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Liberation and Astrology Forecast for May 6-13

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Today is the Wesak Full Moon, which comes every year as a Full Moon in Scorpio. So it is always a rather intense Full Moon.  Many consider it connected to the Buddha and celebrate it as an annual spiritual initiation.

It always is a combination of the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio, so it often has people in “tugs of war” with one another,as Taurus can be stubborn and Scorpio can be explosive.

This Wesak Full Moon is at 11:35 PM EDT tonight on May 5th; it is earlier that day in the rest of the USA; and May 6 in much of the rest of the world.

This year it is a fairly good marking point for the beginning waves of change of the Eclipse Season.  The first eclipse is a Solar Eclipse New Moon two weeks away on May 20. That first eclipse is at 0+ degrees of Gemini, and those born around that date in any year will certainly experience the intensity of this planetary event.

Their lives and/or consciousness will feel a big shift, they will be taken off of their usual balance, and will be in position to let in new waves of change.

This is a general scenario for everyone during the eclipse season, but of course those connected more closely from their natal charts to the Eclipse points will be more affected.

Before that first eclipse Venus turns retrograde on May 15, putting out red flags for relationships and old relationship patterns. That retrograde movement begins at 23+ degrees of Gemini.

So energies will intensify as we move closer and closer to that first eclipse on May 20, and they will stay that way through the second eclipse, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius on June 4 at 7:12 AM EDT.  That one is at 14+ degrees of the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius.

Adding to all the changing energies for Gemini, Jupiter will go into Gemini on June 11, where it will stay for a whole year. It has been 12 years since the last time Jupiter was in Gemini.   So if you are a Sun in Gemini or have your Moon or other planets in Gemini you will have shifting tides coming your way.

The waves of change will stay strong for everyone even after that,  as we get closer to the annual Summer Solstice, which this year falls on June 20 at 7:09 PM EDT.   Intensity will still stay strong after that as there is a major turning point from June 19- June 28.

During that time there is a second New Moon in Gemini on June 19, the Summer Solstice on June 20, Uranus square Pluto on June 24, Saturn Direct on June 25 and Venus going back Direct on June 27.

Whatever shifts and shakes up during the eclipse season will generally begin to take shape during this June 19-28 period.  Many people will start moving forward into a new  chapter of their lives after that.

So this coming week, after the Wesak Full Moon, let in the new waves of change.    Active energies will be increasing, especially after that first eclipse on May 20.   New ideas and inspirations will be coming your way.

Relationship changes, social activity, and communication issues will be prevalent in our lives during the next couple of months. Spirits will be rising, people will be rising up to break out of oppressive situations.  Needs for freedom and liberation from old stuck patterns, places, and relationships will be stronger than ever.

In the greater world events will explode into view.   Old Walls that capture us within an old System and old Paradigm will begin to fall.   Whatever is breaking down will help us all to leave the oppressiveness of our hearts, minds, and souls feeling like they are owned by some person, job, country or world.

The transformation that will be swirling through our lives has at it core the light, energies, and patterns of an Aquarian Age trying to find openings in our hearts, minds, and world structures.  These openings will be doorways for these new energies to pour through so we can birth that New Age.

This Earth is for self actualized and authentic individuals who no longer need dictators or royalty or privileged authorities or governments or mega-corporations or religious authorities or conventional “wisdom” or gurus or anything outside themselves to tell them who or what to be, give allegiance to or believe in.

This world is for you and me and all our brothers and sisters all over the world.   People will rise up in freedom and take responsibility for themselves and for the human community and our Earth.   The old ways are not healthy or truly functional. They are mostly empty structures lacking heart and soul and wisdom and dignity and care for one another.

These old ways keep people in power who answer mostly to old rules for living, old rules that keep privileged people in control of all our lives.

They make decisions without our approval, and they do not tell us what is truly going on behind the scenes. They do not give us the information of truth because they say it is for our own good not to know.

This is why our forefathers and foremothers fought for freedom and liberation from kings and queens back during the revolution. Well the revolution is not over.   We are ready to take back our own minds and hearts and to claim our rights as free citizens all over the world.

Last year there was an Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street.    This year there will be more movement for liberation and it will continue for the next several years, into an Aquarian Age.

So in your own world, move with these powerful planetary aspects to transform your consciousness and life. Let go of people and situations that keep you chained to patterns that keep you from being authentic and free.  Use these astrological formations to break through into a life and consciousness that is connected to your true self, your deeper soul, the Universe, and your greater human community.

You were born for a reason, and you live in a meaningful Universe on a sacred Earth.   Use these times to commit your self to your True Self and the New World being born. Unhook your psyche from toxic energies and patterns from an old world paradigm that seek to own your heart and soul.

Use the Eclipse Season, we are on the cusp of,  to progress, transform and evolve your consciousness and life.

See you next week,


Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website. You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

There will be a new radio show broadcast live on Saturday May 19 at 1 PM EDT on blog talk radio. I will give you the link during this week, as well as a link to UTUBE for a talk I gave recently.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred

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