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Lunar Eclipse for a New Year, and Astrology Forecast for December 20-January 2

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This report is for the next two weeks.   It will resume again on Saturday afternoon the 2nd of January 2010. There are many important astrological formations between now and then, most importantly being a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on New Year’s Eve day.

This last week there was a New Moon in Sagittarius square Uranus.   This aspect, like all new moons, seeks to get us moving forward. Uranus square the New Moon added an uncomfortable wake up call to many.  Added to the intensity is the fact that the Full Moon following this New Moon will be the Lunar Eclipse on January 31.    We are already in the wake of the  eclipse storms.  A second eclipse happens on January 15, 2010, a Solar Eclipse New Moon.  We will continue to get wake up calls that shake us out of our slumber. 

Besides some personal wake up calls this week, I received a wakeup call about health care reform and the world condition.

No real deep transformational change will occur within the governments of this world, by their own accord.  The government of the USA is beholden to mega corporate influence; and the extent of power of the Military/Industrial complex is even more powerful than I had thought before. 

Isn’t it amazing that a Public Option became such a big deal to everyone, when its purpose is to lower costs for everyone?  The Public Option was only a choice, not mandatory.  It gave people the option to use a government run plan IF THEY SO CHOSE to do so.   Because the rates would be lower than corporate insurance plans, it would provide competition (which real capitalism is based on) and force insurance companies to lower their rates.   So why would anyone be against it unless they were either unsure what it was, are against anything the government does, or they are in the pocket of insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies?

The health plan approved by the Senate will not solve the deep problems with health care in this country.   Real change will not come through this bill.  Real change,n any issues, will be held back by the democrats and republicans- as they are privileged members of our society, who do not feel the pain the rest of us fee-l from a system that does not answer to the people or serve the people.

But I know BIG change is coming nevertheless.  It slowly started in 2009, and will erupt in our lives in 2010.  How will it happen since it won’t happen within the system? 

 It will happen naturally through the movement of the wheels of the Universe, as is seen in the astrological aspects.  It wil happen as the economic institutions that run our country and world fail to take us out the Great Recession/Depression.   It will happen as things explode in the Middle East.  It will happen as the people take revolution to the streets of the world.  It will happen through Nature’s wrath.  And perhaps it will happen as we are visited by “aliens” from other parts of our Universe.

Did you see the pictures of the spiral and beaming lights in the skies over Norway recently?  Did you read the media trying to make it about a failed missile attempt in Russia?   Perhaps we will have more and more obvious visitations now to help us transform out of an old paradigm and age, and into an Aquarian Age.     How much is really going to change as we get closer and closer to December 21, 2012?  We will soon begin to find out.

Astrology Forecast for December 20-January 2

As we approach 2010 and the eclipses of New Year’s Eve 2009/2010 and January 15 2010, we first witness Mars slowing down and going retrograde on Sunday the 20th of December.

Mars goes retrograde every two years. While it is retrograde the forward movement in parts of our lives, goes into pause mode. We are guided by inner motivation and outer events, during the retrograde period, to find out what we truly want and where we truly want to go.  As this Mars retrograde is in the sign Leo, a theme for you may be around finding more creative spark and hope in your heart for life.  Mars goes back direct on March 10 2010. 

It is best not to start any major new ventures while it is in retrograde formation.  The retrograde time is best used contemplating and experimenting with what you want and where you want to go with your life.   Issues around self interest, independence, assertiveness, and confrontations may arise during the retrograde period. 

It last went retrograde in Cancer from mid December 2007 to late February 2008.  Look back then to see what was going on for you.

On Monday the 21st at 12:47 PM EST, we have the Winter Solstice, the time of most darkness in a day, and least light.    After this day the minutes of light per day increase, until Spring Equinox when light and dark minutes are equal.   The birth of Christ symbolically fits this time period, as at the darkest moment there is the  birth of the light, hope for the future.  Nature is at its most starkness, cold and bare,  here in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is Capricorn time of year, time to face reality.

Capricorn is about taking responsibility, doing what needs to done even if it does not come naturally.  It is about the  narrowing of possibilities, taking responsibility, planning and organizing, discipline and order.   It is about authority, boundaries and integrity.  It is about holding on and making it last.  It is about control.  It is about time.   

On Saturday the 26th of December, right after many humans celebrate Christmas, Mercury goes retrograde.  Remember Mars is already retrograde.    Things may feel a bit crazy now, especially so because the first of two eclipses in a row, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, is less than a week away. 

Mercury Retrograde, which happens 3-4 times a year, brings us into fogs of shifing perceptions and reality.  For some it is like entering the Twilight Zone.  Normal logic does not always work, and unusual surprises keep us off our normal mental balance.  Communications can be tested and communications equipment can sometimes go haywire.  

 But regardless of what happens during Mercury Retrograde, it is all meant to take us out of our usual ways of perceiving reality and helping us to think outside the box.  Right brain imaginative and creative thinking often works better now than left brain logical thought.  Don’t try too hard during Mercury Retrograde to find logical answers. Let the answers unfold more gracefully.    Mercury goes back direct on January 15, the day of the 2nd eclipse, a Solar Eclipse New Moon.

And now the rumbles of the Lunar Eclipse get stronger. Big events that happen in the world are connected to the Eclipse, especially those that have to do with safety and security issues, like the economy, the military, and any institutions of the government that represent security. This is because the signs involved in the Full Moon Eclipse are Cancer and Capricorn.   Cancer represents inner emotional security, safety found in family, close friends and home.  Capricorn represents outer security, security of jobs, career and money.  It is what we rely on out in the world that helps us to feel safe and secure.

So issues that have to do with your personal security will come up now, as will issues of balancing domestic, family and home responsibilities with work and career repsonsibilities.  Expect shifing tides around security issues, family and work.

The actual Lunar Eclipse Full Moon will happen on Thursday December 31 2009, New Year’s Eve day at 2:13 PM EST.  You may feel torn between staying at home or doing something outside the home.  Expect energies to be more intense than usual, and be prepared for the unexpected.

Friday and Saturday will still be in the wake of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon from New Year’s Eve.   And in two more weeks we will have a Solar Eclipse New Moon, a time of powerful new beginnings.

See you then,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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