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Knowing what is Real and Astrology Forecast August 23-29

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

What a world and country we find ourselves in now! It is a new reality. And slowly it is sinking in for most that there is no return to how it used to be.

In fact we cannot do what needs to done within this new reality until we truly acknowledge that this happening and sink ourselves into the new reality.

Those of you who have been following my writings, know that my belief is that we are in transition from an old age and old paradigm into a New Age and New Paradigm.

And we are evidently quite close now to major acceleration of our sacred journey into this New Reality and Age.

And this week means to assist us in the endeavor to find real and make real. Escapism into silly notions of reality keep us distracted from what we need to believe and do now.

Some conspiracy theories that are popular now are unbelievably out of touch with truth and reality.

One very popular one is that Trump is a light worker who is trying to defeat the satanist pedophile cannibals who secretly run the world? And Hilary Clinton is connected to a Pizza Parlor that traffics children to pedophiles. Really? I can’t get past people believing Trump is an enlightened spiritual being.

Jeffery Epstein evidently had much pedophile blood on his hands, and one of his good friends was Trump. Pictures show them together more than once. What was this saint doing in such company?

Don’t want to waste any more of your time thinking on this crazy shit.

We have a world, in transition, that needs every one of us on board to help heal our human family and our Earth Home that we have paid little attention to as it has been used and abused over and over again. We are each part of a human family that is so frightened about where we are at and where we are headed.

We need to ride this journey with Love in our hearts and with Truth in our minds. Besides the Covid and obvious economic crisis we are in, there is a Culture War that threatens to become quite violent.

And also there are peoples of the world licking their chops for this country that has been weakening and getting more and more vulnerable to attack with an administration out of touch with reality.

And this QAnon movement was given compliments by the president, as he suggested that because they like him, that apparently he likes them too. Is this grammar school we find ourselves in now?

Yes I believe Trump is president for a reason, a reason unbeknownst to him. His presence is part of the downfall of the Empire and the old age. But he an emperor or king in the Empire, not a saint. Duh.

So just in time now, the Sun moved into Virgo on Saturday the 22nd.

So it is time to know what is real and what is not. Virgo is like a reality check for many situations. It usually starts its process with a “half empty glass” of attitude.

Virgo is the perfectionist who has a hawk-eye for “what is wrong with this picture?”

It is great at discerning what is real and what is not. Yes it can be extremely critical and judgmental. But at its best it is constructive in its criticisms.

If some situation you are in seems too perfect, Virgo energies will analyze to find out where are the red flags we need to be aware of in the situation or relationship.

So what needs to be fixed now in your life? What needs a reality check? What requires you to be more serious, more humble, leading a more simple life?

Yes this week, as the Sun moves into Virgo, we want to start being more real and grounded. Remember however, that those who are truly pessimistic often consider themselves realistic. You be the judge which is which.

On Monday the 24th there is another reality check as Mars in Aries runs into a square with Saturn in Capricorn. Aries is Mars’ favorite sign, Saturn is most strong in Capricorn. This can feel like foot on the accelerator while other foot on brakes.

It is not a good time, for a few days surrounding this aspect, to push an agenda.

If you push too hard to move forward, you can get hurt this week, especially physically. Mars will stay in Aries till early January, so attempts to push forward, to manifest, to assert your truth, will get much more support over the next several months, but not now.

To counter that notion, however, we just passed through a fiery New Moon in Leo last week.

That fire is mostly about opening your heart and allowing creative energies to pour through it. It is also about being spontaneous and having fun like a child does.

I know many are going back to school now, or getting close to going back to school. Rates of Covid illness are still quite high in many states in the USA and around the world. Wearing masks and keeping distance appears to still be needed.

The idea of- we are all in this together-is needed now.

Yes we can see part of the culture war is because some believe we need to each keep our individuality and freedom, while others want more a sense of connection and being in it together.

In the greater world this translates into some believing in globalism while others believe in nationalism.

And this battle will be lethal until we realize we can combine them. We can maintain individuality and independent freedoms, while also finding the connections and Unity.

And that all spells Diversity within Unity, which is what we are evolving into for the Age of Aquarius.

Yes I know many see things in very Black or White division- you are either free as a bird in freedom and independence or you are connected in unity and intimacy.

Seeing the nuances and the reality of Win/Win in our relationships and partnerships is so much about evolving into the Age of Aquarius.

This week is a holding back and making real, beginning to make plans based on what is truly there.

Summer is in its last month now and can be enjoyed before it fades into Autumn.

But we can begin to feel the Sun setting on Summertime. And we have a pandemic, an ailing economy, and an important election coming up soon.

I do firmly believe Biden and Harris will win the election, but of course you need to make sure by going out to vote. That vote is you and me saying this world and country are “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

That is Aquarius and the Age of Aquarius. November/December are such important months, with the Election and new Eclipse Season energetically dominating our consciousness and lives.

Then Jupiter meets Saturn on Winter Solstice- in the first degree of Aquarius, which is a good symbol for the beginning of an Age of Aquarius, rightly timed just after the Election.

There will be much darkness then, likely more than there is now; but on the Winter Solstice comes the message of the Age of Aquarius as Jupiter meets Saturn in Aquarius.

Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year, but the minute after- Light begins to grow stronger every day, symbolic of hope for the future.

But first there is a dark winter to move through, yet with the hope shown for the future by the results of the Election.

I will be doing some Webinars aligned with our movements toward the election and Eclipse Season. Thinking a few between the Autumn Equinox and the end of the year. Let me know if you might be interested- will come up with dates at next week’s Perspectives.

Also I have a lot bigger work load now, which has given me a need of an administrative assistant. You can be paid and/or mentored by me. Let me know if you might be interested at

Also I want to teach astrology classes early next year. Might you be interested?

Till then,


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