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Liberation and Self Honoring, and Astrology Forecast for March 28-April 3

by Leo Tallarico

Spring season has just begun and things are already beginning to heat up in the greater world.   After April 14 at the Aries New Moon, they will heat up even more.      As the season progresses into Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in early Aries in May, fires will be burning hotter in the world.   And as we get close to the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross on June 26 events should be raging hot in our world.

This past week after the spring equinox last Saturday the 20th, the Health Care bill was passed.   This set off a firestorm against those who voted for the bill.  One congresswoman from New York had a brick thrown through her window.  Another congressman had his office shot into with a bullet from a gun.    A couple of congressmen were threatened with death and called anti-semitic names.   Earlier in the month health care protesters lashed out at legislators by using hateful language against gays and African Americans.  This week Sarah Palin, on her facebook website, put crosshair gun targets over names of congressmen who voted for the health bill and spoke about RELOADING not RETREATING.

Have you ever witnessed such dangerous vitriol spewed against our public officials before?  And how about the baby killer remark yelled in Congress this week against the health bill. Or congressman Joe Wilson yelling at President Obama in his State of the Union address, “Liar”!

The atmosphere is charging up politically and could get very dangerous before too long.  Those that represent the Old World are getting more and more resistant to the changing tides bringing us more fully into an Aquarian Age.  They desperately cling to an old world of privilege for the few.

In the Middle East more fires are building there.    President Obama and much of the world are trying to build an atmosphere of fairness and trust so that peace can be found between Israel and Palestine.  Israel, lacking trust in the world around it, gets abusive with their power, and also does not want to share Jerusalem with the Arab world.     So they keep building Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem where the Palestinians want to have their Capitol in their future state.  This pushed the Arabs out of the peace process and infuriated President Obama against Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel.

Already the Middle East is hot as Iran and Israel appear to be getting ready for war against each other.  This area will get hotter as we get deeper into spring and summer 2010.

More fire energies this spring will motivate all of us to get moving forward with our lives.    Just like in the greater world, these fires can turn more lethal when there is great resistance against the changing, moving energies.

If you have decided to assert your self in a relationship, and let someone know you can no longer tolerate abusive behavior, you have furthered your process of liberation and self honoring.    You are ready for this and are motivated by the fires of change in your self and life.  But the person you are liberating your self from may very likely fight this.  That resistance causes the heat to rise, for angers to burst open.

More and more, people will rise up and fight for what they want and what they believe in.  The coming Jupiter conjnct Uranus in Aries demands this.     The other aspects, especially the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross in June show us the resisitance to this liberation and self honoring.

As you find your way to more self honoring, self acceptance and authenticity, you are honoring nature and the gods and the Universe.    To not honor and accept your self in your genuineness, is to not honor the Universe and nature which have created you.

As you make your transformation out of a you that gave your self away, that let people be abusive toward you, you make the world a better place.  To deny the truth of who you are, denies your real purpose, your function in the world.   As you break the chains that bind you to a false, self denying person, you begin to spread your wings and give freely to the world and people you love.

There will be much opportunity for this, this coming spring and summer, as we all enter more fully an Aquarian Age of individuality and diversity melded into a Unity consciousness and Oneness.  We are One Family here on Earth, with many different peoples, all meant to contribute to the Greater Community of Earth and Humanity.

But you cannot truly be in healthy Oneness until you find, accept, honor and love your unique and individualized Self.

This year,  and especially this spring and summer, is for liberation.   Wherever in your life you feel trapped or confined or overly limited, it is time to free your self.     Life is too short to merely do what one is “supposed” to do or obligated to do.     We have all been conditioned to just “go along with the program”.   Use the approaching planetary energies to break out.

This Week

We reach the half way point of the lunar cycle this Monday the 29th, at the Aries/Libra Full Moon at 10:25 PM EDT.   The current lunar cycle was begun on March 15. It was a New Moon in Pisces conjunct Uranus.   Some felt a real shaking up of their emotions then.  Now at the Full Moon we reach a climax or a solution.  Since this is an Aries/Libra Full Moon, issues around self honoring (Aries) versus needing to be sensitive to needs of the relationship (Libra) may come up for you.   With Jupiter and Uranus soon moving into Aries, this may be a theme for the coming weeks.  As we previously stated you may be ready to go a new level of being true to your self, and how you communicate this in your relationships will be increasingly important.

Intense and transformational Pluto will be in square to this Full Moon, so “getting to the bottom” of the issues will be important.  Discussions could be intense.  Remember the Full Moon’s influence is  3-5 days, so Saturday through Wednesday are in the wake of this lunation.

On Wednesday/Thursday emotional energies are intense as the Moon travels through Scorpio.    And on Good Friday, as acknowledged by Christians, the Moon moves into Sagittarius until Easter Sunday.    Sagittarius Moon is a good Moon for connecting with meaning and faith and inspiration.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

If you visit my website this wee there are new writings and additional info about planetary aspects this Spring.   Also in the archives you will find a New Spring Spiritual Renaissance Publication to read, with articles by various writers.  These will be up by Monday at the ;latest.  And of course feel free to visit the Services page tofind out more about readings and other services that may help you make it throught the coming intense aspects this spring and summer.

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