leaps and bounds, on a scale even greater than when we learned the world was round not flat.

This week brings a groundswell of planetary aspects for this Spring Eclipse Season 2013:

On Sunday the 19th Jupiter is conjunct the USA natal Mars from its birth date of July 4 1776.  Transiting Mars will follow at the end of June with another conjunction of the USA natal Mars.   During the time in between, the USA military might, its gun issues, and violent tendencies will be in the spotlight with powerful events occurring. Look for signs and synchronicities over the next couple of days as to what may be coming.

On Monday the 21st is the Uranus/Pluto square, this on the day the Sun moves out of Taurus and into Gemini.

The Sun in Taurus brought us into the physical, material side of life, and as a fixed Earth sign helped us to make things real and practical.  Now with the Sun moving into Gemini, our minds open up to the possibilities, as we take in new information, and vary our interests.

We are more mentally active, and may need to communicate and socialize more.

That Sun in Gemini will keep moving through Gemini until it gets to around 4 degrees of Gemini just after midnight, at 12:25 AM EDT on Saturday May 25.  At that time the Moon will be exactly opposite at around 4 degrees of Sagittarius.  This forms a Full Moon.  And since the Earth’s shadow will block the Sun’s light from the Moon, it is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

This is the last of the eclipses in this Spring Eclipse Season 2013, though the intensity and totality of the Eclipse Season will not be over for a few more weeks   This eclipse can be seen in America, but it is a penumbral eclipse, one not easily ascertained by the naked eye.

It will nevertheless still be strong in its effects, and will tend to open us up energetically, spiritually, and mentally. This is not an “uptight” eclipse, not one that will bring gut-wrenching emotions of deep intensity.

It should instead bring an opening of the faucets of information and inspiration.  The difficulty for some will in balancing the tide of information and feelings with finding solution, answers and meaning.

It may be easy to be confused or overwhelmed as Pandora’s box opens, and therefore a challenge to bring things together in a cohesive and clear wholeness.

Yet for others this will feel like open channels of information and inspiration, new revelations, new ideas, and great communication with others.

So this week ahead shifts the tides again, and brings us to more active and open energies.

Remember that overall what is most important is that our consciousness is changing, our lives are transforming.

It is most important to be present, to stay aware, to be in the moment as much as possible now.  The Universe and your inner light will show you the way, no matter what is going on around you.  So being aligned and centered will do that for you.    Getting more serious about your meditative practice can only help now.

See you next week,


I recently put out a YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

There will be a new Youtube video coming out within the next week or so. I will keep you posted.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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