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Love and Truth and Astrology Forecast September 29- October 5

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Important and potentially powerful week ahead.  It all starts with a New Moon in Libra on Saturday the 28th of September at 2:26 PM EDT.

This is first new moon since the Autumn Equinox of September 23.  We in the Northern Hemisphere are getting used to the darkening days, with cooler winds blowing in.

Libra is the scales of balancing.  The Yin/Yang symbol is a good metaphor for Libra.  Libra’s “job” is to find the link, find the bridge, find the path that shows you how and when to connect.

With that ability, it can be a good mediator or diplomat.  Libra is naturally good finding others’ hearts to connect with. Yet Libra is not just connected by heart. As an air sign, it also tends to spend a lot of time in its head.

At this Libra New Moon, ask your self how your relationships are doing, most especially the romantic ones.

Usually Libra is OK with finding compromise, but is not OK with decisions that make one’s independence more important than the relationship.

So now, with the New Moon in Libra, there is usually an easier road to finding peace in an otherwise combative relationship.

There should be strong attempts to find relationship connections with Iran, instead of that movement toward war that has been growing for the last couple of weeks.  Trade wars with China should be finding middle ground.  Conservatives and liberals should be able to find common ground with one another.

But here is the rub this week, found in a nutshell of a planetary combination: Venus in loving Libra is exactly square Pluto on Monday/Tuesday.

And that Pluto is more powerful than usual as it has slowed down in its process of changing directions from Retrograde to Direct on October 2/3.

Outer planets changing directions “empower” the planet changing directions much more than usual.

So Pluto, god of the underworld; ruler of passionate Scorpio; “maker” of plutonium which is used to make nuclear bombs;  affiliate of sex and dominance, is in the energetic spotlight this week.

And as it squares lover Venus, the theme for the week is laid out: Peace or War?; listen to the other person or stand your ground in your power?

Look for that theme this week. Mercury goes into Scorpio on Thursday the 4th, but Mars goes into Libra on the 3rd. Truth and Love.

The Trump is is serious hot water now. There has been growing evidence of his desire to use foreign governments to serve his needs and desires to stay President.  He has been accused of trying to talk Ukraine officials into investigating VP Biden, who is highest ranked opposition to his keeping his hold on President.

That issue combined with many other issues,  plus the coming huge challenges with the stock market and economy, pushes him into more and more decay and defeat.

Astrologically both Saturn and Pluto are opposing his natal conjunction of Venus and Saturn in Cancer.

His comfort/safety/nurture zones are becoming very uncomfortable. And the Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn in January 2020 hits those same natal planets. And Pluto will continue to affect his Venus in Cancer safety zone through 2021.

Remember that there is a bigger picture playing out in the heavens that the media and politicians have no idea about.

Our human consciousness is moving so fast through rapid evolution now.  We are all getting aligned and ready for the challenges that will continue to be presented to us, so we can evolve into Aquarian Age consciousness.

So many people are waking up, more and more every day. And a most important step forward is the knowing of the connections.

All the dots in the Universe are connected. The Yin/Yang symbol holding the opposites together is being appreciated deeper inside human souls, not seen just as an intellectual endeavor.

Knowing the connections is a knowing of Love, and can be known in our hearts not merely in our heads.  But Love is connected to Truth, like the Yin/Yang symbol connecting the opposites.

Many people see Truth as disconnected from Love, as they see the head with a totally opposed agenda to the heart.

Sometimes the head and heart seem not to agree- truth and love appear to have different “opinions” of what to do.

I believe that at this period of our evolution as humans that we trust our hearts to lead the way.  But it must consult with its top adviser the head. Sometimes the heart lives in a fantasy, and sometimes because it has been so traumatized it has lost its “confidence” and picks people who get her to relive the trauma again and again.

The Feminine is growing stronger in conjunction with our need to honor love and the connections in our world and Universe.

But you must be able to recognize the damage that has been done to our heads also. Truth is compromised all the time it seems. So many people “spin” the truth and facts to suit whatever agenda they want to sell you and me.

And propaganda is still used by governments and religions and corporations in order to control people.

So Truth has been as damaged as Love in our human consciousness. And to counter that, “we the people” must trust our own minds and hearts, and not be so influenced by the “experts”.

Love is damaged as skepticism becomes cynicism.  Many in mainstream preach that there are no connections, no meaning, nothing beyond scientific logic.  There is no love or magic, instead there is negotiation to get as much of what you want as you can. Relationship becomes more about using one another than caring about one another.

So this week, as we work out the Venus in Libra square changing directions Pluto theme; we work out the core of powerful yet “third eye” of truth Pluto in relationship with loving (though not always with Self) Venus in Libra.

Love without Truth is not real; Truth without Love is cynical and alone.

This is a fine week to transform your relationship between love and truth, between head and heart.

Till next week,


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