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Launch Time and Astrology Forecast April 11-17

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Active week ahead; movement forward; potential conflicts; “ready or not here it comes”

This week begins with a strong fiery New Moon in Aries Sunday April 11 at 10:31 PM EDT. When the first sliver of lighted Moon shows in the sky, which will be April 12/13, then the fire will begin its burn. That fire will be stoked by its close connections to Jupiter and Mars. That Mars is closely conjunct the USA natal Mars. This New Moon is closely sextile that same USA natal Mars.

Conflict with and/or within USA has either begun or is being threatened this lunar cycle.

A Venus in Aries square Pluto happens close to the same time Sunday: 11:20 PM EDT

From one standpoint, we are ready after a long Winter, to burst through obstacles, clear out debris, and move beyond mere talk.

This passing Winter and early Spring have shown so many big endings.

It seems so many people have been dying, young people too. And this is not just about Covid, though truly it has taken so many lives. Mass murders have been increasing lately in America. Celebrities and professional athletes have been dying, at what seems to me a greater scale than usual.

Whatever has been happening, it is now time to take our human family into new adventures, moving into the Age of Aquarius. Yes we need to still be cautious with the Covid still around, but vaccinations hopefully are having a positive effect on that.

Overall, we are now darting forward in this New Chapter in our lives, one that is connected to the more open doors into the Age of Aquarius.

That age pushes into Consciousness a New Paradigm, even as the Old Paradigm dies a fiery death. Be open to new avenues of Consciousness that defy the old programming we have received.

This Universe is not random with all separated from each other.

The Dots of the Universe are connected, and we live meaningful lives if we look more deeply.

But if you do not see that, your Universe is different than that.

People are waking up all over the country and planet! Old stories that lead to Dead Ends are ending. New stories are being opened, stories that show how Nature and Universe are joined and are moving us forward in Evolution.

The old ways are quite combustible now, however. The Middle East holds so many early human civilizations, religions, myths and stories. It is a place ready to transform. And it will not be pretty.

China and the far east in general are poised to increase their power in the world. Taiwan is a hot spot now and the Western World will soon be involved in conflict there.

Russia right now is poised to invade Ukraine and make their own challenge with the Western World. This could very well explode now or during the next few months.

The USA Culture War also is triggered now, as the American Civil War, which began on April 12, 1861, has its Sun in Aries at 22 degrees- same as this New Moon in Aries on April 11 2021. That Civil War began 161 years ago.

These events are likely to begin soon, some within this Aries Lunar Cycle which lasts until the New Moon in Taurus on May 11. Eclipse Season begins then and will unleash more exciting energies with eclipses on May 26 and June 10.

Remember that the Uranus/Saturn square this year is about the interplay between Chaos and Order. And that square is exact again on June 14.

A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini on June 10 makes conjunction with the USA natal Mars in Gemini (21 degrees Gemini).

The New Moon in Aries on April 11/12 will at the least begin to get you motivated to look forward, to make plans, to speak out, to tell the truth, to be brave, to stand up for what you believe.

Venus square Pluto on Sunday the 11th/12th will tend to push out into the open relationship patterns that need to be confronted and transformed. Sunday/Monday could be intense.

On Wednesday the 14th, Venus leaves martial Aries for sensuous Taurus. Venus in Taurus comes alive through its senses and self care. It also seeks more security through home and money, resources and land. It may feel time now to settle down more into relationship.

April 15 through 18 are increasing in intensity as the Sun, Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter are closely interacting with one another.

Covid began our sense of leaving “normal”. These next few months, which include a new Eclipse Season, will make that old normal more vague in our rear view mirrors.

till next week


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