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Light at the End of the Tunnel and Astrology Forecast February 1-7

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This weekend we get through the half way mark of Mercury Retrograde.  During this current Mercury Retrograde movement I have witnessed more than a few people who have been swept into a change of direction.

Often it happens that Mercury retrograde shifts our perceptions so that we consider changing our minds or changing the directions we had chosen before Mercury went Retrograde.  I of course advise that is best to wait before deciding to make major shifts until Mercury goes back Direct again.

But this time I have seen people almost swept into a changed direction with little or no ability to choose otherwise.

In such cases it is aligned with Universal movement and so needs to be accepted as right. If our previously chosen direction or mindset was off course or alignment, then it is right to have this changed during Mercury Retrograde.

But for most there is a only a tease to shift as events or ideas swirl through our lives, and as people or situations from the past provide us a different perspective.  And then we can wait until after Mercury goes back Direct ( in this current case on February 11) before we gain clarity and sense of direction.

But if it feels like a wave of “fate” is carrying you, then there is no choice but to surrender to it.  All you have choice in that case is how you react.

This coming week, as Mercury is in the second half of its Retrograde movement, we also experience Imbolc on Monday February 2 and a Full Moon in Leo on Tuesday February 3 at 6:09 PM EST.

So the theme this week is a turning to the last half of cycles.  That is because not only is Mercury half way through its Retrograde cycle, Imbolc signifies being half way through winter and the Full Moon symbolizes being half way through the lunar cycle.

So you should this week be able to see a light at the end of any tunnel of pain or confusion you might be going through now.

Astrology, with its planetary movements and cycles, teaches us that “this too shall pass”.   The circles of life, the seasons of one’s own soul journeys, always show us to a shift out of whatever we feel stuck within.

Of course people do have the gift (or burden) of choice.  And many people choose to maintain certain attitudes or beliefs even as seasons change or even ages change.

This rigidity seems to keep them stuck, as what you believe has much to do with what your life will be.

But if you stay aligned with the natural and organic shifts of Nature and the Universe, you will have the benefit of awakenings and new beginnings, of renewed opening of mind and heart, of changes that assist personal and global evolution.

Often in the aging process one seeks the kind of security that impedes growth.   It then seemingly gets more difficult to change.

This is not maturity as some claim, but instead often signifies a wariness and weariness  of life that has come with disappointments and disillusions.

When one is young, one is often more open to shifting tides as one’s heart and mind are open and hopeful.

But life can bring bruises and traumas and that tends to close up the channels of natural change inside us.

Life’s traumas instead are meant to shift our attitudes and beliefs and to build a bridge between left and right brain, between mind and heart, between male and female ways of being and thinking.

But these traumas do not force us to shut down our open hearts and minds.  They are meant to merely shift our focus, to motivate us to grow and mature, to change priorities, to heal, to gain more empathy, to transform, and to rebalance.

So keep your connection to your soul and the Universe no matter what happens in your life.   All happens meaningfully if you are open to that way of seeing.

And of course now we are in transition between ages, and Uranus/Pluto square is helping us to transform out of the Pisces Age and into the Age of Aquarius.

Uranus/Pluto is meant to help us to evolve our consciousness and live in accordance with the changing of ages.

There are many changes coming to our world now and in the near future. March/April, with its potent planetary movements, will open a major portal into increased world-wide revolution and evolution. This portal will open channels to more truth and love, new energies of light, and evolved consciousness. It will also bring more economic turmoil and world conflicts.  Things could get extremely intense this late Winter and Spring 2015.

So much needs to change.  Look at the paradigm we live under in this world and what that paradigm creates.  Look at the hatred between cultures and religions and nations.  Look at what  has been happening to the land and environment ,  to the creatures of the Earth.  Look at how we treat one another.  And look at the inequities of living conditions for our human family.

This past week brought a report that showed that half the world’s wealth was owned by 1% of the people on this planet. How can that be the right way to live on Planet Earth?

Why would some people need multiple homes and vehicles and billions of dollars while others struggle to survive? Is it OK to have a paradigm which creates systems built on winners and losers instead of sharers.

Is it not incumbent on the strong to assist those who are weaker or more vulnerable?  Of course it is best to metaphorically show one how to fish instead of just bringing them fish.  Just bringing them fish does not empower and bring one confidence and self esteem.

But a system that encourages greed and domination does not tend to bring out the best in people.

If there is a pie and 6 people who need to eat, why would we develop systems that make it possible for one person to eat the whole pie and let others starve?

I am not saying we necessarily need to develop a system based on communism or socialism, but we  sure do need to build a new one that is fair and fosters equality, an honoring of those who are different from us, and a desire to see all people with a good life and sufficient resources.

And soon we are going to be brought closer to “the edge”,  with economic and military crises.

It makes no sense to me that the pillars of our world are built on an economic and military structure, or as it used to be called, the Military/Industrial complex.

The pillars that must hold up our world and be its foundation must be Universal values like Love and Truth, Fairness and Justice, Unity built from Diversity. Truly honoring and embodying those inner values will necessitate building outer systems that are more fair, transparent, and empathic.

Allow your consciousness to continue to evolve beyond a merely material outlook. Without inner connections and values to balance our material concerns, we are stressed beyond what we can tolerate, and we are divorced from the empathy that connects our souls together.

See you next week,


You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 29 years

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