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Keep Dreaming and AstrologyForecast August 22-28

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week starts out with a noticeable shift in energies. Sunday brings a lunar cycle climax with a Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius; followed by the Sun moving from Leo into Virgo.

The powerful Rise of the Feminine has been counteracted by the Rise of the Taliban. Nothing, however, can stop this growing natural Feminine power in our world now.

Patriarchal control of the free spirited, heartfelt, creative, mysterious, emotional intelligence expression of the greater Feminine is coming to an end, though slowly.

This is not just about women. All men do not sit satisfied with their place in the Patriarchy

They are often taught they cannot be vulnerable nor express certain emotions like fear, grief. sorrow, sadness, or feeling sorry for oneself.

They have been fighting and dying for rich men in wars for thousands of years. They are made to feel their personal worth is dependent on making a lot of money and being very successful in the world.

Men are taught not to complain, so you may not know they get disheartened in this world.

Left brain linear logic of course has its place in the world, but it has all too often meant that idealistic, emotion driven, optimistic, hopeful, and loving expressions are made to feel they are impractical, Pollyanna, dreamy, too nice, or out of touch with the cold realities of life.

We need more love, kindness, caring, hope, and dreams for the life we envision. Instead people are taught to take a path in life that sets money and image as the highest priorities to achieve.

In general humans in this old culture from the passing paradigm and age are taught they are never good enough, and when compared to others will never measure up.

Because of these attitudes, it seems that very few people are taught they can be loved unconditionally, and instead learn to try to be something or someone other than themselves. They are very seldom truly seen for who they are, not even by themselves.

Judgment of self and others is commonplace.

That is the old age and old paradigm that is in its death throes.

Knowing and expressing oneself authentically is encouraged in the new Paradigm. Finding one’s natural place and destiny is also encouraged. Wanting and expecting Love is also encouraged, as is finding and accepting the Truth.

As the Sun moves into Virgo on Sunday the 22nd, being more grounded in reality is important, Finding more order and organization is sought after more.

One must sometimes be careful with how one expresses Virgo energy however. What seems like it is real, is often the result of looking at life with the glass as half empty. Pessimism is a potential weakness of Virgo. At its best however, it seeks the humble reality, without glamour or fanfare.

Seeking a simple life reflects the values of Vigo. In its desire for simplicity and order, and everything in its proper place, with all the details concentrated on, it can get very obsessed at times, pressing on its head, and overanalyzing.

Virgo time of year is for going back to school, getting things fixed, going to dentist or doctor or car mechanic. Leo’s time of open hearted fun is giving way to focusing on putting everything in order.

The Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius is on the 22nd at 8:02 AM EDT. Mars in Virgo trines recently Retrograde Uranus a few hours before that Full Moon and the Sun goes into Virgo just a few hours after that Full Moon in Aquarius, all on August 22.

So Sunday may very well feel like a transition day. It could bring a resolution of any decisions to be made around what is best for you or instead for the family or culture.

Feeling of doing what you have put off or doing what you need to do will get stronger. You may have to break outside any habitually confining boxes you have been in to get there.

Moon in Pisces early in the week will get you to want to lay back more and go with the flow, but later on Tuesday when the Moon goes into Aries you will start getting more and more restless for increased activity.

Hold back from any big movements as the next New Moon is not until September 6 on Labor Day in USA.

See you next week


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