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Letting in the Eclipse Season and Astrology Forecast October 3-9

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Early this week we keep same theme of reflection and inner journeying, going inward and yin-ward.

Then there is a shift mid week as on Wednesday October 6 there is a New Moon in Libra at 7:05 AM EDT.

Then a few hours later Pluto dominates the energy field as it shifts from Retrograde to Direct.

Libra is light and airy, seeking connection, harmony, and peace. Pluto is ruling planet of Scorpio, and as such is intense and passionate, deep and primal.

It is beginning an intense time period that will last till the end of this year. It will include two eclipses and the last pass of Saturn square Uranus.

The charts of China, Iran, North Korea, Israel and the USA are all triggered during this time period. Joe Biden’s chart will be lit up like a pin ball machine.

This will be a challenging time period and that is likely an understatement.

The USA is about to face challenges, and it will be to the Military Industrial Complex that runs the Empire.

Israel is sizing up Iran for an attack on its nuclear program and its military build up. China is sizing up a possible attack on Taiwan before too long.

The Stock Market is on the verge of at least a major correction.

Major transformation is brewing for America and the world.

We are all getting ready for deep transformation of our collective consciousness, to be aligned with the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius.

The New Moon in Libra this week is conjunct the USA natal Saturn in Libra and square its natal Sun in Cancer almost exactly.

Saturn square Moon in USA natal chart is part of its ongoing Culture War. Sun in Cancer in its 8th house is its liberal side which has great compassion but not strong boundaries- witness its attitudes toward those who cross its southern border from Mexico.

Saturn in Libra square that Sun in Cancer. Saturn in Libra in the 10th house represents the more conservative voice of America with strong boundaries and rules but not as much compassion.

The square between Saturn and Sun in Cancer, as with all squares, has great difficulty coming together in agreement. And over the last several years this conflict has become insurmountable.

This could get better if both sides cared more about what is good for our American community and family, instead of winning and money being most important.

The people are not really getting their voices heard, as the powerful lobbies of corporations and organizations run the show.

The Israeli lobby has way too much power in the USA, in both the Republican and Democrat parties.

Polls show the citizens of the USA, however, have been moving more toward understanding of the Palestinian people.

This Palestinian issue is soon to blow up in the Middle East along with the issues with Iran.

The New Moon in Libra, while Pluto is dominant at the same time, suggest a powerful resolution or failure to find solutions to the contested Bills between Repubs and Dems.

The new paradigm for a New Age has more of a Win/Win mentality that supports the overall community and not just Conservatives or Liberals.

At the same time as I recognize that need for more harmony, I also recognize the need to break down the Establishment and start anew. The Economy needs deep transformation so that there is less lack of fairness and less of a division between the super wealthy and everyone else.

And the old paradigm of Nation Building of other countries must end once and for all. I am afraid we have much Karma to pay for our domination and invasion of other countries.

So get ready for some Rome burning to intensify this Autumn and Winter. Get out of the way by not letting partisan hatred run your consciousness. Both parties are becoming obsolete, and the wisdom of the Greens and Libertarians need to be heard.

The day after the New Moon in Libra/Pluto Direct day, Venus moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius where it will stay for a month.

Relating opens up more for people to be open to inspiration and expression of what one truly believes.

Secret animosities are no longer to be so secret, as people more honestly “put their true cards on the table”. We cannot move forward if we are ashamed of how we really believe.

Sun conjunct Mars that same day as Venus goes into Sag (October 7) gets people to be more honestly and clearly assertive of what they want and believe.

But keep in mind we are still in Mercury Retrograde for a couple more weeks, so hold back on big decisions or starting big projects.

Sunday October 10 shows Saturn Direct and likely some important fated event(s) comes with it.

We will discuss more next week

Believe and know that in the bigger picture we are in the beginning stages of the Age of Aquarius.

The coming challenges will help clear the way for a the consciousness of that Age to get stronger and stronger. All is connected and meaningful. Love and Truth run the Universe. Fear and hatred keep the old ways alive. Keep up the spiritual practices and meditation and love of Nature.

Till next week


The next show is on October 16 at 1 PM Pacific Time.

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